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first breed for da moose

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Hello world of open grow datmoose here and i'm pleased to show you my first hybrid project/ precursor to Onehorse town seeds. so what i have is a pre 98 dom jabbas stash male that i've collected pollen from and a faster flowering snowlotus dom male that i've collected. my females are as follows: shiatsu kush (tokyo drift pheno), shiatsu kush (bushido pheno), Phantom cookies (cherry pie dom), cinderella 99 (pineapple holy grail), captain kush (purple vics pheno), Juicy nappa fruit (juicy fruit ibl x landrace napalese hashplant) (45 day pheno), Juicy nappa fruit (nepali afro pheno). i'll have some pictures uploaded tonight.


Oh i forgot my indoor. i've also got a snowlotus and bubba kush dom jabbas stashs a petroleum nightmare a jesus og and 2 scotts ogs

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nice do you have any pics of the petroleum nightmares. i just threw 15 of those beans in to pop today. along with 15 blue powers, 10 rappers delight, and 10 sinfuly sour og's.

i also have 10 candy land (kens gdp x platinum cookies) (we will see how this strain compares to my cut of the forum GSC aka thin mint pheno) and 10 bay 11's in veg right now this pic was them about 12 days old.


im also doing some fem breeding work right now if you wanna check out my thread in grow journals.



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phantom cookies

nappa afro pheno

juicy pheno

cinderella 99


those are each of my plants respectively and i must say i'm quite envious of the strains your packin up in there. also i can't figure out how to post timages straight on here if anyone has some pointers i'd be much abliged
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when you are on the screen of these pics right click on the pic and you will see direct link. then go to that copy the url and then when you post a reply click the little image insert icon under the smiley and paste the url in there and bamo your pic is up.


and both those nappa fruit phenos are beautiful looking structures.


any pics of the indoor plants? petroleum nightmares?

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Really liking the selection you got going Datmoose.

Il be pullin up a seat to watch











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Hey everybody sorry its been a while ben doing a lot of work lately anywho i think i'lll leave a couple of pics today

heres some picture of my Chrissy Kush (Pre98 dom Jabba's stash (M) x Jesus Og (F))

elegant phenogallery_8674_4649_3877032.jpg





then there's my sour pheno (has no herm rate)



then here's a macro of my petroleum night mare i'll have picks of the hybrid i made between it and my jabba male in a day or so


and here's some of my scotts og which i'll be breeding to my male lee roy.






And here's my miss universe pheno that i'll be breeding with the lee roy male





Hop you guys enjoyed and thank you for the patience

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