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stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

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Yeah, I really like Founder's. We have it out here, now. I buy the Centennial IPA now and then. I'm not sure I've seen the Canadian Breakfast Stout. We have a guy in town now that has a great selection and will get what I want. I'll check over there today. I still drink up to 5 a day but I spread them out over the day. I hate soft drinks. They will kill you for sure. Beer, hey, it's all natural! See??.. and, hops are antioxidant, and cancer fighting. I'm just practicing good holistic natural medicine... ^_^


Toker, get well bro. Never saw a reaction like that to ticks. I'm surprised I never got it... maybe I do.. I was bitten so much while working as a land surveyor. Get two opinions if you aren't happy with the first doc. Prayers and vibes sent bro!


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42 minutes ago, gardenartus said:

@TokerSeriously if it is Lyme, and by the looks of the rash and your symptoms I can almost guarantee that is what it is. You need an antibiotic, and they kill your guts up to 4 years, I am against using the pharmie ones. Using Oil of Oregano is a natural antibiotic, I put 2 Lyme patients on it, two caps daily, and they went into remission.

Oil of Oregano at Amazon

Might sound weird but I hope that's what it is.

At lest meds can help.

I try not to noid out but folks telling me stroke, heart, bla bla

Thing is I never had joint pains and with Lyme you get that.

It's got worse, last week boss had me pressure washing

Feet stayed solked for 3 days

I noticed they felt different but they were so waterlogged I figured it's was that.

But 3 weeks ago my chest/breast hurt.

Nipples felt tickling, burning

Worrisome but not terrible

But it never went away, just spread and now my foot is numb like novacaine 

Like if it went to sleep

If I move certain ways it feels like when your foot is waking up, but the surface is still numb.

Other than that and my hernia

I'm good lolol

But at least I'm getting ball rolling on that to.

Stupid shit, coughing at the table and poof hernia

All them years of holding them tokes I guess.

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