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On 5/22/2020 at 3:13 AM, Sacred Plant Warrior said:

Sweetie Pie practicing her kung fu. Well time to visit the pigs and see if I can water in some Epsom salts 





Trade you some fresh Mother's Finest for a cannoli!  

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I see no issues at grocery stores in the area live in.

I make the energy that sends groceries to many many grocery stores on the east coast area.  there are no shortages on our end.  Never was.

In times when we were short people, the store was contacted and asked to lower their orders so that we could meet the shipping deadline but they chose what they took off, not us.

A vast many of the issues are people not going to work and not real shortages.   You have many people who are taking advantage of the situation but this is what happens when you pay the lower wages to these jobs.  Some kind of benefit needs to come to these workers.  I am paid well so I cannot complain but most "essential" employees in the food industry are paid low and we all see how much they risk.  In the end, it will be a shut up and get back to work for most.  Next year this time I do think we will be talking about the economic booms.  It will turn around but we need a song for all the lost people, businesses, and properties that are gone or now owned by others.

The meat processors might be a bad bump.  Some big major ones shut down for a minute or two but I think they are opened back up.  Not sure what to expect on that one.  For meat, that is like us shutting down.  You will go hungry and wipe again with unconventional things lol.

I think more online shopping is going to be a bigger choice for more people than before the corona.

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10 hours ago, Toker said:

I saw some higher prices 

Meats were good

But thats in walmart

Other stores and chains are shit on a stick

The big boys get theirs first it seems

I added 40 lbs of pasta and 75 lbs of more rice

Fucking insane

I spent 100 bucks on amazon for mylar

And O2 absorbers lol

Cause im a safe guy

Meaning wtf knows what will happen

So i spent the money on the food

But if things stay normalish

How do i not loose money if things go normal again?

Well spend more.of course hehehe

On mylar and o2 absorbers

At least.the food will keep 20 years

So.i.will.eat it all one day

I got 10 lbs of amber honey for 35 bucks

Today and im thinking maybe get 20 lbs


For sure go back and get more, that is an awesome price on honey. We have had where the only meat was really large portions, but there has always been some. Meat prices has gone up here as well.

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13 hours ago, Sacred Plant Warrior said:

Y can’t you eat ? Funny I wish I knew who her parents were.

her faults can’t be seen. Her teeth are small ...  great structure, temperament and disposition. As well as smarts and drive without being overly  aggressive.  Has a handle type tail that’s acceptable in the breed.  Some breeders  dock their tails if their breed stock produces that type of tail.  No hip check cause she’s just family .

Perfectly imperfect :) I miss having a dog, we have cats right now, and waiting till they pass before we get another dog. Don't want to upset the babies, they are too old.

I have gastroparesis, vagus nerve doesnt' work right, think from diabetes. A lot of foods don't digest, or if they do come out too fast lol I can eat sweets like a damn Queen though, but with diabetes should not ha! I projectile vomit raw veggies! lol gross. I am lucky though, some have to be on feeding tubes, some go through stuff I am so thankful I do not.

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16 hours ago, Sacred Plant Warrior said:

Don’t let that fool u or worry it’s going to hurt later.  US treasury is capable of doing that at will. 

Think about the defense spending thats rarely needed outside of making contractors wealthier. 

Because of how our economy was contrived with a debt that can’t be paid off those fuks can manipulate at will to serve whatever outcome they choose. Folks still don’t get the reality of how our Monopoly game is played or orchestrated. 

Yet. Older folks have seen the same basics play out over their life times with no legit care for the populace aside from its use as a free society plantation of sorts.  

My guy was explaining some of this to me. He is like don't worry you ought to check out our military defense fund and a few other things, this is a drop in the bucket.

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I got into some beer last night and looking over things it seems i bought everything on my wish list lol

3 orders from attitude

20 5 gallon mymar bags 

Oxygen absorbers

A gallon of tiger bloom

2 quarts of ph up

2 tactical flash lights

Man i auto shopped lol

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On 5/23/2020 at 8:06 AM, dieseldog381 said:

Trade you some fresh Mother's Finest for a cannoli!  

Deal frfr. MOs def. what’s ur take on that sensi seeds MF ? 

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Just a quickie. Pretty damn sure the light leek I found is the last one. But don’t think it was the herm cause. The window did that fo sho smdh. Still this was for insurance. 







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