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dear fellow growers,


i have playing around with my current favorite smokes and came up with this cross.

please feel free to follow me into this seedline and see what she holds to please

all growers interested.




i started of six beans and they were all up after three days. here they are on day 7

since they showed me some green. they stood in 0,2 joghurt-cups (light mix with UK

myccos, watered with liquid bacto and a neemoil-karanjaoil-solution).






potted up into 3,5 liters after 14 days of veg (light mix, also) ...




here they are on day 21 since germination.



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okay, let's continue :)



i flipped them on day 42 of veg and let the MH in there for two more weeks.






after four days they showed their sex to me (raunchy, eh? LOL) and i took the males out of the cab.








day 35 of 12-12


they had only topmax and moderate feedings of bio bizz

grow and bloom, plus some liqiud bacto every other week.





day 49 since flip



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How cool is this!! :popcorn:

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on day 53 of 12-12 the plant #3 fell ("fast fune") ... she reeked like hazy berries :)






it is pure bliss to be posting along reading your coments, fellas :)

thank you for watching along. i hope you enjoy these beautiful ladies.




day 57 and last day for plant #1





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Hey San,

Awesome grow! ;)


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and here is the last lady (my keeper, "big fune") ... plant #2 on day 63 since flip.







they all stood in one gallon pots in light-mix under a 250w MH (my ballast is defect.

i does not take any HPS atm ... so it was MH for the complete cycle). they were never

fed more then half of the recomendation on the bottle and many times i did not need

to feed them at all. gave them just water with top max. they had water only for the last

ten days each (i always start giving water wheni see first amber trichs).

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Wow that was quick :D..


Beautiful, san. That #2 looks to be a big yeilder with a nice structure.


Are they all similar in smell? Much cheeseyness?



Either way mate, I think It'll all be some tastey herb for sure..


Well done man, nice work.


Peace.. Lung

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okay, last few posts ... the bud-pics and smoke reports :)


(please forgive me the sloppy trimwork, but

my wife was in the hospital at the time *boo*)






- Plant #1 -

("Lil' Fune")




"Lil Fune" (plant #1) is leaning to the chocolate cheese-father and was the lowest

yielder of the three. she has a cheesy-skunky smell and her taste leaves chocolate

in the mouth, while there is still some red berries from the mother poking through

in the exhale. a bit more body then the other two ladies. initially it gives a short head-

high that goes quick into some very comfy lazyness, that makes very good for reading

or listening to music, watching movies ... without napping away all to fast.


(8 weeker, pole-like/collumnar stature, average yielder)

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- Plant #2 -

("Big Fune")




my keeper has a balanced terpene profile. the buds smell like cheese and berries, with some tropical twist.

the chocolate comes when grinding up the buds and on the exhale while toking. the effect of this one is very

nice, allrounder. starts with a strong twist to the thoughts and keeps me motived for some time, social smoke.

after some time the legs get a bit tired ... when over tooked this is some reliable lazy toke that induces movie-

nights and / or some tender squeezing of a loved one. (9 weeker, biggest yielder)


she is my favorite cuz she has both parents balanced out in

the smoke (this is what i went for: a combo of my fav smokes).

also the flotime is totally okay with nine weeks, imo.


she does yield more then both parents by themselves. i go by the

"medina"-pheno when comparing the yield of the chocolate cheese.


here is a pic of a #2-joint :)



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- Plant #3 -

("Fast Fune")






sanfune #3 ("fast fune") is the quickest of the bunch. she was done after 51 days from flip,

but i had to let her go to day 53, because i had some family incidents and was not able to

chop her right away.


this plant is indeed very special and i had a hard time choosing my fav. she was my favorite

for a long time and i still can't let her go yet neither, lol ... her almost blackberries-like smell,

the bigger yield (as the #1) making her a "okay enough yielder" considering that she only

needs a little more then 7 weeks and the high is theone that my wife prefers (always a good

thing to have her satisfied, lol)


the high is very heady and the smell of her is almost spot on with the mother "holy princess".

very red fruits and forrest berries, dark ones, mixed with a little tropical alcoholic "bowle" and

with a pronounced cream-choco in the inhale, that goes away very fast when the berries kick

in. the head high is too much for me, i get nervous when i smoke too much of her. it happens

fast to me because of the great taste. she is hands down the best smelling of them, and my

wifes favorite (it makes her very focused, so she can draw / work very nice with this). it seems

to boost creativity for her. (7 - 7 1/2 weeker, xmas stature, medium yielder)


i recon this one being most c99 with fast flo, "hazy" tropical / berries and a creative high :)



btw, the sanfune #3 buds stick to the glass, LOL








anyhoo :)


i hope you enjoyed this little adventure with me, mates. i had a blast growing these

selfmade beans and hope you guys find also very nice smoke in the ones you come

up with. just have the balls and make them , try them you will see they will be nice !!


feel free to hit me up about homemade projects.

we can't fail when combining our favorite smokes.

the genetics we love are good enough, eh? LOL


"breeding" happens the moment we try to enhance our smoke.

everybody can do this. let's share our experiences and results.



enjoy your tokes and

much love to you all,





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San!!!! Very nice way to do a thread...but i got the father...what exactly is the cross? Lineage? I quickly looked so Im sorry if I missed it. Im in the middle of waterin n checkin shit out over here! Again, great lookin buds!


Choc cheese x hp?? I went n re-read...

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#3 sounds like the bomb!

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Looks like a lot of fun, san. Loving the genetics, great pics, nice and clean. Peace.

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That's awesome San!! They all sound pretty damn good to me... the flavor profiles are what caught my attention. I see no losers in this grow. It's pretty cool to plant three alike seeds and get three so totally different plants.


Is the "Lil' Fune" pheno the only one with the taste of chocolate in it?


I like to 'tinker' with plants as well... waiting patiently for my ladies to finish.


I hope your wife is well and things are going in the right direction for both of you.


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woah, thank you all for this positive response :)


i had a blast making and growing them. these are the first little steps

for a noobster like me into making my own smoke (i'll never feel happy

selling anything !!). i have been growing like a maniac the last two and

a half years and these beans are the first that interest me to have a

look at (i started out making some seeds on the side on my first grow

and continued to make beans and F2s with almost every run of genetics

so far, lol).


let's hope they please others too, eh? i have been spreading approx.

350 beans to friends and colleagues. maybe some of them pop up in

reports or so (?).


i'd be very happy if these bring some joy into

some growcabs. i know i enjoy this puff a lot :)






yee, it was holy princess mother (red berry-lady) mated

by a nice chocolate cheese male (creamy choco-dude).


it's holy p x choco cheese, plz bro

(ladies first, dont be rude, haha :))





my wife feels much better and is recovering very fast

and steady. thank you a lot for the kind words, desert :)


they all have some choco in there, but the #1 plant has the most

pronounced chocolate, not in the back but more as a main-flavor.

all of them are heavy fruity accompanied by the nuances that i've







hey, my love ... i hope you are well ;)


i kept the male #5 and will make F2s with him. also, some backcross

to the holy princess-mother (and back to the sister of the father too).

also, i will constandly make new "F1"s over some time an keep looking

for nice ladies to further the line.


in case these are wanted as freebies (?), i see no problems.

i made more then enough ... and still have the parents too.

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