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Lady Cane F2 grow alongside some other favorites!( Extrema & Satori )

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Sorry for not posting but the level of hurt I felt from the last grow took a while to get over. One of the Extrema managed to deeply pollinate every plant in the garden and I was left with 5 1/2 pounds from 26 plants of seeded bud. Some pics of the plants before they were cut down.gallery_7738_4138_808027.jpggallery_7738_4138_1414382.jpggallery_7738_4138_1712965.jpggallery_7738_4138_4015371.jpggallery_7738_4138_3619254.jpg

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The LC pictured in the first 3 pics had an amazing spicy lemon scent and the spice transferred in the taste of the smoke. Electric is the only way to describe the effect it had on me. after smoking an intense head high starts and after about an hour a body effect can be felt. Very warm and loving is how I describe it. That was the only plant that resisted pollination in the flowers themselves. A couple of seeds could be found at the base of the flowers. The effect lasts for about 3 hours. The Extrema on the other hand is a wash. The new parental selection I believe does not carry the the desirable traits of a chem plant. The diesel funk I am accustomed to was only present in 2 out of 20 plants. The rest had a more fruit melon scent. The effects are no way near what the past rounds of me running Extrema had been. To be fair 3 plants out of the 20 were not pollinated for some reason. And those plants were the ones I based this opinion on. The yields were great but that was last on the list of smell, taste, potency and yield. Calyx to leaf ratio was also different on average. The original parent were beyond special. The effect was too intense for a lot of people before and those same individual thought it was a different strain all around this time. I think Extrema needs to go back through the selection to get the dank parents back. If that is poss. They are also not stable at all. I was picking balls off of numerous plants for hours on end and 1 or 2 still escaped me giving me a level of seed I have never seen in bud before. Out of each oz there was at least 5-7 grams of seed.My patients received a %50 discount so I am sure they were not affected but this experience has left me SMH.

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