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various strains under 432 Watt T5

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Very nice :) Notice the main stalks on both herijuana plants, THICK :o From what I see ,both Mota's and Sannie's heri plants look almost identical.



When your done I hope you can give a smoke report on all those strains you have :)




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@ GreenAngel,

Thanks, and a good haul is for me all these new strains dried and cured to see about the medical use of them. But I wil not cry when there are a lot of grams :innocent:


@ BeachBud and Wrecks,

Thank you guy's


@ Misterdirt,

If i only new this upfront :lol: but as stubborn as I am I wil probably not change the lightsource any time soon.

Although I am alwys open for new things so LED or Plasma to name a couple of things :whistle: or a combination, if they only were cheaper.


@ DogsOnLeads.


Both herijuana's are not very much alike. The thickness off the stems is great, but also the other lady's are oké.

Smokereport is not a thing for me, i do not smoke it myself. It is all for my wife I just happen to love to grow.


To put some in perspective today some buds with a refference






and about 30 or 40 CM lower than the tubes.









Then the herijuana's side by side,










And Sannie's






Uruzghani seems almost ready





but she has to stay alive for several weeks, hope to get some seeds after ploination with pollen from my STS project.





Both Herijuana's are different pheno's as I can see it. Sannie's has got fewer but bigger buds,

And the smaller buds from Mota are more dense.


Lets see what the near future brings us with hopefully a nice result.



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Lets see what the near future brings us with hopefully a nice result.




Thanks for the pictures :dribble: , really nice plants :dribble: ....great job :specool

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Thanks Robo, and you are welcome.


Tomorrow there are 8 weeks flowering past. But due to lack of time today the update.


First 2 pictures off all the lady's


Left to right Amnesia Angel Heart.




And left to right Herijuana Sannie Afghani Herijuana Mota,

















Angel Heart,




Herijuana Mota,






Herijuana Sannie,







and a sneak previeuw for what is coming,





The Uruzghani is harvested and is drying now for a couple off day's, just a part of her is stil standing to let the seeds maturing for a few weeks.

The lower bud above is Uruzghani, and the top bud is a lower Afghani-bud that broke off yesterday.


My goal is to harvest them all at day 60, maybe day 63 then they had all 9 weeks that should do the trick. Allso there should be enough time for the seeds of the afghani and herijuana Mota to mature.


Only the seeds from the uruzghani need some more time but that must happen during normal sunhours in my garage. I assume that the plant wil survive for a few weeks in a cold enviroment.


The lady's aren't thursty anymore, just Angel Heart needs everyday some.



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Today I had a check in the sunlight, and decide that they wil end there lives next wensday. That is a day that I am free of work.

There are stil to much white hairs in my opinion.


Day 58


















Angel Heart,








Herijuana Mota,








Harijuana Sannie,








uruzghani leftover with seeds.





They stil drinking a bit and from monday they wil get nothing until havesting. Wensday it wil be almost 9 weeks flowering that should do the trick for me.





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Looking good dude, your wife will be happy camper for some time.


I gotta say its unbelievable what you're getting out of 430w T5s. I will be very interested in the amount of the final yield. Its especially interesting to me, because I usually veg under 220w T5s and flower under 600w HPS. But currently I'm doing my first ever all T5 grow from start to finish using only 220w and I gotta say I'm surprised how well its doing. I'm seriously considering doubling up on the T5s and ditching the HPS. Sure they don't produce comparable light penetration, but I love how little heat they produce, so you can get them real close. And now seeing what your doing with them, kinda makes me like the idea more and more.

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Rocking them T5's for sure. It seems many small growers are slowly moving away from MH/HPS toward T5's, LED's and CMH's.


Once dialed in, many 315 watt CMH Philips growers are confirming 1.5 grams per watt.


icmag has a CMH bulb thread, and in the last 20-30 pages there is a lot of info.


Many T5, PL-L, and CFL growers are also kicking ass (like ikke in this thread :verrygood )


and growers with high quality LED's aren't doing that bad either.


Looking forward to your harvest ikke, and maybe a smoke report from your wife, or someone else you share these meds with!

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Thanks Link420,

my wife is always happy with me I hope. And she should have enough for a long time. Although I wil also make some oil and maybe some tincture.


For me it isn't unbelievable but I am never for the big yield so in growersterms I assume it wil be a bit dissapointed. I mostley choose different strains for the variation and never push it for maximum in nutes etc.

But I truely believe that there is much possible. My PR is about 400 Grams so not bad in my opinion.


Growing a ful cycle under T5 is just different than HPS, and there is need for different color tubes in each stadium of veg and flowering. It is nice to get a bit control of strech when changing colors. And indeed the penetration is les but we also use the smaller buds below, and around 40 CM's under the tubes there are stil nice but smaller buds.


Southflorida. Stay tuned for the end, it is close.

And yes there are more people that growing under various lightsources sucnh as led, PL-L but I also see they change to HPS but mostly for commercial growing I believe. The true Hobby growers and members who grow theyre own medicin often stay loyal to what works for them, And you can keep it smal to provide in theyre own needs.


Today the ladys had no need for fluids. at day 60 of flowering. But that is normal since all the strains should need around 9 weeks, and the Angel heart could be ready in 60 day's














And the Angel heart,







Al the lady's show amber trich's just the Sannie Herijuana not that much. But at 62 day's it should be coplete.


The seeds are getting darker in the Afghan and the Herijuana Mota so I achieved that geal also.


I wil try to find a victim for a smoke report, shouldnt be to hard, just have to get back the info that helps others. My wife just knows if she has to run to bed or when it is taste like shit so that wil not help very much.



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Guest BrockSamson

^ agreed. I didn't think that you could grow buds that large with t-5's, but well shit there it is.

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Thanks Guy's


And big buds is possible but it also dpends on the genetic's see at the end. :whistle:


Today at 62 day's of flowering all the lady's are hanging upside down.












Angel Heart,




Herijuana Mota,




Herijuana Sannie,




and some buds,


Angel Heart,






herijuana Sanie,




and in the restroom.




there is quit some difference per plant what they produced, but so far I am happy with the result.


The climate now is 19,5° Celsius and around 48 % RV. the in and outlet are slowly dimmed to 30 % and now we wait.


Oh I forgot my pride Bud.







And I wil be back with the results.

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:verrygood Great grow from start to finish. That Afghani is an impressive specimen, what breeder is it from?


:verrygood Great grow from start to finish. That Afghani is an impressive specimen, what breeder is it from?

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Thanks robo,



Thanks, Afghani was from Spliff Seeds, And indeed a great lady to grow, The next time she wil get a little more nutes, she was the hungryest of the all.


Today everything was dry enough for the jar's, only the thickest sticks not really kracked but in general good for the last restplace.


Result was not very big weightwise, but that had also to do with pollination of some branches.


Afghan 80 Grams.

Amnesia 47 Grams.

Angel Heart 77 Grams.

Herijuana Mota 30 Grams.

Herijuana Sannie 34 Grams

and Uruzghani aprox. 30 Grams


Al together around 298 Grams of very nice buds. and a bag of around 60 Grams of potent smal leaves to do something with later. First I have to get all the seeds out so the waist of these buds can join the leftoverbag also.












Angel Heart,




Herijuana Mota,




Herijuana Sannie.




And leftover from the Uruzghani, stil with seeds to mature, and a test maybe in the summer. See if the STS treatment has worked.






Some seeds already harvest and some buds stil drying a bit with more seeds.








Herijuana Mota,






Thansk for the interst and hope to see you again in the future, Maybe the next round wil be a test with the created seeds, but there is so much else to try.




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For the lovers of a nice story here is a smokereport from a real lover I believe. Hope that my translation ( with some help from google) does the report justice.


the Afghan produces nice big buds, I infer to the size off thebud before me.

The bud is made from beautiful "kush balls" (as you see in Herijuana, eg the though slightly more streched).

well shaped round nuggets, which are clusterd as a nice complete package..

The summit itself is beautiful conical, round and so pretty evenly tapering.

furthermore it is quite dark green in color, with long brown hair, pretty little leaf and many distinct calyxes. a beautiful calyx-to-leaf ratio, though I have not counted very diligent

Unfortunately, the post has crushed on the surfaces o it’s a bit flat. But clear resin plates formed which reflect the light beautifully. The bud is nice compact but not rockhard.

looking through my (digital camera) macrolens I see that they are quite covered with trichomes, but not quite as lavish as the Uruzgani (of which more later).

I think she’s ripen enough

In short, a nice dark, hefty and solid top good ripe Afghan



Although I have the envelope quit some open on my table I notice that my sense of smell is less accurate, due to the various smels that surrounds me. Nott very useful, but I will do my best.


the smell is not very strong (I suspect, though I therefore less strong odor can be identified).

in construction of the fragrance she is a little double, I write first "spicy", because the scent is spicy and some sharp, a mixture of menthol / cinnamon poking your nose.

yet the odor also quite mild and gentle, which in turn seems like a contradiction, but it is not.


My geurilla plants I always like to pick a fresh tip to delicious chew.

let me also taste a little Afghan.

Now is the weed already dried, but what is striking is that she is quite spicy in taste.

like fresh weed she tickles the tongue andmouth, witth a little bit off narcotic menthol feeling in my mouth.



I roll about 1/4 to 1/3 gram inside out in Tuxedo brown paper, with a tuft of American Spirit tobacco.

while crumbling I notice that the back of my jaw is starting to tingle, the smell put my salivary glands into force

however I notice that the summit would have liked for my taste, slightly drier such big top, inside just a little stubborn.


before lighting

The taste is delicious, spicy with also some savory.

savory flavor that I also encountered in the Herijuana, I describe it as the smell of rosemary and garlic rubbed pork chops on a mild fire seared. nice and quiet

a little sweet to savory rosemary with so that savory and peculiar smell of roast pork.




it is about 9 o'clock in the evening, except tasty (and healthy!) food and a cup of coffee I have not eaten.

I usually smoke some weed outside interspersed occasionally with something from the Sjop when boredom strikes.

I consider myself as a quiet smoker, the effect of the Afghan will be able to come through so well I think.


On fire,

first draft of smoke I blow out, and then I'll take three big gulps to investigate the taste.



which is a bit like hash , but spicy , with some salty so .

but clearly that hash taste .

the smoke is solid as a hash joint, but not very heavy and sticky.

remains that spicy in it, after three puffs tickles it in my mouth , but in a nice way like menthol .



After those first three sips I put the joint to one side to note my experience..

When I 'm back in the joint , I take 3 big gulps of smoke .

while I change my mind that the smoke is not unpleasant sharp (it does not remain stuck in my throat itchy ) the Afghan strikes suddenly kicks in very hard.


which is evident in the relaxing heaviness that settles in my upper back and shoulders .

while I experience this it turns also heavily upon my face , whith little tingles .

I notice this sometimes whith a strong haze, a restless help- me – i-am - in-the- rolercoaster feeling comes bubbling up from my stomach.

that is not the case here, I am particularly relaxed and heavy.

2 final touches and the joint is as good as on .

Now I'm starting to kind of esoteric , clouds in my head gently go up and down .

and then the Afghan really kicks in in his ful power.

At First not very obvious but the heaviness move slowly but unstoppeble to my body .

Also the lovely clouds in my skull slowly transform into a fierce storm swirling sky .

the Afghan creeps into my body and pushes the effect gradually but consistently and unstoppable ever further .

This takes us a good half hour , which I ever deeper under the influence of the Afghan TO GET .

I slowly but completely overwhelmed ... where you think the world stops taking the Afghan anyway you further than you think you can go .

this is really a killer , had I known I would have took half of what I used now. but it was not to be , I will have to sit out the ride .


only 1 time before I was so stoned ...

I then smoked a joint with someone , when I asked what are you smoking, he said, " No idea , I was just give me the strongest shit that you have ."

Indeed, that proved strong shit , and I have a few hours lying in bed tripping . definitely uncomfortable

when I had somewhere even the vague idea that he might have, except weed he rold some other stuff in his joint, this guy is someone you might expect ths from..

but now with the Afghan I suspect that I did indeed only "strong shit " got smoked without additives .


back to the Afghan from a third gram 'm really stoned heretic and I tend a little to the tripping feel of a not too strong mushroom tea , but with more focus and without the rush .

the relaxation is complete and heavy , but I am quite clear and organized in terms of spirit .

with that tripping feeling also come a bit that introspective thoughts , what am I doing here anyway to be stoned better, I 'm calmer calls and take care of my body .

to be good for my body to make sure I just got to do yoga , about 30 minutes after the lighting of the Afghan .

I am happy and relaxed and my head is clear enough for me to concentrate . on my body and the movements of yoga

Yoga is super good , really good idea .


I 'm a good 2.5 hours , which last half hour high quietly decreases.

afterwards I feel surprisingly clear and crisp , without such a stuffy / smeary feeling that lingers in your head. / body, it may sound weird , but I feel cleaned in the head and body .




appearance : 8

an 8 , and then I try a little look a bit beside the little crushed state

a bit from cultivating seen , she produces beautifully built , big hard buds with a strong green color , and a nice little leaf trichome coverage .


smell / taste : 7.5

a 7 because the smell not very special althoug h very nice. an extra half point for the spicy note and the grower despite the delicious spicy tingle she smokes very mild and is not sharp in the throat .


effect : 9

I do not want to overdo it with a 9.5 , but it is actually awfully close .


this is what I look for when I feel like stabbing. a joint

the effect is, however, unprecedented power, but I 'm not a heavy smoker

a delicious and complete relaxation without being apathetic.

What struck me is that I was ( despite the smal tripping effect ) pretty well able to focus my mind and do not linger in something.

the effect builds quietly , to ( for me) unknown depth then to hold above average. hose

even after I am incredibly crisp and clear .

I do not love a heady sativa rush , there is absolutely no question about that here.

everything happens inside you will find yourself comfortable without an intrusive rush .



that's it boys and girls ... puh hee , what a story ...


Thanks DJ !

really my compliments for the Afghan , this is the best weed in terms of power and efficacy that I may smoke a long time.

I would almost say " it may be less" but it will be for its purpose ( eliminate pain and sleep well ) surely find its effect .

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Thanks for this grow and smoke report ikke. Splendid plants and buds and descriptions thereof.

Makes me eager to see your next report :)


The Afghan sounds like a slightly more indica version of my favourite Jackberry pheno; more spicy/incensy than fruity, and a slightly trippy but focused effect (I once found myself doing stretches halfway through trying to make tea!). Your friend does a great report, especially since he is a light smoker and can feel the details.


Until next time... Cheers!

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Really nice Ikke ! It looks like you had a perfect grow. You made it look easy. Enjoy .

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as good as it gets. That Afghan looks like the ones I grew for years. I think mine came from Emory?..ianyway keep it green.

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I have just read your journal from end to end. Bravo! Outstanding work! You should be proud of your growing skills! I am now questioning some of my set up.

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