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Organic questions for sannie

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On 11/8/2013 at 4:03 PM, sannie said:

Just leave the roots in there and don't stir them up, this because the mycorrhiza is colonized on these roots and when stirring up the chanes will be broken, it can take weeks to colonize again.

The roots will be used as nutrients by the soil life, the best slow release nutrient you can have.

I know this post is somewhat old, yet after growing on mapito I wanted to try soil again after a long time. I found this topic quite astonishing, reading all the insights that sannie shared with us. However, departing from an amateur knowledge I have a few more questions.

As Sannie writes that the roots should not be stired up because it damages the mycorrhiza colonies, I was wondering whether you just cut them stem out from the pot while leaving all the rest as it is?

After you  just put the new plant in the pot on to the hole and cover it with some new soil, plus watering with some bacto right?

It would be great if someone could help me out with some info on that because I'm a bit lost... Especially Sannie himself (I would highly appreciate it)

happy sunday everyone


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Hello,Mordanius thank's for sharing this good news (3rd place Sativa Flowers in Alaska's 2018 High Times ).

You grow big monster,how long do you veg them before change for 12/12 ? I plan to start first organic grow with Sannie's starter kit strain Kolossus.

Have good vibes.


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