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infused honey

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well i've been making this for couple few years and thought i would share it here. i found it on another site, not my recipe.i de-carb at 220f, for 25 minutes. grind by hand and wash using 190 proof grain alcohol. i never measure but always end up with around 2 cups after wringing out in 4-6 paint strainers. you can go 1 more step and put through coffee filter if you choose. next i place pyrex cup with alcohol in pot of water on stove under low heat. PLEASE VENTILATE PROPERLY WITH FANS AND WINDOWS OPEN AT THE LEAST! i evaporate 1/2 the alcohol off then add 3-5 vitamin e capsules (puncture and squirt liquid in), i substitute krill oil the last 2 times cause thats what i had on hand. i believe it helps the cannabis oil emulsify with honey. then i add equal part honey to alcohol mixture and mix thoroughly. now this will take a long time to evaporate the rest of alcohol so be patient, mixing occasionally. you will see a black liquid sitting on top when almost done, this is water, place back in oven at 220 until evaporates (10-20 minutes). now place pot of water on stove until boiling and pour in cup with tea.....see where this is going......enjoy your day! peace brim

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