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Pineapple Fields questions

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I thought I'd start another thread, rather than tack this onto Baq's grow thread.


I've got 3 PF girls in veg (about the 5th week, they'll be flipped tomorrow) and like any anxious grower of a new strain, I want to know more about the plants that can possibly known at this stage of their lives. So let's start off with this:


I have a tall plant, a medium height plant, and a short one. Are any of the main phenos shorter or taller than the rest? Can I make any guesses as to which I've got?


The medium height plant could easily be the same pheno as the tall one, but the short girl seems to be different than either one.


Also, I'm thinking of letting these grow without height control. The tallest one is about 14", and I can take plants of 5', from the soil surface to the top of the plant (excluding pot height), and maybe a little taller. Would this be a bad idea?


Pics, along with pics of a couple of other strains in the grow, can be seen under Grow Reports > Western Hemisphere Grow.




Oh, one more: Will PF ever be available in Sannie's Shop?

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Sounds like the short one is pheno "D" possible and the others could be A/B or C.. C is generally the tallest/most stretch and "D" has the least stretch and one of the fastest bloom time.


Pineapple diesel (aka pineapple fields f2) will be hitting the shop soon!! D and C phenos are much more rare in the F2, and since the B pheno was used as the mother & it's showing up the most in the gene pool.



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Thanks for the quick reply.


We'll see how they look and smell as the grow progresses. I have no idea what to expect from any plant I've got going right now, except lots of bud will likely be involved. They are the happiest bunch of plants I've had in a while.

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