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Stay safe and fly foOking HIGH

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Back to the future haze F2 #1




newest strains coming up soon.....+ many more....IMG_3883.thumb.jpeg.b60281e11652ef9b6c50cd0476a8990d.jpegIMG_3873.thumb.jpeg.0681425583eea6f17f1c2796047d37f9.jpeg


so from a kick-ass fast flowering profile in strawberry XL i enhanced the flavour and potency by using my polarbear #2-(green Manalishi #8 x Hasplantdoublestrawberry diesel male) and also increased the flowering time from 45 days to 63 so... by it now having so many hazey influences brought in by Airborne Jack-(Jack hammer F2(knutsel) x G39 F2 male) i thought why not shoot for the moon and bring in some more sativa by pollinating Back to the future haze F2 #1-(silverhaze1996 clone only x Airborne jack F1) with the longer flowering profile of strawbear XL bx1 male-(Strawberry XL 45 day clone only x polarbear F2 male) and see if this will shorten the flowering time of this classic haze....many more to come....


Stay safe and fly FooKInG HiGh


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gonna test what she will do in a 60 liter smartpot with "Guanokalong complete organics" about 100 grams mixed through the soil in each pot....

the yield of the "strawbear XL bx1" seedling in a small plastic container(1,7 liter) was real good... with the strawberry danky profiling i was aiming for(off course lol:tu)...

and i will now aim for a yield of a minimal of 550 gram off of each plant so 4 x 550 for a total of 2.2 kilo's from 4 plants... i am putting the whole summer in to growing them to fill up every inch of my room and the letting the 1440 watts of my 2 x 600 Dimlux lighting do the rest....

the only bottled feed i use will be "Guanokalong Bloom" the rest will be supplied by the fermentation process in the soil with plain dutch tap water....




she is already pasting her icing on the cake "very nice!" and so is Back to the future haze F2 #1.....

many more to come.... 


Stay safe and fly FOOKING HIGH

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Back to the Future haze F2(purple male):wOOt:verrygood:tu:jump:.......

F3 coming this Christmas be sure to sign up for the party..... o yes, very nice!!!!.



also with the slight icing on the cake:icecream:(pre flower is showing due to this (soon to be purple) haze getting root bound)....


fly safe and stay high....

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