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Caramel Candy Kush | KO Kush x Chocolate Rain | Some clones

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Before we get started, here is some pron from Chuky's Bride my last run of clones.







Such a beautiful flower, don;t think I can ever thank Esc0b@r enough for bringing us this....


Anyways, onto the new grow.


Grow Setup:

Cabinet - overall cabinet height 42” x 34"w x 24" l, with grow space of around 18-24” between light and top of res.

Hydroponics, “superponic” arrangement, DWC, with some drip and airstones in the res. 12 site

SCROG net for stretch management.

400W digital ballast with a Red UFO LED for supplemental that cycles in 2 hour on/off cycles during flower light phase




Chucky’s Bride – 2 phenos + a Male

Chocolate Rain

KO Kush


regular seedlings

(3) Caramel Candy Kush

(1) KO Kush F4 M x Chocolate Rain (pheno b.) - (still trying to decide what I would call it - thinking Fists of fury (raining KO) | KORain) hoping this is carried some of indica of the KO and can make it a KO leaner, wife finds the KO to be great for pain, and I like the rush from the rain, time will tell)

Planning to do some breeding this round with the water droplet technique I read about here.



Water rests for at least 24 hours with airstones applies, comes out of the tap with (avg: ec: 0.2 / 0.1ppt / 6.68 – 7.1 ph), I add some ph down to get me in the 5.6 – 6.0 range.


Jungle Juice (bloom / micro) – 1st try at running lucas

Diamond nectar

Cal Mag Plus

Roots Excellurator


Additives planned:

Crystal Burst

Snow Storm Ultra


Veg Reviews on growth, welcome input from anyone that has had these as to phenotypes:

CCK1- Plant is bushy and in veg seems to have more sativa influence when compared with others. Has pleasant odor, cannot put a name to the smell, not skunky, fruity/woody. Female verified, so she will be kept. Topped at 5node and bushed out wildly. Taking over left hand front side of chamber. I believe this to be a Ms. Univ leaning due to bushiness and leaf structure


CCK2 – Plant was not developed as long in system, as I had to make room for it. So this one is a bit smaller, but has strong tendencies that look very similar to plant 1 in structure and growth pattern. Aroma is similar to CCK1. Topped at 4th node. Verified Male. I believe this to be a Ms. Univ leaning due to bushiness and leaf structure.


CCK3 – Plant grew out exact same time as CCK1 but was smaller in size, but not stature. Same amount of nodes, just grew much closer together. Plant is significantly more compact with very tight internode spacing on branches, even after topped. Leaves on this plant are the most broad when compared with other two CCK. I believe it is Bubba leaning, due to more compact stature of plant and broader leaves compared with others. Not realizing same stretch as CCK1. Also a Female!


2 out of 3 CCK female, great ratio and I couldn’t have planned that any better. - Anyone that knows these plants/phenos, please share as I am going purely on guess from reading other journals and such.


KOK/CR –Cross of a KO Kush F4 M x Chocolate Rain F (Pheno was my heavy crystal plant, had hook leaves and more sativa finger style). Veg - Plant has leaves that lean to KO Kush dominance and are much broader than the original CR mother. During early growth grew like KO Kush, however, once topped, this plant took on more CR characteristics with significant off shoots and lots of growth, becoming the bushiest of all the seedlings. Verified Female!


3 out of 4 beans popped are female


I have already started this grow, and will add a few submissions to catch you up to where I am currently, starting second week of bloom. Anyone with notes on CCK to share, please pass them along as I am learning these beans still, beautiful structure on both pheno I have and some different aroma between both, very exited to see what she does.


On with the show....

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I will mainly be posting shots of the new one's for me (CCK and the KOKxCR), I will have others of the clones in the album if you are interested in more shots, you will want to check that out.


I will also be combining these veg shots to expedite geting you up to speed. Apologies in advance as some of these pulled in the wrong orientation, I cannot figure out how to rotate, have tried in the system and they dont seem to want to save that way. I will try to stop taking the taller pics to avoid that issue moving forward.


Veg shots - starting at Week 3 under the 400W - 18/6 - grew out the seedlings for about 3-5 weeks under flouro to get some base under them.


Week 3:




CCK2 - siimlar structure to 1 but shorter as it was 1 week behind through early veg.



CCK3 - believe to be "bubba" leaning



KOKxCR seedling



W4 Veg:





In proper orientation CCK2 is on left and CCK 3 "bubba" is on right.








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Week 5 Veg - last week before we start the action!

For anyone interested the beads that hang from the light hang 12" with color changes at each inch. Helps with the tight setup to keep an eye on the height.








CCK3 - this plant has much tighter internode spacing and is not showing near the same stretch as the other two, this one has been through an identical journey as CCK1




KOKxCR - my creation from Round when when I had the KOK male. Was not very successful with that breeding project as I didnt pay enough attention to the males and they died before I could get much pollen. I ground up the dead pollen sacs mixed in water and tried to get a few buds impregnated and got about 6 seeds from round 1. This was one of them.



Bushing out to the max and so healthy. Also showing preflowers - woohoo!


Here is a full chamber shot, in case yr interested, also nice cuz you wont have to turn yo neck!




Almost up to speed, next is the week 1 of bloom phase.


For anyone interested in the album for this, which does have some of the other clones too.

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Looks awesome starinhazy! Over the last few weeks I've heard you say so much good about the Chucky's Bride, but I never thought it would come out that color! Can't wait to see how this finishes up :verrygood

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Week 6 total, Bloom week 1 - transition week 12/12


Here is a Chucky's Bride Clone (one from the porn shot from round 2)



I also implemented a soft scrog to try to manage this, and it became clear quickly that this was not the right direction.


CCK1 (f)



CCK2 (m)



CCk3 (f)






General notes

Implemented SCROG, tried loose netting and it was in no way helping with control. In week 2 of bloom, coming next, added metal scrog and started the tie down clips for contoling vert growth, within 5” from light with 12/12 starting.


Once Identified and confirmed males, were shoved under the net.

Removed males from grow area, and started in their own DWC bucket box to work to get pollen. Had some early box design issues, but getting resolved. Will post something on these.


Fems quickly filled in vacancy and spread out more. Throughout process had a few scrog attempts result in harsh breaks on stem, intense supercrop. Some could impact overall size due to recovery on branch. All lower branch material is removed and all growth is at or above scrog line.

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this reminds me of my NFT days...good pictures mate. but my neck...ahhh!...silica is the thing to help with bending them ; ) i'll be supercropping my berrybomb on the day I drop scrog net on ; ) it looks rough but the results are amazing. you might have done a good thing by mistake...lol..

; )

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Welcome aboard and so sorry about the sideways pics. I will be fixing all of them in the future before the upload now. These are in the album and just could not get it to rotate them. :comp:

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the cck is on my want list for sure. your girls are looking good but maybe a little N deficient? maybe add more cal mag if you don't want to use grow fert.

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That purple chucky is amazing. Thanks for sharing. My temps have been cold but may not be when my chuckys are flowering. Awesome though.

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@mojo - thanks for the kindness. The colors really came out in my fall run. taste and effect were the same, so I am very pleased. Curious whether it is the Cheese or Cindy that causes the colors.


In tonights stem rub

CCK1 - smells like electric pineapples. so bright and ripe

CCK3 - bubba looking - smells of Vanilla is what I detect.


Just makes me yearn for a taste.

Enjoy the evening folks

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@dream - not sure which you are seeing the deficiency on, the plants in person look very green, I was almost wondering if there was too much nitrogen as the KOK clone I have is darker than I remember from the last grow. I have one plant in the middle that has some yellow leaves, but that is going through a transition from where it was and I believe is a perfectly natural reaction.


Is it one of the CCK or my cross that you see a def on? I am using Cal Mag and running Lucas formual for Jungle juice, levels and PH are tight



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So here is the weekly update. Mid-week 2 of bloom. Got the hard screen employed now and much more effectively controlling vertical stretch. In the installment you will see, that this really works well in this system for filling the canopy. and maximizing that effort.


Chucky's bride pheno 1 from above (clone shot)









I have removed the CCK Male, so the possible bubba leaner is now CCK2, as I track mostly Females.


CCK 2 (f)



KO Kush Clone - 2 weeks in and top of bud is already formed.



KO Kush X CR



More broad shot of this plant


Close up on bud forming



Cab fully scrogged



Hope you enjoy, throw me any comments questions or whatevs.

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@ Mojo and Rev - THanks for noticing. Hard to capture it, but the CCK1 stem is better than a 1/2" thick at this point. To some that may not be much, but for this little system, thats alot of infrastructure.Looking forward to some great things now that the foundation is in place....


@misterdirt, loving this Chucky's bride....I believe it was the "weather" my first round was average temperature in the mid-80's, the purple grow was an average of 79-81 with low humidity (low 40%'s avg.). So cold this winter, atmosphere has been my challenge, but where challenge lies, so does opportunity, and it found mega purple. Any idea if it is the cheese or the cindy that brings out the color?


@sd - thanks, I will keep on trying, which is all any of us can do.


Should have some more updates in here later today, 3rd week of bloom and managing canopy. filled in nicely last week and I think stretch is tapering for the rest of the cab...


Any insight anyone has on the Phenos of CCK, please share. Really want to know from those that know and have experienced her.


danks 4 lookin

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Pics from the start of the third week of bloom, this is when the magic takes hold and bloom gets real.. :)

About 6-7" between top of canopy and the 400W light. Stretch seems to have slowed up alot, fortunately. On with the show.


Here is the Chucky's bride pheno#1 clone



Caramel Candy Kush #1



flower close up



CCK 2 - much tighter internode spacing....


CCK2 close up



Chocolate Rain Pheno #2 (mom to KOKxCR)



KO Kush x Chocolate Rain



KOK x CR close up



Full frontal SCROG (thats all you can ever get with this cab)



Thats the bloom chamber....(here's a peek at a mom chamber), the small seedlings in the front are Blue Chem. The Mom's in the back, need some cleaning up and will most likely go into bloom next round and get replaced by smaller clones. THey are good strains, but sometimes the mom has to get smaller again, so I can manage this thing.



Thats my update from the last week. Things seem to be progressing nicely.

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Guest BrockSamson

Looking good starin. That's one big momma you got there.


Digging the scrog, good job keeping it clean underneath the canopy as well. Looking pro and clean


That's a killer cross you came up with btw (the chocolate rain X KO Kush) going to be some tastey smoke. I take it you're an indica man? Judging from the KO Kush and the Caramel Candy Kush.


I''m going to go out on a limb and say that the purple came from the Cindy. I say this as an assumption, but if you look at all the cheese crosses in the shop and compare, which ones turn purple and which ones don't, I think you can safely say that it is the Cindy passing on the purple genes. For instance with the cheesetral, its the Pakistani Chitral that added the purple. With the cheeseberry, it was the blueberry. the one variable that was held constant would be the exodus cheese. I would go on, but all this cheese and chocolate talk is making me hungry.

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hanks Brock - I am kinda leaning to the Cindy side as to the purpling that occurred, as I have not seen many pics of the Cheese varying from green. Appreciate your comments and insight. I like both Indicas and Sativas, my wife deals with a chronic and constant pain, so I am always looking to find that medically strong strain to help her deal with the pain. I know the KO Kush is great for pain, she calls it sleepytime, and the Chocolate Rain has a nice Sativa feel on the front side with no couch lock, so I am hoping for some middle ground there, KO Kush with less couch lock until the end. I am also big into extracts and the oil I have gotten off both strains is incredible and different. Chocolate Rain is thick and creamy tan color, the KO Kush oil was sticky and very dark color. Can't wait for that. Flowers on the cross are starting to resemble the KO Kush in structure, oh boy!


Thanks Hybrid, just trying to keep them fed and managed.


Stem rub on CCK1 - still getting pineapples

Stem rub on CCK2 - got cantaloupes this AM.


Enjoy the 'log!

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Check out cheeseberry for your wife sometime and see how she likes it. The phenos I had gave a remarkable body buzz, but it's a hybrid. Great for mood elevation, too.

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great thread :D

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Thanks Mr. Dirt. Been eyeing that Cheeseberry, but there are so many I want to try and only so much space. Definately on my list now though.

Got the BlueChem comin up next, after this CCK, running out of room for the others.... Such a great problem having to make choices about which female to keep, getting too many phenos.


Decisions decisions.....


General Question on scrog......

Are there any opinions on fan leaves and the top of canopy. Do you remove completely or trim the tips, or just let it all hang out?

In the past, I have tried the tuck and manage strategy. I am not sure how much the plant uses out of these leaves, and always felt best to keep them. I am wondering if it would be recommended to remove some from the top to open more light to lower, as the branches this time are not allowing the tuck to work so well.


Any thoughts and opinions are appreciated,

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In the great To Trim or Not To Trim debate, I tend to fall on the Not Trim side. If there's a prime bud site being covered, I might trim, but otherwise I pretty much prune off the growing points below about 12" from the top of the plant. Leaves tend to drop by themselves.

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