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Terpenes, Terpenoids and Cannabis flavors

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Like the title says, let's discuss here about terpenes and how they contribute to the pleasure of smoking Cannabis.


I've tried to find a comprehensive list of terpenes and their olfactory equivalents in cannabis strains.


More common seem to be so called flavor wheels, but there are no info of terpenes in those images.


For example I personally would love to smoke a strawberry-lime strain, Mojitos anyone?


Or lychee-rose flavored one.


I guess I like fruity and flowery scents and flavors... And minty ones...


Is it simply a matter of finding a specific pheno that carries desired aroma and breding it with the other desired ones, or is it so that environment affects what terpenes "come up" in the plant? I mean does cannabis plant have within it the code for terpenes, but only some dominate due to genetic, environmental etc. reasons...


I'm curious to hear what you guys think, what flavors you love, what strains have them and what flavors and flavor combos you'd love to grow...


Especially, but not exclusively, strains from Sannie's Shop... What is the range of smell and flavor in different strains and their phenos...


Here is a link about terpenes I found easy enough to read and informative.



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Great topic! I have been troubled by scents and flavors. For example I haven't found coffee in Sannies Hercules, however I did had a Jackberry x Madscientist pheno that had the scent of blackberries. Then I find when finding scents or flavors that I cannot link, I find it difficult to remember or identify these later. For example I once took an OG18 as Kush because it was my first. Afterwards several other strains began tasting like Kush to me. As it goes for wine it might be a matter of training. Would there be a way to put these scents and flavors to a standard? Perhaps the perfume or the wine industry can provide some insight on terpenes.

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What we have learned is terpenes make a huge difference in patient response! Just yesterday we participated in the Spring Gathering Cannabis Classis (http://www.thecannabisclassic.com/). Out of the 9 entries we tested, 7 of them we fairly similar in their terpene profile, and most had THC values in the low-mid 20% range. With all the THC values being so close together, the terpenes were the major difference between each strain. When the voting had completed (which was done before our results were released) we were quite surprised! One of the strains, which did NOT have the highest THC value, had a unique terpene profile compared to the others and it was crowned the winner! We do not know how many people voted, nor how it was all conducted, but it leads us to believe the terpenes hold the keys to finding out which strain is right for each patient!!
source: http://thewercshop.c...-than-just-thc/ (a company that testes terpenes)

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