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First Post……It could be a good one.

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Hello Opengrow,


I decided to bypass the introduction and jump straight in. To say that is a bit of a lie as I have been a lurker here for years, reading nearly every post on the site. If you are a frequent poster, I already feel like I know you and you will get to know me here.


I have never posted anywhere for security concerns. I do however read and study to great lengths on this site and on other sites primarily focusing on organic growing. I am a big fan of Sannie and crew products as well as the attitude on this forum. I decided if I was going to finally take the plunge that I would try to add my value here. So as a great Indican might say. Fuck it, here I go.


I plan for this to be an ongoing thread where I can show everyone how I do things and try to help others. There are many ways to grow great pot. I don’t discount the ways of others. This is just my way.


I am on a current mission to break 1GPW. Let’s just go ahead and make this controversial for fun right off the bat.


The things I do “wrong”:


I grow organic in soil, no nute bottles here. I would say water only, but I do make teas and use a few limited organic products in addition to my soil mix.

I defoliate, heavily…..this should be a good conversation.

I re-use my soil, over and over and over…..

My soil is full of bugs…..Gasp!

I don’t keep things “clean”, as you will see leaves are mulch.

I don’t pH and use shitty water.

I grow in a tent.

I jam pack that tent.

I don’t have a watering schedule. I would prefer every 2-3 days but I am gone a lot, so sometimes they go slightly under/over watered for my taste.

I do not run one strain or one type of plant structure. Big clone trees, small clones, seed plants…. I top, bend, break, LST, SCROG, SOG, supercrop, lollipop, leave it alone…. Everything goes, all mixed together in a beautiful mess.


I will do my best to dispel why I think many of these “wrongs” are not necessarily as wrong as some may believe. Ultimately this comes down to your goals, environment, constraints, etc. More to come on this and I welcome questions.


Things I do “right”:


I run a Gavita 400V 600W. Good lord this thing is impressive, Whazzup isn’t selling snake oil.

I run C02. I use a natural gas burner. Its very cheap, hard plumbed and no bottles to deal with.

I control my environment very well, though it can be a challenge at times of the year.

I understand organics and plants very well, though it’s a voyage I am always improving on. My goal is to always do what the plant tells me. Props when you can predict the future and react to it before it happens.

I preventatively treat for pest with organic methods that build more of a defense than anything.

Most importantly, I keep things very private and control for sweet, sweet, dank odors.


As my name might suggest, I am an organic freak. It is amazing what you can do with organics and careful tuning. It can be extremely low cost as you are working primarily with raw, cheap ingredients. Organic soil growing can be as low maintenance as it gets. This is my hobby and obsession. The amazingly potent, pungent, colorful and fragrant flowers are my reward.


I will elaborate on different aspects of my growing over time. Ask questions if you have them. This is my passion.


So there you have it. Lets see if we can hit 1GPW this run! Next post should have pictures if I pull it off right.


The Dude


Last Week




This Week



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Welcome to the boards! I am a lurker of sorts as well, and love the idea of being able to watch such beautiful things from far! Shine on sir




Ps Looks like you've got two green thumbs!

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Welcome. Awesome post.

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It will be interesting to watch you do your thing. :) 1 gram / watt done organically would be a great harvest

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Thanks for the welcome response everyone! I got a detailed soil PM earlier in addition to the responses above. As this is really the basis for my grow, I will put together a big update on the soil later today. I have to admit though, I don't exactly know what all is in it anymore. I just know it keeps getting better and better.


Maybe some strain info as well.


The Dude

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You described exactly what I do in the "things I do wrong" section. (Scratches head;)) With the exception being, I use a closet. Beautiful plants, by the way. :) Welcome to OpenGrow.

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I should probably write this one in installments. Organic growing is at the core of my cannabis research, with untold thousands of hours logged reading and learning.


I started with a pretty basic “super soil” mix made popular by the breeder Subcool. This goes something as follows:


8 large bags of high quality organic potting soil with coco and Mycorrhizae

25-50 lbs. of organic worm castings

5 lbs. of Blood meal 12-0-0

5 lbs. Bat guano 0-5-0

5 lbs. Fish Bone Meal 3-16-0

¾ cup Epsom salt

1 cup Sweet lime (Dolomite)

½ cup Azomite ( Trace element)

2 Tbs. powdered Humic acid


While this produced decent results, it wasn’t what I was looking for in a soil. This relies heavily on the traditional NPK mindset and is not a living soil. Using premium castings can help, but I still wasn’t sold on it. I found challenges in working with bad water in this soil. It also will run out of steam on anything that isn’t an 8-week indica (what the breeder mostly grows). It can work pretty decent if you pH your water or have good water.


I will write an entire reply on water at some point but I will let you in on a little secret. You are not worried about pH. You are worried about alkalinity, not to be confused with alkaline vs acidic.


I then started on a massive research project into organic soil. I will tell you, the guys out in Oregon and NorCal really understand this stuff and can provide you with information not in books. I do admit though that I read the first book in my adult life in this process: “Teaming with Microbes”. It’s a good read and will give you the fundamentals. If you really want to get deep, head over to the organics section at the Grasscity forum. There are other good forums for organic information as well.


After much research, trials and tribulation I am working with a soil I am pretty happy with. This soil is about 2 years old and my prized possession. I keep about 200 gallons on hand at any time with half of it in use and half of it cycling.


Whats in it? Whew, what isn’t.


Here is the basic ratio from the pros:


3 cu ft Potting Soil mix (i.e. Promix)

1 cu ft Aeration (i.e. perlite, rice hulls, etc)

1-1.5 cu Ft Organic Compost (Hummus source)

6-8 cups Rock Dust (i.e. Glacial rock dust, Basalt, Granite, etc)

6 cups nutrient mix (i.e. alfalfa meal, organic fish meal, organic fish bone meal, kelp meal, neem seed meal and crustacean meal)


As a reference, 1 cu ft is ~ 7 gallons. One thing you will find with organics is there is no need to be precise. 6 gallons, 8 gallons, whatever. You will soon find your hand is a calibrated measuring device for cups of amendments.


I found this to work very well, though I have continued to upgrade and improve it over time.


The organic compost is incredibly important. This is what brings the hummus source to your soil allowing robust life and most importantly for the grower – buffering. Do not skimp here. I am a cheap ass organic grower, but your compost source is not a place to go cheap. You want the best organic compost and/or worm castings you can find. Homemade can be the best, if done right. This hummus will provide you far more buffering capacity than liming agents.


I also found the 2 cups of nutrient mix per 1 cu ft of soil to be a little light, particularly on longer flowering strains if you don’t top dress or make teas. I now prefer something more like 3-4 cups per cu ft of soil.


It is important to properly cycle your soil. I like 2 months minimum. As long as you completely cycle the soil, its hard to over do it on amendments. This will allow the life in your soil to break down the organic amendments and make them usable to the plant. Using early can also cause a multitude of problems that wreak havoc on the root system. Some of these amendments are hot, literally, in the break down cycle. Using early will burn your roots, leaves and leave you with various “deficiencies” that are being driven by local pH issues in your soil root zone because it is not properly broken down.


So you heard it here. Your organic compost is key and let your mix cycle properly. Beyond that its hard to fuck up.


Things that are in my nutrient mix over time: alfalfa meal, kelp meal, flaxseed meal, cottonseed meal, organic fish meal, organic fish bone meal, neem and karanja seed meal, crustacean meal, guanos, chicken poo, feather meal.


Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter that much. I have my preferences, but a couple items on this list can do the job. Kelp would be my one go to ingredient. You can see that I tend to prefer primarily plant and sea based nutrients, but I am not a purist. On organic amendments, buy cheap. They are all the same. You are not paying for a fancy bottle. A 50lb bag from the feed store often cost the same amount as a 5lb box from the grow store. (I don't shop at grow stores)


I have also supplemented the glacial rock dust over time with multitude of “rocks”: Soft Rock Phosphate, SOP, Azomite, Aragonite, Gypsum, Green sand, Excelerite, dolomite lime. These only need supplemented in small amounts over time as they break down very slowly.


After I make a run, the soil goes back into the trash cans. I break up the root balls but only remove the trunk of the plant and the couple major roots attached. I mix in about 2-4 cups of amendments per cubic ft of soil and let it cycle for 2 months. I try to mix it atleast once or twice in that time frame to ensure the nutrients are well cycled and I don’t have local hot spots. After this time, the old roots are gone (they are now plant food). Rinse and repeat.


You may need to add aeration over time as your soil breaks down. You want a rich dark, fluffy soil. I have been guilty of running it too compact and now know that it hurts yield and can lead to other challenges. Its all by feel.


I was running the recommended 2 cups of amendment per cu ft for a while and kept running out of steam at the end of grows. I have since started to up this with better results. I expect that I will start backing off over time again as the soil builds up levels of organic goodness.


In organics, you are not feeding your plant NPK. You are making what the plant needs available in the soil. It will use what it needs (if available) at the right times. Even on a pretty hot mix your plant will naturally fade at the harvest window. Miraculously you can plant a new plant straight into that soil and it will be green as can be, though it may run out of steam at the end. You don't fertilize that tree in your backyard and it is still green and strong every year with the leaves yellowing in the fall. It takes what it needs from the soil.


I also top dress as needed and water with teas, but that information will follow.


This is just the tip of the iceberg on all of the science behind it which I will dig into over time.


Happy Growing!


The Dude

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Dude, this knowledge is much appreciated (and well written). We had a brief discussion here several days ago about composting and my horse manure. I also have chickens, but they're free range. My neighbor, however, has every breed known to man I think and I bet I can help myself to all the chicken poo I want. I will definitely use your advice and just want to say thank you!

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How about some Bud Porn? Here is a girl I would venture to say hasn't been seen on this site. Presenting Lemon G.







Also - its probably worth noting that my last tent photo shows the girls at an average of week 4, with some between week 3-5. There are some seed plants in the mix and a lot of 10+ week girls running. Lots of weight to pack on........

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I friggin love it dude! Im about to go to organics after going the entire month of jan with no nites at all except whats in ff happy frog and plants stayed green as hell. I was worried coco n organics dont mix, but I think Im gonna try some organics starting with the next grows...and man for someone that basically slams shit together n leaves it, you keep a great journal! And even when I was on proby I was on here n felt safe. Not so much with other sites. Small equals nobody pays attention..theyre watching the big sites plus most I see here grow for the love of it, not to make a fortune, so if one were to get messed with legally, thatd be real shitty cuz this isnt big ass for profit grows.. it could always happen,, but hell, a cop could knock on my door just because he got the address wrong on another call...anything can happen but its more likely to happen in your day to day life than here imo...nothings 100% but this is pretty damn safe...anyway glad to see a fellow dude that just throws leaves in soil n shit like me, and ph? Lol! F that...only thing i need is your co2, ya can def tell the difference! Welcome brutha!

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Welcome fellow farmer. I grow organic as well, using almost the same mix, and I also recycle the mix. I have been seeing the same deficiency with longer flowering strains and after reading your post I will increase my amendments. I am very sure I was not re-amending the used mix enough.


Anyone that uses rock dust should check out their local granite countertop shop. I walked away with 4 5-gallon buckets of granite dust for free. All I had to do was scoop it up myself and screen it to get rid of the chunks and bits of crap from the floor.

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Today's Post: Whats in my keeper stable.



Pre 98 bubba. She's momma, favorite girl in the stable all around. There is never a bad time for Bubba. She came to us labeled simply “BK” and what a surprise we were in for. Relentless research and confirmation by several people in the know tell us she is in fact Pre 98 Bubba Kush. It would be hard to argue otherwise. Worst case she is an impressive S1, how true she breeds would tell me otherwise. The flavor and quality of high is out of this world. Crystal clear strong euphoric buzz that satisfies from breakfast to lights out. Bubba makes everything better. Nuf said. Very slow vegging pure indica with almost no stretch, while being one of the most perfect happy plants you have ever seen. Not a great yielder without HUGE veg times. If you top her she stops growing for about 2 weeks, so excruciating. Pure head stash. 8 weeks and done. There is another window at 10. I have taken quantities of her from 8-10 weeks in 3 day increments and shocked myself when the 8 week was my favorite, consistently.


Anna by Whazzup. My rock star girl. Pure power with a clear head. Earthy hashy old school taste that grows on you. Not for amateurs, will put them out ASAP. Strongest girl in the stable. A rare pure indica that I love for the unique clarity it has, visuals and sounds are amazing. You can hear the ants walking a block away, close your eyes and let the show begin. This Heri dom skunk background pheno may not be what Whazzup was looking for in the strain, but it was our hands down keeper on multiple packs. Most phenos were a “boring” couchlock knock you out buzz which I believe was the intent for the strain, just not my cup of tea for 95% of situations. Incredible power throughout the phenos, but this one had the clarity I was looking for. 8 weeks and done. 10 weeks is interesting at second window, more power but no more yield. I will usually let her run out to 10 if there is time and room.


Lemon G. It fills that niche for taste. A regional clone legend that took years to acquire. After some running her and relentless research has pointed me to one clear source for this girl – Reeferman’s Love Potion #1. This is the exact cut that was used to make the new award winning Electric Lemon G by TH seeds. It is nearly pure sativa with an intense lemon/lime flavor (not just smell) like none other. It makes Extrema (a great tasting pot) taste like bag seed. It is clearly a LP#1 that was a ridiculous standout for flavor. Don’t so much as brush up on her if you plan on leaving the house. Incredibly loud flavor and taste with slight skunk undertones. That is why she has made it decades in the region. Easy to build tolerance. Daytime for great flavor and awake buzz, pure motivating sativa. Unfortunately she does have a ceiling which breaks my heart. With that said you can get pretty tweaked out on this sativa and she is NOT good for anyone with anxiety issues. Like to mix her 50/50 with kush for the flavor of the lemon and kick of the kush. I will be starting a breeding project with her and a bubba kush dom bubba cross soon (KO Kush male, Bubba x Anna, or Bubba x KO Kush). I am hoping to make a crazy tasty powerful kushy lemon hybrid or kush or both, which may take a few generations and some luck on the males. I also recently knocked her up with a mix of pollen from 3 Esko Sour D x BB males, hoping for an interesting flavor bomb poly hybrid. Take her 10 weeks and she's worth it. 11-12 for the head. She is never really “done” IMO.


Cheese Quake (Subcool). Great taste, power and head. Hybrid pheno with good stretch and strong hybrid buzz, clear head. Tasty, greasy mouth, with thick smoke. Cheesy and something else I haven’t been able to put my finger on, greasy diesel fuel-ish. Not super loud on smell in flower for a flavorful cheese strain which is a plus. 8 weeks and done.


Cheeseberry haze (Esko). Blueberry cheese pheno, no haze. Great taste and head, hybrid pheno with hybrid buzz. Daytime and can jitter you up, good power for my daytime stable. Better all around than Blue Dream who was retired because of this girl. Grows fairly compact with limited stretch and dense tight buds. 8 weeks and done, a very fast CBH.


Holy princess (Esko). Amazing taste of red fruit and pineapple. C99 in her history. Short flowering sativa dom genetically but great down the middle high with average power, calming buzz. Flavor queen of the stable with Lemon G. A favorite of amateurs. This pheno grows very kushy (golf ball nugs) with limited stretch. 8 weeks or less and done.


Nuke. Bubbas baby. I didn’t breed her but she is rumored to be the keeper from the third generation of a Pre98 Bubba x Sweet Hawaiian Indica project. Improved vigor and stretch. Better yield and power than Bubba. She is very narcotic and taste like Bubba. Bubba has her beat on quality of taste and high though. No slacker by any stretch. One of the best producers for the quality. 8 weeks and done. It is a shame that she came to me with the mosaic virus. I haven’t been able to beat it, but keeping her packed full of N and Ca seem to minimize and potential effects.


JBK (Sannie Freebie - Jack Berry x KO Kush). Has Bubba in her history with DJ short BB indica and Jack Herer. Strongest indica effects in the stable, none of her sativa jeans show, all tasty kush. To me it’s a KO kush with some unexpected flavor from the BB that does not come across as pure BB. Dense, Dense kush nuggets that are frosted to the max and easily purple on the undersides (leaves mostly) without cold temps. Great taste of fuel and blueberry / blue cheese / Grape. This is great tasting dope. Lights out for me and cloudy buzz, serious couch lock. My only lights out keeper as I prefer a clear head, even on indica. I have read every grow published on this strain with very mixed results, we got lucky again. I haven’t seen our pheno posted elsewhere. A #2 favorite behind Bubba to a close indica head of mine. 8 weeks or less.


Extrema (Sannie). Chem DD crossed with Heri for more power. Great chem lime skunk taste. Indica dom with good power. Big stretch for an indica, like Nuke. Cranks. Buzz is strong indica with some head to keep you going. Not super clear but let's you zone in or focus on basic tasks. My girl’s all around fav. If you have smoked Extrema, you now know she is a pot head. I love it for fishing or hiking, long buzz. First window around 8ish by pheno. Awesome at 10. My first pheno was VERY Chem DD leaning. The stretch was almost unmanageable and she didn’t seem genetically “perfect”. I have a second bean running now that looks more typical Chem DD dom with Heri influence.


Woody haze. Dumpster x SSH, another regional girl who is the child of Dumpster, another regional girl. Cranker with massive sweet taste and bag appeal. Lacking on power for the looks but great buzz quality for daytime, euphoric. Great for a drive. One of the most genetically happy plants you will see. A bit slow in Veg but really packs on in flower. 8 weeks and done.


Krondike. My own creation named by a friend. Bubba x Anna. All phenos are great, very stable line. Best ones are dense, frosty and tasty. Favorite is frosted to max with kushy fruity coffee chocolate thick taste, big power to match. Pure indica but keeps the clear head of the Bubba and Anna on most phenos with plenty of power. Perfect blended cross of the two in all ways… power, taste, and quality. Slow veger that is short and heavyyy, runs 8-10 weeks by pheno. These two seemed like a match made in heaven and they were, my best personal cross hands down. Have run a handful of beans that were all consistent and stable but was just testing so haven’t cloned yet (kicking myself on a couple already). Need to do a selection run for a clone cut.


We also just picked up a cut of Silver Pearl. Having smoked this pheno its likely going to stick around. Flowering time rumored to be as low as 45 days on this strain but not sure how long this pheno runs as it came from a friend of a friend.


I really want to cut my number of keepers down, but its tough as they are so unique in their own way with quality to match. Being a pot snob is a bitch. I don’t smoke to get “high”. I grab the jar that is going to give me what I am looking for at the moment… up, down, sideways, pain, sleep, awake, tasty, chill, cloudy, clear, euphoric, tweaker… I would put any of them up against anything anyone pulled out in front of me. You know the routine, go to a gathering, someone pulls out a bag. You look from 5 feet away, sigh, reach into your pocket and say here lets just smoke this. If I am packing the wrong girl, party over lol. I call these social experiments. Take a known spliff and make bets with myself on what it will do to the crowd.


I really have to say that Sannie and crew genetics are pretty incredible. Just like my soil research, I looked long and hard before settling in on a breeder. The right pheno of most of Sannie and crew products will easily stand up against very good clone only cuts, and you don’t need 10 packs to find it. I have already dropped several “legendary” clone only cuts.


I will start a thread at some point in the smoke reports section and do detailed, formatted smoke reports on all of these with finished product pictures.


Next Post: What’s in the tent right now. Most of the girls above and some new seeds… more decisions to make. Of course they are all backed up, sigh.


The Dude

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Loving this thread man, great detailed descriptions of everything.

And you really do have some sweet ladies in the stable

Keep it up brother, I can tell this show is just going to get better and better

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