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Your favorite bulb for digital ballasts?

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Hello good people of open grow! This will be my first real post here at OG, but hey we all start at zero, right? I've been lurking for a while and this is the first time I haven't been able to find what I need here! Shout outs to mr.dirt, randude, saxo, green angel, and of course our loving gods sannie, e$ko, and professor p.

Let me preface with the fact that quality is allways more important to me than yield for I suffer terrible insomnia with bouts lasting 10+ days but have found much relief through our beloved plant, anyways on to my question.

I would like to get some feedback on what you guys are using. Currently I'm running 1X1000w Solistek digital ballast with 1000w eye hortilux super hps and have had good results but, I am looking to aquire 2 more Solistek ballasts and upgrade overall. I have a 15000 btu AC and 6 inch ventilation so cooling is down I just need help with bulbs. I know I want a 1000w hortilux super blue mh in the middle of my flower room and parallel with the floor plus 1000 watts of hps on either side at a 45* angle. Question is what hps bulbs should I use. Digilux? Sunpulse mh? What would you use? I'm open too all suggestions.

Thanks for listening to my stoned ramblings I'll have to post a tutorial for my amber glass!

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AGrosun, they rock. I've run Digilux 600's, fancy and bright, but the Agrosun 600 finishes crops a full week earlier or more. My Kali Mist ran 13-14 weeks with the Digilux, Philips, and a few other bulbs I can't recall. The same seed stock just finished in 10-12 under the Agrosun, and the flowers are bigger, just like they claim in their ads.


I began 7 years ago with Agrosun 430, and that bulb matched yields with my 600's. Digilux was the hot kid on the block, just like Quantum ballasts, and I had both crap out in under a year. Never a hiccup with my Lumatek and Agrosuns, actually, think I've got my ordinal 430 in my bulb box, that still runs my garden seedlings each spring.


So I went round the world with hot shot bulbs, came back to Agrosun, and am staying. I've read a comparison to Hortalux/Agrosun, that was very close. Just proves it ain't all about lumens, as the Agrosun's are the only bulbs I've tried that show obvious better results over other 600's IMO

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