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Pineapple Fields Grow Report

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Dynasty Seeds

Genetic Background: Kali Snapple x Ms. Universe #10


3 plants: 2 were likely variants of “pheno A.” Avid readers of my grow report would know these two as PF1, the Bear Paw, and PF3, the big one.

The third plant was almost certainly pheno D.


Pheno A


The two pheno A plants differed in maturation time by about a week and a half and by bud density. The Bear Paw was fast, but with airy buds. The other plant had denser buds and stronger stems.


Potency: 9 out of 10


Buzz description: This is an almost-all-in-the-head sativa. Starting from not buzzed at all (not having smoked in almost 24 hours), three one-hitters ripped me pretty well, and I was noticeably buzzed more than three hours later. There is essentially no body buzz, but there is a stony element to it. I can’t tell you if there’s a ceiling, because I just have not been inclined to smoke enough to find out.


You can be fully functional on small quantities of this, though I don’t recommend taking a calculus test after a smoking session. Excellent for social situations, not a good sleep aid.


Scent: No number can capture this. How about A-fucking-mazing? OK, 10.


Esko made me a total fucking snob when it comes to scent. This stuff is worthy of a total fucking snob. The single strongest scent might be pineapple, but it’s heavily modified with citrus, vanilla and maybe even a butterscotch-like element to it. Very sweet. The Bear’s Paw also has a touch of earthiness. Every time I smell it, I notice something new. There are strains that smell more like pineapple than this – including Lollypop and Chucky’s Bride.


Bud Density: 5 – 7


The Bear Paw had very airy buds that I’d give a 5 out of ten. The other plant I would give a 7 out of 10. While I love nice, hard, tight buds, the fact is that my favorite sativas don’t grow that way.


Overall Score: 9, this is among my all-time favorite strains. The Bear Paw will be retired, but PF3 will appear in my next grow, and probably many after that. I’m also going to pop the other 5 seeds to see if I can find a Roadkill Skunk pheno (pheno B )and the elusive pheno C.


Pheno D – The pineapple juice pheno.


This plant was PF2 in my grow report. It was a very well-behaved, little single cola plant that would do well in a SOG. The scent in the jar, after about 5 weeks of cure, is deep fruit. Mixed dried fruits, including pineapple, of course, but mostly other stuff, like raisins, prunes, dates and figs.


Potency: 8 or 8.5 out of 10.


It feels like a strong 50/50 hybrid, just a little to the sativa side. I was a little unfair to this plant when I first smoked it, because I was really excited about having a nice, high-flying sativa after several months of not having one. This was the first PF to mature, and it wasn’t what I was looking for. Now I’m thinking it might be a good plant to have around. Very relaxing, no paranoia, no couchlock, but you know you are STONED. It is a good sleep aid, in that it calms you and doesn’t cause a lot of monkey-mind.


Scent: 9 out of 10, described above.


Bud Density: 8, I’ve had denser, but not much. Most people would be very satisfied. General bag appeal is very high.


Overall score: 8. I’m keeping this pheno for the time being. When I first tried it I wasn’t impressed in the least, and it’s grown a lot in my estimation. If grown in SOG, it could yield well, but on a per plant basis, the yield is small. Who knows? in another month, I might be deeply impressed with it.


Now onward to find those other two phenos.


So obviously I recommend this strain, if you like this kind of sativa. The price might turn some people away, but if Pineapple Diesel has a pheno like pheno A, do yourself a favor and get a pack.



EDIT: Obviously this is a SMOKE Report, and not a GROW Report. Fucking Pineapple Fields will do that to you.

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Lol! At least ya got the strain correct, but if that was my post id have about ten members bitchin cuz I didnt post pics...just sayin...

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Hmm... maybe I should take some. It will have to be flash. Too bad I can't send out a scratch and sniff sample of pheno A.

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OK, since some (one) of you just had to nag the shit out of me, I'll post a few bud pics. I'll take some more with an actual tripod so you can get a better view of the frost. Eventually.


These are a few random buds from the Bear Paw, which I think is pheno A.



This next pic is the other plant I assume is pheno A (PF3), similar in most respects, except bud density.



These are some pheno D buds:



BTW, this was one of the EASIEST plants to trim that EVER EXISTED. Don't tell me about an easy trim plant you had, because I REFUSE TO HEAR ABOUT IT!! These were easier!

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