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Hemps neverending coco grow

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im about to start a new coco grow in a few days ,so i decided to make a grow report (once again)

but this time here on OG, coz i really like this place hehe.

Thats my setup:


1,5x1,5m Growbox

430/800m³ exhaust runnin at ~200m³ (lol)

600W HPS

Plagron coco straight from the bag

6,5 or 7L pots

and canna coco nutrients


this time i will grow following strains

2 sugar punch phenos (clones)

2 power plant phenos from spliff seeds (clones)

dansk diesel (clones)

afghan seedling from spliffs seeds

ak seedling from spliff seeds

super bud seedling from greenhouse

master kush seedling from spliff seeds


lets hope the spliff seeds seedlings will become females since those are regulars, but if i get a male i wouldnt be

mad at all since its quite a while i had a male plant and a few own seeds would be nice.


i think thats all for now and pics will follow soon


cya ;)

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Good luck! Nice strain variety. Looking forward to budding time. Got 3 SPs in flo right now. Hope you enjoy your fruits :)

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sounds like a good mix of genetics. still need to try that sugar punch. I'll be watching and good luck on your grow....

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here comes my first pic update

i know i took me a while to take the pics but at least theres more to see now hehe

lets start with a group shot


and thats my master kush, its a healthy and fast growing female :jump:




last but not least, the sugar punch (pheno #2)




So far there are no complications this grow, the only bummer is that the AK and the Afghan became males :thumbsdown:

its not 100% sure they are male, but seeing the preflowers it seems they are male , and im 90% sure they are.

well, its not a problem tho because i will cross the ak with my sugar punch and dansk diesel (propably will do the same with the afghan) and im already excited bout their offspring hehe


the next update wont take as long as this one did ;)

keep it green

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Im back with my grow report and some new strains ;)


Im sorry i didnt finish the last grow but i had no internet for a few months and when i finally got online again (at home)

the grow was already long done, and i had no motivation to start a new report :P

many grows later i decided to continue this topic, mainly because of Silverfields since i hardly could find any good infos and pics on this one.


Sooo lets start with the strains im runnin atm;


Siverfields, 2 phenos

Sugar Punch

Psychedelic Amnesia (Earth Seeds)

AK (Spliff Seeds)

Power Plant (Spliff Seeds)

Killa Koosh freebie from Sannie


All grown with canna coco nutrients+boost+molasses+enzymes in plagron coco substrate.


Today is week 5 (day 35) of bloom, lets see whats goin on in there :D


Sugar Punch


sugarp Bud

sugarp Big

Silverfields pheno 2, i guess she needs 1-2 weeks longer than pheno 1


Silverfields Pheno 1 bud

Sf1 Bud

Psychedelic Amnesia, shes a real sativa will flower for at least 12-13 weeks



Power Plant , shes gettin some nice fat buds


Heres some male flowers i found on the Killa Koosh freebie, thats not good, and i hope she hasnt polinated anything yet :/


And thats the AK, propably the strongest strain i have in my garden but the yield is really bad :(

Havent tried Silverfields yet, so maybe there will be a new king :D




Edit: its the same AK i mentioned in the first post btw :P (but another power plant and sugar punch)

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Hi there hemp

Nice grow bro

Interested in the psyh amnesia when that's ready smoke report please

I've grown sp before she's a killer great smoke

Never did ak before must try

Silver fields is scheduled for the next grow I hear great things about her

Good luck and welcome back hemp


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Thx papalag

except the silverfields and the killa koosh i have already grown the other strains ;) but i will wait with the smoke report on the Psychedelic Amnesia since its quite long ago ive grown her.

Not because i dont like smokin her, but because she needs so long to finish and is a beast when it comes to the stretch :/


Anyways here some more Silverfields pics


Silverfields 1:


SF1 1

SF1 2


And Silverfields 2:

SF2 1

SF2 Bud

SF2 bud2

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gallery_8724_5643_3032050.jpggallery_8724_5643_3569935.jpggallery_8724_5643_2611659.jpg<a href='https://www.opengrow.com/gallery/image/182101-sf1-2/'><img src='https://www.opengrow.com/uploads/gallery/album_5643/gallery_8724_5643_2570147.jpg' alt='SF1 2' /></a>gallery_8724_5643_2624362.jpg

Nice plants, Hemp. It appears you enjoy the more Sativa side of things. (maybe missed it) Who was the breeder of the "AK" you have?

Thanks for sharing.



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Thx @ agreenpassion


Its not like im such a big sativa fan, its just this round that i picked mostly sativas because i was goin to grow silverfields and i knew they will stretch quite a bit in flower, so i picked the strains that can keep up with them ;)


The AK comes from Spliff Seeds.

Those are cheap dutch tourist seeds that i discovered when i was in amsterdam.

I dont know what to think about this seed company , but i have grown a few of their strains and mostly the outcome was just fine.


btw. could you tell me how to post pictures like you did?

so they will fill the whole site and not just a small thumbnail


greetings hemp

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wow over sugarpunched... top right side of the screen under the dropdown menu from ur profile name select ur version of "gallery" inda galleree select a picture you wanna show go to the right middle side of screen... aal the lines of letter# in rectangular boxes top one now is BBC code- select so the whole thing highlittted copy blaw lawlas pasteinto topic post-- when ya post it should look like a pic not just the code.


Sry man. I get it I try to run simalar stuff together too times makes it bit more manageable and works a charm wink

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Thx dude, i will try to post the next pics i upload like that ,i think it looks much better than the thumbnails :D


and you dont have to be sorry mate, seeing my strain choices one could think im a sativa guy, but i like weed in general haha


But to be honest a few days ago i realized i have got almost no real indicas , my White Star (WW x Chronic) is the closest thing to an indica.

Well i guess i gotta get some new seeds for christmas :D (and i think one new strain will be Domina Star, got an eye on this one since some time)

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nice looking grow Hemp..


somehow I have missed this..


I am not a sativa fan either but I am going to have to grow some for my jars..who knows..i may like it..lol


take sare ,b safe and enjoy

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Cześć Hemp! Ładne roślinki... :)

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@bigun you may missed it because this thread was dead for like 2 years hehe


@Damar Dzieki B)


here we go with another update :D

Today is day 43 and it looks nice so far


thats the sugar punch,seems like it will be done in 8-9 weeks, thats pretty fast ive grown this clone twice already

but it always took between 9-10 weeks, maybe its the boost+molasses im using that combo for the 1st time (and boost in general)




Thats the silverfields, i guess it will be done at 9-10 weeks nice smells so far, but i will wait with the description when its done

coz the smell often changes during flower^^




And we go on with the powerplant

Its bulking up and it wont take long till i can harvest her,would say like 2 weeks left :D




Last but not least the psychedelic amnesia, nice long colas and they begin to fill

I did some research on amnesia haze and kali mist since i have never grown them and after comparing their pics

on seedfinder i think my PA is leaning more towards the kali mist (long thick pistils)




greetings hemp

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some fresh pics i made just before the lamp went on :D


1st some silverfields

got already some milky trichromes when i checked her, would say she will be done around 9 weeks




Thats the other SF pheno, all trichs clear so far and the buds are not as bulky as the other SF




Thats sugar punch, trichs are still clear, but i expect them to turn cloudy soon ^^






This is the Ak, the trichs are still clear with single cloudy ones here and there,but my experience with the ak showed me

the potency on this one is higher when harvested earlier ;)






The psychedelic amnesia still needs a few weeks, didnt even check the trichs yet because its pointless haha

the buds are really long but they wont fill up completely, they just get more chunky hehe




and at the end i will add a pic of the whole mess



greetings hemp

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what a great thread !!

that SP looks s if the resin is going to start running off the plant. :dribble:


the others are beautiful also.


enjoy and take care

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thx @bigun


bad news, today night when i was sleeping peacefully, one of the rubber holdings broke and my air filter fell down on the plants

but even worse, the filter got disconnected from the exhaust fan and the whole street smelt like shit, you could smell it 30m away xD

realized it when i was walking my dog today morning

lets hope everything will be fine, and i hope the plants wont hermie because they got like 2-3min of light when i had to open the tent :(

(from what i saw 2 silverfields and at least 1 ak got damaged)



checked the plants and "only" 2 silverfields got some broken branches so far, i fixed some branches already but gonna fix a few more tomorrow ^^

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its the 8th week now so its time to harvest

i took a few pics right before i cut them down all harvested at 58-60 days bloom


The power plant was the 1st one to be harvested, she has a fresh smell mixed with a sweet onion note

It reminds me of the hawaiian snow i once had, but the hawaiian had a more pronounced sweet roasted onios smell

here some pics of the powerplant;






And a harvested pp bud in the sun :D




After i was done with the powerplants it was time to harvest the AKs :D

Its one of my strongest strains and i could let her go for 9 weeks but she has a trippy high when harvsted earlier which i prefer on this one.

Her smell is spicy and complex with a slight bubblegum sweetness in the background, not one of my favourite smells but strong weed^^

here we go with the Ak;







Thats all for today but soon its time for sugar punch and silver fields :D


greetings hemp

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Once again, after a long break, I'm back :)

Many grows later I decided its time to continue my grow report 

There's not much to see right now, but I guess I will flip them on 12/12 tomorrow so you can expect some buds in the near future hehe

The Hardware is still the same but with some new strains

The strains I've got are:

S. A. D. S1 (2 phenos) 

Gorilla Glue S1

Gorilla Girl (2 phenos) 

Silverfields (2 phenos) 

White Star

White Psycho (my own cross) 

Psycho Killer (own cross, white psychos dad) 

White Siberian

Dansk Diesel

Edit: Forgot to mention San Fernando Lemon Kush 

This grow will be a mess with so many different strains so lean back and enjoy :)

The next update will be in 1 or 2 weeks as soon as some buds begin to form 



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3 hours ago, Papalag said:

Hay dude long time welcome back 


Yea took a while hehe

For some time I had no Internet access (once again...) and when I got back online I was lacking the motivation to continue , but as the title says,  it's never ending :D (let's hope all the best lol)

Today is the first day of 12/12 btw :)


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Today is the 1st week of 12/12 

Moved some of the taller plants to the back and to the sides

not much happening in the bud department yet but in 1 or 2 weeks it will look better I guess ;)

Have a nice week and cya @  next update 


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