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Hemps neverending coco grow

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Time for the few remaining harvest updates. 

Here we see a White Star plant

It's a bushy plant with a good yield. 

The potency is rather medium but the smell ist a sweet blueberry/strawberry/apple (depends on the grow which fruit) smell to it, very tasty. High is a max of body and head. 

But it's most remarkable attribute is the fact that everyones likes to smoke her. Doesn't matter if you're an haze, kush or whatever fan, everyone says she's OK. 





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Here we see some white psycho. 

It has nice dense buds with a nice crystal coverage and a soft sweet floral honey smell. 

Potency is OK with a mixed body/head high. 





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And the last one, the Dansk Diesel. 

One of my favourites, don't like the earthy taste but its potent and has a nice positive high. 

And the smell is insanely strong when dried. Gotta be carefull when using public transport hehe

It likes to throw some bananas late in bloom but they are sterile so not much to be afraid of, can be a pain in the a** when harvesting tho 



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Here's a pic of a few new strain I got myself to add some diversity to my garden hehe

Of course I had to make use of sannie's Christmas offer and got some Herijuana and Killing fields f6 regulars. 

The Heri and KF packs had both more than 10 seeds (KF 11, Heri 12), is this normally the case? 

Also 3 of the heri seeds were pretty small and all 3 were cracked open (and one bc freebie) :(

I try to germinate them but I don't think they will make it :((

Nevertheless im happy with what I got from sannie, the Heri and KF are already too long on my to-Grow-list and I'm really excited about them :)

I already germinated the Red mandarines but 2 of them were eaten by some freaking fungus gnat larvae, not cool:angry:


Cya and take care






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Got myself Herijuana and Sannies Jack from the same offer :) even though I don’t have the room for them for months!!  

I have a bad track record keeping seeds viable, yet still couldn’t help myself lol! 

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