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Legaltoker 2014

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I enjoy pictures of trees and this garden looks very well. The one with the praying mantis is one of my favourites.

Some gardeners friends look like aliens.Fascinating insect. Hope you got more of them and others to keep the garden green and healthy.



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Hey everyone, i hope everyones garden is going well. Pictures were taken today, I am now getting my dry and cure setup ready. Its almost time!



Durganchitral, the trellis behind it is 12ft tall.



another of durgan



another of durgan



and another durgan



Purple Diesel, turning out to be pretty good. its really dense and smell of skunky, sweet skittles.



Fruity Chronic Juice



FCJ again



The Chucky Bride sisters




one half of Chucky Bride tops



the other half of Chucky Bride tops



chucky again


a close up of CB flower



a side garden shot, theres Chucky Bride, Skunk #1, Purple Erkle, GSC and a purple diesel under/in the white net.



Rocky Mountain High, peeking out from the side of the big durgan.




There was a tragedy in the garden about a week ago. I noticed that the sannies jack was constantly yellowing and showing loss of vigor no matter i did. I looked further and found a soft spot on the base of the trunk/stem. It turned out to be crown rot which i have never experienced before, it was so very disappointing. I ate two edible's to calm me down lol and then proceeded to chop her down. It was sad to see months of hardwork go down the drain....on a positive note the durganchitral seems to be enjoying the extra space and sunlight.

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