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How To Quote

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Many postings to Opengrow are "followups" of existing articles. People often include some or all of the text from the article they are replying to in order to provide context to the reader. There are a variety of styles in which one can do this - for example one could put new text before or after quoted text, or interleaved with it.


Some of those styles are better than others. This topic aims to describe what the best style is, and to explain why it is felt to be best. Posters should use this best style and avoid inferior ones.


It's a fundamental assumption of Opengrow that the reader's time is very much more important than the writer's: in other words, if the writer can spend a few extra seconds to save a small amount of effort on the part of the reader, then that is time well spent. The justification for this assumption is that there are many readers but (for each post) only one writer, so any saving on the part of the reader is multiplied up.


  • Preserve only the quoted text that is relevant to the reply, and delete the rest
  • Don`t quote the previous message, the reader assumes you react on that message
  • Always keep the reader in mind whenever you quote


Moderators spend a lot of their available time in removing inferior quotes, try to save their precious time by correct quoting.




Op en aanmerkingen, alswel als verbeteringen aan bovenstaande tekst zijn meer dan welkom,

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