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How could I get feedback from Edibles Bakers

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Hi everyone!


I would be grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction.


I'm currently in grad school and an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to design something that would be useful, improve the way things are done and provide value bakers and patients.


I was wondering if you all know of any forums or sites where I could meet bakers that sell their medicinal edibles to products to learn more about how the industry works. My goal is to do research from the perspective of the bakers and learn about how bakers sell their edibles right now--the challenges of baking, how the ecosystem works (relationship with growers and dispensaries), what is liked about it and how we could make it better. I am planning on paying the bakers for their sharing time.


I am also wondering if there any forums or sites where I could get feedback on new ideas for how bakers could sell their edibles? I am also planning on paying the bakers for their sharing time and feedback,


The concept I'm currently working on:

-focuses on helping patients consume the right edible and dosage for their body and desired effect

-is a marketplace for bakers to sell their products under their own brand at their set price to patients (kind of like Etsy)


Thank you so much and I would sincerely appreciate any thoughts, feedback, criticisms, or questions!




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Ditch edibles and go after tinctures and topical spray/ointments. Way easier to nail down dosages because when food is involved many other functions get involved...like metabolism, many reasons for loss of appetite (you can't eat if you can't eat).


Especially for cancer patients with hope for recovery. Feeding cancer-cells high fat is like turbo boosting cancer-cell reproduction and counter-productive to all other treatments involved.


With tinctures you need cannabis, alcohol or glycerin, heat, time and patience so less resources and people involved which helps cut costs significantly.


Purely my opinion, I just see edibles in a different light after having to treat my mother last year for her terminal illness.


All the best,


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