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Seeking to design a way to know how much edible to eat

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Hi everyone!


I would be grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction.


I'm currently in grad school and an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to design something that would be useful, improve the way things are done and provide value bakers and patients.


I was wondering if you all know of any forums or sites where I could meet bakers that sell their medicinal edibles to products to learn more about how the industry works. My goal is to do research from the perspective of the bakers and learn about how bakers sell their edibles right now--the challenges of baking, how the ecosystem works (relationship with growers and dispensaries), what is liked about it and how we could make it better. I am planning on paying the bakers for their sharing time.


I am also wondering if there any forums or sites where I could get feedback on new ideas for how bakers could sell their edibles? I am also planning on paying the bakers for their sharing time and feedback,


The concept I'm currently working on:

-focuses on helping patients consume the right edible and dosage for their body and desired effect

-is a marketplace for bakers to sell their products under their own brand at their set price to patients (kind of like Etsy)


Thank you so much and I would sincerely appreciate any thoughts, feedback, criticisms, or questions!




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Your trying to make sense of a market that is not accustomed to making sense.


For a grad student, this place has the sort of information that may get you going.




They work in concentrating and separating pure medical grade components for medical research and use.




As for us, uhh, gardeners yeah that's what we are. I can tell you from experience some of the things about eating it that you wont get elsewhere.


First of all the dosage.


Roughly 5 to 7 times what you would smoke, whatever that is.


And that's just the beginning.


When your eating it, your consuming all of it over a period of hours, and wasting none. By the time it hits you your far beyond the ability to hit the toilet and save yourself the trip if you know what I mean. This is what makes "medibles" dangerous as a business and in general.


When you smoke it; you are inhaling a bit of the stuff in your bong and some of that sticks to the sides. Of that some of it gets into your blood stream with the air your supposed to be using your lungs for. The rest is run up the tube as your lungs clean up your mess and discarded. Very little of it actually gets consumed by vaping or smoking compared to eating it. The problem is to hit a threshold where its working, you have to consume enough for the 7 hours your digestion takes to absorb it and be ready for a ride.




The effects of orally consumed marijuana take an hour or so to set in, and this is where people get themselves in trouble. They eat some, wait ten minutes, barely feel it and eat more. Next thing you know a reporter is laying next to a candy wrapper in Colorado tripping her nuts off.


And it gets even better.


Marijuana is not a one molecule pony. There is far more than THC going on there, and more than one form of that. The tolerance curve is allot like tobacco, leaving first time users particularly vulnerable to an exaggerated experience.


This experience is compounded where people are eating it.




And believe me I have found a great deal more than THC going on in there...



And I've looked way in

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It truly is Robo. I've used it for everything from heart ache to space flight.

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Due to the legally grey area medibles occupy the business arena that has sprung up around the industry has a real wild west vibe to it. Classic big business won't touch medical cannabis with a ten foot pole due to the unsure legal footing they would be setting up shop upon. The sort of business community that grows around producing and dispensing medibles varies considerably from one state to the next since the laws and regulations governing these businesses can vary greatly depending on which imaginary line you happen to be standing behind.


For instance in NM where the laws are more stringent than most places. small non-profit dispensaries are responsible for being one stop shops for the entire medical cannabis chain of production from seed to sale. In other words in NM the grower, breeder, trimmer, hash maker, baker and salesman are one in the same. We don't have separate businesses that specialize in just part of the production chain. In NM there is simply no way that a baker could set up a shop to make and sell medical edibles unless they were to create a non-profit organization, petition and or bribe local officials for a coveted and extremely rare dispensary permit, and then go about building a highly secure grow facility for the cultivation, testing and processing the cannabis they were going to bake with.


This regulatory environment led to very limited availability of medibles in this state particularly during the early years after medical cannabis was first legalized. Many dispensaries simply did not wish to deal with adding the regulatory and logistical nightmare of food production to their already complex set ups. This situation has gradually improved as the dispensaries have become better established and earned the resources needed to expand their services. I imagine this is quite a different business environment than you might find in another state such as CA where regulations are not so limiting.


I would suggest that since each state will present a unique business and regulatory environment that you might want to narrow your focus to just a few of the less restricted states which have had medical cannabis on the books for a relatively long time.


As for a general problem patients tend to have with medibles, I think many would agree that controlling the dosage is often a problem. I'm not sure if this is true of everywhere, but I know that here we often do not get any reliable estimate on the actual dose of cannabinoids in each edible. Often edibles will be sold with no more dosage indication than "single dose" or "double dose" stamped on them. Where as one of these single dose cookies might be perfect for a gram a day medical cannabis user to go about their daily routine, a gram a week user might end up completely incapacitated to the point that they can't even walk strait when trying to get to the bathroom to vomit from the vertigo. A cannabis overdose is never life threatening since it is inherently such a non-toxic drug but it certainly can be extremely disabling and unpleasant.


Even if you do manage to find a medible with accurate cannabiniod dosage information on it, more likely than not it will not be something you can easily divide up into properly sized doses for yourself if it is too strong. Cookies and brownies are good examples of common edibles where this is hard to do. Take for instance a cookie that has 5 times the dose you were looking to take. To properly dose yourself you will need to divide this cookie into 5 exactly equally sized pieces which usually doesn't work out very well. Some edibles such as segmented chocolate bars are much better at addressing this issue since the whole bar is designed to be broken into smaller roughly equal segments for better control of how much you are taking.


Hopefully we have some professional medical cannabis providers who can give you better information than this. I am a personal medical grower and user so my knowledge is rather limited.

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