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Man that is just too neat. Are you sure you smoke weed? Can't wait to follow along on this, looks promising already with no plants in there.

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Admittedly, I was upset that this little rig had to come down :(


I left the photos up in case anybody wanted to model this room.


The area was 6m x 3m.

Over the top was 2x Dimlux DE 1000w fixtures and 4x Dimlux 600w 400v SE's in large Adjustawing Avengers on a light mover.


(2x 600's,DE,2x 600's,DE) with the DE's being fixed.


The garden beds were 1.2m x 1.2m in 4x sets (3x you can see in the photos)


The blue plastic covers were to cook the mix which was made of coco coir, Azomite powder, Bac Bio Pellets, worm castings and Great White Shark Beneficial Bacteria & Fungi.


Alternating feed between Bac Organic Nutrients and EWC Tea.


SOG style with 16x per 1.2sqm.


The part that hurt the most was not destroying the room, but thinking of how many suffering people would now miss out on the oil this room could have produced.


I will recreate this room again one day... one day ;)



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