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Monsanto owns General Hydroponics? WTF?

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Yes it is like slamming at pharma company but in this case it is not correct to think they saved your life.


If you believe their way is the only way to achieve those goals, you are not correct. It is more about stealing control of a market rather than the aspects for which I describe which is the pat on the back aspect I speak about in my previous post. Do you realize the economics around these kinds of things? How it affects the economics of all involved? Fancy papers often do not equate to reality.


If you think any of this about helping the world. Keep on drinking coke or koolaid. It is about money.

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Statistics are worthless. Pessimism is worthless.


Self sufficiency is rather simple when it comes to producing your own food. I grew up on a bit less than 1 acre in the very rural Midwest, family of 6. There was never an issue growing pest free produce, fruits, seeds, grains, also plenty of poultry and goat milk to go around. In fact, we donated a large portion of our harvests regularly because of how bountiful our plot of land was. It took proper planning, effort, knowledge, and the will to to work the land. I lived this for almost 18 years, it's not as far fetched as some people may think.


There is way too much doubt in doing things naturally. The widespread lack of knowledge on realistic, natural/harmless/symbiotic solutions to problems in agriculture is sickening and pathetic. Spraying Roundup on everything is not the answer.

The answers are out there, people just don't want to look or learn because it requires too much effort and you can't just buy it in a pretty package off the store shelf.



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