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Oldschoolsg's Garden

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What’s up guys :) 

starting to look and smell like fall in there




bluecookies x snowqueen 





silverfields f2



honeybadgerhaze x bubbalemon 





honeybadgerhaze x silverfields 


closet left silverfields f2 from tall girl and right another bluecookies x snowqueen 








take it easy my friends! 


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Looking good and a nice variety. :tu

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On the tall silverfields f2 in the closet I had to break some necks for height reasons in the beginning of flower. 

It is quite interesting to see that the buds from bent/“broken” branches ended up 200-250% bigger than the others.

heard in the past about the benefit of it but seeing first hand now 

im a believer lol

have a good week end guys! 

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All chopped except left silverfields f2 from tall girl and bluecookies x snowqueen right


That makes 11 week for silverfields 

and bluecookiex snowqueen is on her 10 th week in flower 









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They are just blistering beauties !!

Since I learned to grow in stealth boxes, cracking, bending, plastic dipped fishing weights, bonzi training wire, even splitting stalks was all fair game. You'd think it would piss them off, but off they grow, hardier than ever.

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Off to a new round got 3 silverfields x sannies jack in the tent 

and 2 sifiblaze in the closet. 

Thanks to @Justcozz for all of these :tu

have a good day guys

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Silverfields x sannies jack thanks to @Justcozz for the beans 

switched to 12/12 a month ago


After that picture some light defoliation was done and the higher branches got bent





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The JC haze is looking great.:tu

I had to step away for a bit. Just dropped some of those beans a few days ago, waiting for them to break soil.

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On 12/29/2020 at 9:42 AM, oldschoolsg said:

Meet pebbles  :) 





NO RAWHIDE OR PIG EARS even if they are free. at1 yr add 2tsp organic apple cider vinegar w/mother. easy to recall the dose because it's the same for humans. only their amt. of water dilutes it more .  buy better food to help avoid the vet as much as possible. sign up for dog food advisor email for recall alerts on snacks/food stuff !  ad organ meats to her diet, green tripe, chub mackeral, canned salmon but scrape the skin off. not good for humans or dogs. and do not feed albacore tuna especially to a pup. med cabinet 10ppm and 30-35 ppm colloidal silver 4oz at the ready. can save a serious vet bill or a life. make sure to get a spray bottle for easy peezy dosing.

i filled out a application at the local shelter. new facility $20,000.000 and today picked up the neighborhood cat that has claimed me as her human from being spayed. she is now fixed and no more back to back litters for her ! she was pregnant again before her 1st kittens could even grow up.  i bought her in the house but she was already looking for the door. i didn't want her to jump to the screen door to get out. she's done it twice before so that was a concern.  i found out yesterday that since i'm a vet they will waive all fees for me to get a dog/. i was happy because it will cost me $300 pet security deposit for another dog. i'm not about to add another cat either and pay another security deposit and have to put up with double the cat issues. smdh dog man mos def but i'm a damn good cat whisperer too. hell i feed one of my neighbors damn cats. unfixed male. he lounges on my sidewalk sun bathing and shit. always come to eat and drink that filtered water. 

he was caught in the act of raping the female kitten from the 1st. litter baby gurlk had. the lady who watched it said it was 3 males raping her and orange juice was the worse one. = cause hes slight build and would get his ass kicked by an adult female. i look at him different but don't hold it against him. it's his humans fault. moved in with an unfixed cat and they let him roam the neighborhood. smdh  i'm going to try to get him fixed after i enlist a translator neighbor who lives close to them. i'm trying but i can't be feeding all these xtra cats. my cat food come to me @$35 a bag. and i used to be ahead by 1 or two bags all the time. not now = fuk i need to order some today. smdh

let me stop cause it's so much more to say. suffice to say that it would be ,much better if these fucking humans acted more responsible when they choose an animal. grrr lol

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4 sannies jack x silverfields









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4 silverfields x sannies jack

6 weeks done in 12/12 :verrygood:wave::bier






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