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So a while ago I was reading one of these hydro threads and we were talking about uniseals and bulkheads, as promised I would pass along how I did mine, here is a small log of my system. I ran this this outdoors and with veggies but you can get the point. I have done quite a few hydro systems (Aeroponics, bubble buckets, superponics, NFT) but I never did a RDWC before and boy results are impressive. If you got space, it would definitely be a way to go, IMO. So enough with the talk heres the real.

SO get yourself some parts.

I used: Uniseals - (So far I am very impressed, Ill let you know how they work in year 2), I went with 1.5” for bottom connections and 1” for the top.


I used PVC pipe and also used the rubber Adjustable PVC right angles for assembly and disassemble. I didnt want all the PVC to be glued together.



Get yourself some containers, try to find this type of plastic, I tried some others and the harder the plastic the worse it is with the uniseals, I was getting cracking and blowouts, these did the job nicely. We use them for clothes hampers and I had a few with broken handles (great way to repurpose)


Get a hole saw and saw do some work


Did a test on uniseals before I got too carried away….


Here is the initial design/layout.


Here is what I ended up with, added the extra tank and gave myself 12 sites. Got a strong flow through the bottom and major airstones in each along with 3 in the controller.




Heres a peek inside, as you can see, lots of bubbles.


Some progress shots

3 weeks after planted


6 weeks


8 weeks.


it got crazy, around week 8 as that is when I started getting fruit, it continued for about another 6-8 weeks after, this garden ended in Late October, it overtook my structure and pool deck next years plan is to spread out the sites and allow plants more room to breathe, I lose some yard, but could get more I think, time will tell

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Correction, they were 1/2" on top, but still works great. Spreading out on probably 5-7 foot centers this round and allow these plants to spread out a bit more, hopefully a lil easier to manage, time will tell.


Added Roma and Orange wellington to the mix this year. The orange sound delicious and always can use more Roma.

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you could easily also use lower, broader buckets to do dwc? or not really recommendable? :P because height is an issue in my space,


this is to crazy hazy...

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@Sat - for my application, I wanted a very large root zone. I had tried the year prior to grow tomatoes in a 4" NFT system and by the end of summer it was leak city due to the sheer density of the roots in the tube, I had cups getting pushed out by their roots. So on this run, initially I was working with 30 gallon tanks, but found they were the wrong plastic, as the unusual with tube caused the plastic to crack. I find these rubbermaid tubs to be great and flexible enough for what Im doing here. Works great and I learned a new hydro technique.


This season early on, I had one of these buckets with a small crack in bottom, my design was flexible enough to keep all the other systems intact including filled with their water, and I changed out the dud tub with a fresh new one. So far so good and plants are really starting to take off. After the season I may post some updates...

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If you did this I am sure I seen this on another none weed related site. Bravo!

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Thanks for sharing StrainHazy, they really took off with them that close together could of almost ran less plants, hopefully next year they don’t try to move in to your house lol. Must say the idea of spreading them out definitely sounds like the plan for next year.


Im hoping to get a outside garden setup soon but i moving to spain in January next year so i probably wait until then , ill be on open grow giving you all giggles with pictures of my orange and lemon trees.


Be nice though as be able to have some autos running pretty much all year in the garden as well as my setup inside when i can afford the Ac bill.


atb crook

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