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Wat is OG smokin on, NAW wants to know...

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Well, my wife just discovered she loves the Cartel Haze. The only weed she wants to smoke now. Looks like I may have to switch the label on the jar before she burns it all up. She hates to smoke weed, and prefers edibles. Maybe she discovered where the NAW guys like to hang out....


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Got a gift from a friend. Wow bro, you did good. I'm in orbit with Rhino Blood pumping through my veins.



  • Edit:  WOW bro, very nice job. Can't explain it but a very good feeling high. Going to push this girl to her limits tonight. :tu:whatthahell::punk:
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Thank you JC! I'm trying to get an idea if I should offer it as a freebie. I sure wouldn't want to if it ain't PrimeTime. Sannie wants it and I told him I would wait to hear from a few people. I have plenty of seeds to do it and plenty left to explore and share.

I think the plant is solid. No issues in running a half dozen plants outside and I think it could be a huge bud producer inside with short veg times.. 

Everybody says the same thing I say... I can't nail down a single phrase or word for taste. It changes, evolves, and has lots of nuances. I love the name Rhino Blood, but the aka is also appropriate; Manalishi Fantasy, as in the taste is a swirling mystery that shape shifts.. heh. It really comes through after smoking another strain and coming back to it, then it shows itself as unique.

I waned to talk to Rhino about a few things, too. It was only meant as chance to use a male I had that I'd wished was a female, and crossing it to one of my favorites, but after thinking about it, made sense. I'm really hoping I can find a GM pheno and think it could be off the hook. I still have good many f1 seeds and really want to explore it. Green Manilishi is a Queen. Rhino has done a great job with it. I knew it would be an awesome mom. Talk at you soon.


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