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Hello Folks this will be my first journal.


I am hunting for a RKS Pheno to call my own.


The Prjec will happen in a x4 tet wih


Oh My Lord I have totyp so slw TF?

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good luck finding it and have great fun growing these cannacopia and med-

man (or are there any more lines that you are skipping through this round?)




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As far as I know CannaVenture Seeds has a Road Kill Skunk that is damn close to the original RKS of the early 80's... but maybe a bit more indica leaning.

Reserva Privada has an RKS that is more sativa leaning.


Both versions have good representations of the heavy, old skunk fragrance and stink to high heaven, so scrubbers or no neighbors, are a must! It WILL smell like a dead skunk in your house while growing any RKS strains that are worth a shit.


After a cure, the weed should have a skunky-pine smell with a heavy skunk flavor. And as with most all skunk plants... it should be an easy grow for you.

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