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Hello everyone.


I am currently designing a small cabinet to grow in. I am asking a few obvious questions but I dont want to waste money and materials due to incorrect calculations.


On the intake I am planning to fit a HEPA filter but no intake fan and I am wondering how much this will affect my grow? Want to use a exhaust fan large enough to compensate for no intake fan.


I have calculated the airflow requirements as below and just need to know whether it is accurate and sufficient.

Interior dimensions as follows:

L: 650 mm (25 1/2")

W: 450 mm ( 17 2/3")

H: 1060mm ( 41 2/3")

Total volume = 0.31 m3 (10.95 ft3)


At one airchange a minute that gives me a minimum Fan requirement of

0.31 m3 X 60 = 18.6m3 per hr

lets round it off to 19 m3 (671cft)


Then I add 35% (6.65m3)[235cft]

to allow for the use of a carbon filter


Also adding 20% (3.8m3)[ 134cft]

to compensate for not having an intake fan


And lastly adding another 35% (6.65m3) [235cf] to compensate for the HEPA filter on the intake...


This gives me a total of 36.1m3 (1274cft) for the fan to move in an hour in order to change out the air once every minute.


Am I then correct in assuming that

thusly I would need a fan with a rating of at least 36.1m3/hr


1274cft per hour /60 minutes = 21.3cfm ??


I will be using one 150W CFL growlight and will not grow more than two plants in a DWC-LP -aeroponic hybrid system.I may possibly upgrade to another 150W CFL in future.


I have grown outdoors but am new to indoor growing and want to have a small cabinet to sustain me during winter.


I have the following questions:


> Will I have sufficient airflow with the fan calculations as above to skip a circulation fan as my space is limited?


>How do I calculate the size of the intake?


> Can I adjust the intake/ extraction hole size ratio in order to compensate for the lack of a circulating fan?


Any help or advice is appreciated.

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Green_Grow_Hydro, I'm in the same situation as you are, thanks for asking these questions. I will be watching and learning with you if we get responses. If you click on Forums and scroll down to Grow Room Designs, there are several different ways growers have set them up. dsj

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Hi there Dsj.. I have looked through the posts in that section before posting here and am asking these questions because I could not find the answers that I needed there. I will be posting a design plan and details with pics etc as I progress but need information to finalise my design.

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