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Light-One and Holistic Horticulture

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Hello OpenGrow!


This post has been a long time in coming, its my first post... it could be a good one!(haha!); I have been a lurker here for a couple of years now and finally feel confident enough to begin posting.


I have read through just about every post and have been there with everyone these last couple of years as a shadow, so I am excited to share my grows with all of the readers and members of OpenGrow. There are so many members that I would like to thank that i know there are many i would forget...so..just thanks to Sannie and the team of moderators that keep this site clean!


Biodynamic Organic gardening describes what I am doing although I would nerdily call it Anthroposophic Horticulture. What does that mean? It means that I look at the stars a lot and think about how they are connected to what goes on in my garden. Biodynamics allows one the freedom to observe the causal relationship in all things... I grow in a no till/next container environment. My soil is set up to receive and utilize the subtle influences from the cosmos in the most beneficial way. My job is to prepare the grow environment and intent so that creation and entropy can play itself out in my small microcosm.


After growing inside for two years I am beginning to see what it takes to carry out gardening indoors. Yes, I use a calendar with Astronomical events linked with the different influences for the plants....and I follow that calendar for pretty much everything. stellanatura.com



My (Sunlight):

4'x5' veg/flower room 400 watt mag HPS

4'X4' Flower Room 600 watt mag HPS

4'x3' veg/seed/clone area 4't8's

My Dirt: (basically) Here's where things start to get fun....


Spagham peat moss

rabbit shit

lava rock

bentonite clay

oyster shell

crab shell

diatamaceous earth

earthworm castings



kelp meal

alfalfa meal

rice hulls

neem and karanja meal




Finally......What I am growing!:


Huckleberry Kush(2012) Dynasty

Headband Dr. Greenthumb

Oh! Zone Dr. Greenthumb

Jazz Dr. Greenthumb

Annathesia Wazzup

Kudzu aka OGXSK#1 Freebie Med-Man

Casey Jones X Green Manalishi Freebie

CJGM X Huckleberry Kush


CJxGM this is a freebie holy grail for me.....very stable and intense rocket fuel.. the crosses with Huckleberry are absolute FIRE

I chose a beautiful huckleberry dominant male for my crosses.


CJGM in the middle---CJGMx huckleberry kush crosses on either side


4x4 Flower Room at the moment


4x5 Flower/Veg room at the moment on 12/12


Seedling Area






Finally watering and Nutes.....


Water, no nutes! Sometimes I make kelp tea or add coconut or malted barley but very rarely like maybe once a run.


I spray once or twice a week when the lights are off--For all of you out there battling mites or any pest, you are better just controlling your critters than trying to eradicate. Integrated Pest Management


Murphy's oil soap

Canola Oil

Potassium Silicate

Magnesium Sulfate

Natural (Pyrethrin) if needed


My path to sannies and approach to growing in general is a little different than most. My first love is gardening and horticulture. In 2001 I read a book called "The Enlivened Rock Powders" by Dr. Harvey Lisle published by Acres USA. That started me on a quest to learn about horticulture and biodynamics. The second most influential book for me has been "Culture and Horticulture" by Dr. Wolf Storl That book is better than any cannabis bible....


I am starting this log to help journal my grows for future reference, please feel free to ask any questions!


Thanks for reading, I hope to get to know everyone! I will write more about what I have learned in the coming posts.


Light One

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I love it and will enjoy seeing you do your thing! We are getting more and more people doing no-till. It is exciting times here for this system.


Thank you for sharing.


Jah Bless!

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Hi there. I love you're soil mix and the plant genetics aren't bad either. :) Do you actually use lunar/celestial body cycles to time things like planting and harvest or was that just humor that I am to stoned to understand? Interested to see how the Dr. Greenthumb genes turn out for you. Thanks for sharing.



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@Hempyfan Thanks for the welcome! I have enjoyed your posts and comments!


@agreenpassion Howdy! Sometimes I try to be funny but I could just be stoned too! I actually do use astronomical and planetary influences. I plant, clone, transplant and harvest based on where the moon or planets are in the constellations. For example this coming Wednesday will both be a harvest day, because the moon is in Libra(Flower Influence), and a pruning/cloning day because of the New Moon.


Dr. greenthumb genes are great! Actually his were the first seeds that I bought. Why? I know there is a lot of hype around this guy.... but I called the phone number and it worked and Dr. greenthumb picks up the phone and answered my nervous ass questions and I had seeds two days later. For a heafty price......

Then I discovered opengrow via La Vie En Rose's posts from google and then sannie.....then never looked back! Everything from Dr. Greenthumb has been medicinal grade, but not many phenos to choose from....


that being said I am loving what I grow out from the shop! And Huckleberry is proving again to be a strong and trusted breeding partner!~

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So what do I mean by Holistic Horticulture?


Holistic is seeing the whole as the sum of the parts.

Holistic Horticulture focuses on the whole instead of tweaking a lot of variables.


There is a lot of excitement and buzz around organics and no-till, not only for indoor gardens but also outdoor gardens and spreading like wildfire through urban neighborhoods! The funny thing is, the organic no-till indoor gardeners are way ahead of the curve of the outdoor gardeners. We have networked our results more quickly and use available information the instant someone posts about it. Its pretty Amazing!!


The holistic approach to no-till/recycling allows one the freedom to focus outward during their grows instead of trying to get their heads inside the soil. I mean that I focus more on where the plants are in a cycle than what components might be missing from my soil.


I would like to help anyone out there building your own soil, Keep it simple!! All you need to get started are peat moss, lava rock, and quality compost and earthworm castings. A lot of the other laundry list of amendments are not necessary the first couple of rounds, but can be added slowly over time. Put those four ingredients in a bin for 4 weeks and you will have a humus rich soil ready for plants.

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The only thing different in soil making is I like to swap the peat with coco or do a blend of it. I like the chunk and stringing coco instead of the fine overall but I have seen good results.


When reusing soil, I would add biochar but only being used. Do you use biochar at all in no-till? I would assume no or maybe an addition to mulch?


What do you add for calmag aspects or do you supplement via teas as you go?


Do you change your cover crop/living mulch over time or stick with the same? How long does this thrive as the plant size increases. Does it last the whole lifespan of the plant or die back as it plant matures?


I know about no-tills from various directions but never played with one. Growing up I have seen real hillbilly outdoor no-tills but this was more about them being lazy and forest gumping their way than actually knowing what they were doing and why.





Jah Bless!

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I don't have any coco in my mix because the bale of Spagham peat moss was cheaper at the co-op. Cheap ass me! But yeah coco! And I like the sound of the chunk and stringing texture, I'm sure the worms will go nuts for it! Actually you just gave me a great idea... I use fresh coconuts and usually throw the hulls in for my rabbits who like the husk...maybe I can just bust up and compost the whole coconut hull!


As far as a cal-mag.... Avoid dolomite lime in recycles. The ratio of Mg to Calcium is not suited to pure organics. It is better to provide plenty of 'liming' agents in the soil with a heavy hand towards calcium rich amendments. My favorites are Crab meal, egg shell, and gypsum. I have never considered magnesium to be that important to get into the soil--its already there in my opinion. Also, my Pest Management foliar spray routine includes Epsom salts as one of the ingredients. http://www.soils.wisc.edu/extension/pubs/A2986.pdf An interesting read on Cal Mag relationships in soil.


My mulch on the top of the plants is constantly changing depending on what I have on hand. My favorite mulch is straight rabbit poop pellets. It will never burn the plants and you will never have to use myco or microbes. I don't use a living mulch. I tried growing buckwheat but plants got bigger faster!~


I used to spend a lot of time making earthworm casting teas, kelp teas, em-1, etc. etc.... now its just water or malted barley and coconut. If I add kelp its usually just a soak for a couple of hours, if you don't have kelp-- alfalfa is an amazing alternative! I don't even use an airstone any more....


I agree that the lazier the better! Actually my inspiration for gardening comes Goethe,

"So divinely is the world organized that every one of us, in our place and time, is in balance with everything else." Maybe those gumpers knew to leave things alone and just allow things just to be. Ive only been growing this plant for two years...who's growing whom.





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Very much appreciated and I thank you.



Jah Bless!

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BIG DAY!! 11/11 New Moon in the Constellation of Libra


Today is an important day for my garden because of the astronomical aspects that are influencing growth today.


On New Moons I like to start new seeds and transplant. The waxing moon over the next two weeks will really boost growth above the surface. On the full moon I will clone and transplant. The waning moon over those weeks sends energy to the roots.


Biodynamics considers elements and influences rather than just the chemistry. Today is especially influential for flowering plants with the moon in the air sign of Libra.


So... I'm starting some new seeds and selections!


Polar Bear! Thanks to @Poldergrower I can't wait to see what these plants can do!

Peshawar Afghani-- Malberry Seeds (these were thrown in with an order, freebies?) These are going to get huge so I'm selecting a pair here.

Jackberry Kush X Hawaiian/Skunk (pollen sling)

TahoeOG/SkunkX Hawaiian/Skunk (pollen sling)




This will be fun to watch these grow....


In the meantime... I have CaseyJones/GM X Huckleberry am pulling a Headband tonight and will post pics.






and Jackberry X Huckleberry selections---4 females 1 male(small one on front right)


Taller phenos on left lean towards the huckleberry and shorter on right to jackberry




And for some soil and mulch pics...





and always nice to have volunteer vegetables from the compost and worms....



Enjoy today!

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welcome man, you sure know how to introduce yourself. thanks for joing up and showing OG the real u. have a great day. :wave:

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Hey bigun! Thanks for the comments! I'm watching your sinister run...fingers crossed on your pheno hunt but it looks like you have plenty to choose from!~


@Saxo what an honor man! thanks for dropping by....always fun reading your posts!


Today has been busy for me with starting new seeds, some transplanting, and some harvesting to round out the New Moon.


This Headband was planted on the Full moon in July. 56 days flowering. Dr. Greenthumb This one will knock you over the head.


This is Tahoe OG X Skunk#1(a freebie)


Before the chop and In the drying cabinet:



Now for some much needed ice bong hits and dreams....



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headband is some good stuff!

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Hello OG!


I hope everyone around the world is safe tonight....sometimes its sad, our world. Which is probably the reason I turned off TV 3 years ago.


My entertainment now...


Perpetual flowering using notill and recycled soils in a variety of size pots from 1 solo cup to 20 gal. There is not so much to do for the plants except water and transplants. I am amazed that one 4' T8 fixture provides enough energy to veg plants that will fill 36sq/ft of flowering. I spend most of my time in the garden just watching the plants and listening to the classical station that is playing 24/7! That being said they are really growing well and I am so excited about the next round of seeds that are sprouting.(I have read so much bad press about Malberry Seeds that I'm not sure I will follow through with the Peshawar Afghani) The OGSKXSS is first out of the soil, but in my experience that doesn't mean very much yet....


To take the place of the Headband and OGSK#1 that I harvested on 11/11 a CaseyJonesXGreenManalishi in a 20gal and a HeadBand in a 10gal were moved to the 600watt room. I like to start flowering under the 400watt and move them to the 600w later. In the 400watt room now I transplanted 4 JackberryXHuckleberry. Also in there are another Oh!Zone 10gal and Huckleberry 5gal and 2 CJGMXHuck 10gal.


Its weird because I have not had to bring any water into my room in a couple of weeks with my dehumidifier running. I fill my buckets with water from the dehumidifier and its seems to be enough to keep the room at 60%rh. When it rains.....



In the 400watt room:

Jackberry Kush X Huckleberry Kush (little male in quart pot on lower right)


CaseyJones/GreenManXHuckleberry Kush #1


CaseyJones/GreenManXHuckleberry Kush #2



In the 600watt room:

A CaseyJonesXGreenManalishi and a Headband have joined the party on the back right side.


Huckleberry Kush 50days


Oh! Zone (ChemoXOG Kush) 50days


Jazz (OaxicanxIranian) 50 days



And finally...an Anesthesia gem at day 50. It has that earthy dank smell and when rubbed a sweet candy with hint of skunk.



Also my male spa:

(CaseyJones/GreenMan X Huckleberry Kush) These will provide pollen for f2 of this cross. I'll combine pollen for breeding.


Huckleberry F2 males These will provide pollen for a backcross to HuckF1 mother as well as for the CJGM, CJGMxHUCK, OH!zone, Jazz, Anna, OGSK#1 females that I have. gallery_11224_5218_1757439.jpg

(I probably should have given these guys more that a quart of soil to see what they could do but, I'm trusting in the stability of Dynasty's Huckleberry which seems to be very solid)


Lastly, I have lots of helpers around my little farm that contribute to the success of my grows. I would like to take a moment to thank, Buttercup, Daisy, Daffodil, Clover for the awesome poop they provide!

gallery_11224_5218_2220181.jpggallery_11224_5218_212211.jpggallery_11224_5218_2242943.jpgThanks Rabbits!!


Hey, for anyone that might catch this..!!! I'm putting an order in next week!!


KillingFields or SilverFields?


Hammer of Dawn or HeadCandy?


Nepalma or Jalisco Jaze?


Enjoy today!



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Looking great and seems like you know your shit! Love the leaves on that bottom jackberry kush x huckleberrykush.

Full moon must have efftected that Headband cause it's ridiculously beautiful. :icecream:

And the rabbits.. cute and efficient!

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Hi buddy,


I just picked up a pack of nepalma so i am a bit bias there haha but the jalisco jaze looks very nice as well


I grew out head candy and it has a very intoxicating smell and taste with a very racy high. my head was a balloon on a string 5ft above my neck :) if you like c99, she shines through in the high in the phenotype I grew. the male flower was very aesthetically pleasing as well before i culled him (havent made seeds yet in my growing career).


I have been smoking 3 phenotypes of maury povich, which is silverfields x bouddica and they are very tasty and potent. full body buzz and a strong intoxicated cerebral high. I figure since the silverfields is sannies ssh clone crossed to his killing fields, why not select that for the best of both worlds; his ssh is dynamite. it has a cotton candy bubblegum flavor and a ridiculous fun high.


and funny enough the opposites of every one of my selections are just great too im sure! this shop is full of gems everywhere :)


Great looking gardens and I love my pets with all my heart and soul, so i think the rabbits are awesome!


Welcome and have a good time in the garden :)

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Thanks Darth Budder!

Hats off Nightmara! Thanks for dropping in; yeah I know my shit(haha) and I like rabbit or horse! Its my secret weapon in my garden. But seriously I am a total 2 year novice at the indoor, but have been dabbling in compost my whole life! Thanks on the HeadBand can't wait to try this pheno!


Hey mediPuffs!


Good to have you stop by and thanks for the biased info! I decided to go with the Nepalma. I'm really interested in the HeadCandy but I ultimately chose both Silverfields and KillingFields. I like the Sannies Jack &TheONE in the KF and the SilverFields has the SSH that you so deliciously described. I have the Jackberry and figure that with the KF and SF I can find a make some nice crosses. Unfortunately I ruined my SilverFieldsXBoudica Freebies....


Btw its very easy to make seeds, just be super diligent with notes and keep males that look promising. I collect pollen in a separate chamber and use a paintbrush and mark the budsite with a pipe cleaner.The hard part is testing out all of the seeds. But its worth it to have a personal seedbank!

Thanks Man!


Just a thought but, why are we stuck on Landrace strains? Most organic gardners go for Heirloom, open pollinated. Doesn't it seem like those old cultivars people are looking for are more approprietly considered Heirlooms as they were actually landrace strains that were cultivated to a certain area and time.ie. Colombian gold, Maui waui, etc, Stoned thoughts... Also, how long before its ok to name a cross that you make? For example, I really want to name my CaseyJones/GreemMan X Huck---DayDream--- which is short and sweet and describe the effects. And the HeadBandXHuck I got coming I want to call HeadBuckle Kush!



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Hello OG!


I am always so inspired after spending time reading through all of you OGr's posts! The symbiotic relationship for these plants must be the reward of love poured into them.


Seedling update/notes to future me: Polar Bear 2 out of 4 germinated. JKBXSS=8 germ out of 10 OGSKXSS=2 out of 10... P.afghani=6 germ out of 9

Waiting on an order but will start some KF and SF on the next round!


Here's how I transplant(This 5 Gal has been through 3 runs....topdressing only!):



Flower Room: There is a lot in here, but the Oh!Zone on the back left and the Huckleberry in the front stand out the most!


And some with light---


Huckleberry Kush Dynasty


Dr. Greenthumb Jazz(Oaxacan X Iranian) Started sending out single male flowers at 53 days and chopped at 55 days....



Some more helpers!




Enjoy today!~

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Guess it never hurts to update a thread, even several years later! 

Still growing out the (Casey Jones x Green Manalishi) x Huckleberry Kush crosses. And making new ones! Link to city grow from 19: https://forum.grasscity.com/index.php?threads/Light-one-2019-20 journal.1543682/

(CJGMxHK) x Cookies and Cream (exotix)


More to come!


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