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Its on - The noob seed junkie ~4 weeks in to flower - Perpetual Aero

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Hi, I'm a noob.


And I just did what I shouldn't have done. My sannies order came today, couldn't resist....


I was a little surprised to see sugar punch instead of herijuana (since herijuana was on the list not sugar punch when I ordered lmao) and was hoping for the katsu kush x Sannies jack (especially since I havn't seen any grow reports of it yes so wanted to be that bad ass mutha fucka who contributed to Sannies testing (and grabbed some exclusive dank why at it). Although now I think I'm glad I got the sugar punch (since its a strain I've been drooling over for awhile now) and the Chocolate Cheese (now I have it all, a hybrid, an indica in my garden, and a strain from the Mr. Legendary E$kobar I keep hearing so much shit about. Cheeseberry Haze looks more appealing to me (remember I love hazes) but often times in life I find myself loving what I initially thought I wouldn't be into (hi Vladimir!).

Anyways time to check this E$ko guy out (well not yet, but soon......).


I popped 4 more seeds, 2 Shackzillas, 2 Killing Fields.



Okay lets rewind this back a little. But before that I'd like to give a special thanks to Stinkbud, Letdown Shifty, and all the other Stinkbuddies at rollitup who have walked me very patiently and wisely through the steps. Yall made this possible, may the rest of your days be blessed.


It all started with some seeds, clones, power outages (one lasted 5 days where I would barely slept spraying my plants every 5-30 min), and a noob. By noob I mean someone who continuously tripped over timer plugs, forgetting to replug timers, ph of 8+, and alot of dead plants (dead plants everywhere, I'm sorry to all you lovely ladies I fucked). A few months here I am, with 2 lone survivors (you bad ass mother fuckers you).


One is a freebie I got from attitude, DNA's Andromonia and a green crack I got from my local dispensary (thank you to the cute girl who recommended it to me).

Both of which went dormant during flowering cause my room was at about 40-50 degrees (lol......)


Finally got that taken care of and now things are almost in full flow, except I'm now in another dilemma brought on by my noobness. Maybe you guys can help me sort through this mess.


I have 2 reses in a 5x10x6 grow tent, one for longer sativa flowering strains (hazes are my favorite), one for indicas and hybrids. 1 side has a 1000w HPS, the other a 600w HPS and a 320 Lumigro LED. I put in 4 plants into flower, hoping 4 of the other 5 I was vegging would be ready at the same time.




4 grew hella fast, 4 slow (2 weeks into flower of first 4, other 4 still not ready, (which really sucks cause I'm out of my time frame to have them both harvest round same time), and 1 hellllla slow. We use the word hella alot out here in WA.....


Andromia looks about halfway done, green crack has barely started flower. This leaves me too long a period to keep veggin these 4, and too short to throw them in the other res with the other 4.

Right now I'm planning on moving green crack to other res right before I start flushing, harvest andromia, and use that to flower upcoming plants.

Shits a mess though.

To make it worse I have to decide what to do with these sativas of sannies I just popped, which brings me to my other problem.


Besides my new seeds from sannies, I have no other long flower types, which means it looks like I'll be working with another half rez......(prays to the clone provider gods)

Shits gonna be a challenge for sure


Anyways lets get on with some pictures and sort this shit out as time goes on. Clones are under 250 CFL Veg unit is 8 fixture T5s (50ish something I think? idk T5 units are weird).


I'm using basically advanced botinacare formula.



The Andromia



Res 2 canopy ~week 2




I'll post more pictures later.


Also feel free to comment or w/e.

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Okay, lets talk about vegging!


While I have very little experience, I have always loved reading about growing marijuana since I was 16 (which I did instead of homework.....lel). From my readings I decided topping is meh, super cropping is mean, and FIMMing and LSTs are where its at.


I FIM around 3rd and 5th node usually and LST to train them where I want.


I prefer regs but my system is shitty to use anything but Fems, because pulled males leaves pulled space. Which leaves inserting plants and having them all ripe at same time a bitch. But some seeds I get super stoked about are only in regs, so I do it anyway.


Right now I got 2 Ace Mix and 2 Alien Blues from La Plata Lab showing 2nd nodes, I plan on making 2 extra holes in my fence posts which will fix empty space time. But who knows what will happen.


Without further ado, I bring to you, the Veggher (and a ghetto ass humidifier, although since I moved my double contact staff in there they get sprayed with lots misty water)

Squirt Squirt



The pic of Bay Dream on the bottom left is a little outdated.


Heres her a bit cleaned up (shes looking even better now, you sexy ass beast you)


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Some of you might have noticed I never told you what strains the res 2 are!


Story time......


During a craaazzzy windstorm where entire hills in my area were shutdown to so many fallen trees (areas around downtown were out of power for over 3 days in some places) I brought my buckets in where I handsprayed them.


I took a break to go to a yoga class...


...When I got back the kittens had knocked over the bucket and were playing soccer with my netting pot plants!!!! all the tags were lost but all but 1 survived.


So the 4 (I have 1 more randy in veg ) are either Cali Con OG kush #18, RP Headband 707, Devil's Harvest Shoreline, OG Raskal White Urkle, or DNA Chocolope.


I also got some Opium (freebie from paradise I think?), another freebie kush (urll see it later), and a Big Buddha Big Cheese (gotta have the basics/essentials right? Fuck wheres my Mr. Nice Mango Haze?)



One of the little monsters.....

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Guest Provence

Spraying the aero system manually haha what a nightmare !


Are you comfortable with the idea of using aeroponics for a whole run ?

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I am now, the first 3ish months were a constant struggle of figuring shit out, developing habits to properly make sure everything was in proper place, and cleanliness. Sprayers would get clogged, non getting sprayed plants would sometimes dye, wouldn't fill res up enough, plants would use all nutrients, pump would have nothing to pump and some more plants would die.....lol

I restored an old out of use house so have been constantly working on air quality (air filters, misting essential oils with water, some non medical plants for air, incense/sage on occasion) and doing shit like bleaching walls etc.


The system itself became pretty simple itself after playing around a bit. For example I started with a simple bucket lid but have built 3 more since then. Now I use a strong box for added area to train plants. I have drilled holes in various places to attatch bamboo stakes which hold the galvanized plant wires for training. I was using a hose adapter with a valve for awhile but I found it easier to dump out buckets and just put the hose directly in bucket.


After veg its too easy to just put them in flower, although the first 2 I let veg way to long (sadly I only have 1 picture) and the roots got ridiculous, I'm still worried is the base will outgrow the 2" netting pot. The roots had filled the entire back end of the veg bucket (so like about a foot wide and monstrous thick) growing in the space between the tubing. I had to cut alot of it when moving to flower unit which I also think slowed it down a bit. Basically it got vegged super long cause I was still working on getting the flower room set up. Fortunately it hasn't stretched on me yet. It actually worked out kinda well cause its filling up so much space, as long as I can have its weight hold.


(The most ridiculous aero vegged plant you might ever see.....)


Now that things are going nicely I'm loving it (besides the power outs!) :P Its perfect for me cause I have sort of a "natural" way of thinking. I dont like feminised (even though I use them) along with the idea of sogs, or instant vegging. I like the girls to show some figure before popping into flower. Flowering babies just seems weird to me. It also lets me spend some time with them. Since I discovered the extra space I moved my double contact staff in the room they have been getting much attention (plus its helped me practice more), so with my constant eye on them I dont see how anything could go wrong.


The biggest thing is getting the plants lined up for the right harvest time, but I've been doing alot of thinking and I think I got it figured out.

I will put these 4 in the 4 spots in res 2, harvest andromia, right before flush put the green crack in res 2 while switching those 4 to res 1, upcoming plants will fill res 2 while res 1 finishes, which by that time my clones will fill.



Unless I don't spot the upcoming males.



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Heres some shots of the upcoming canopies from this morning. I think they are developing quite nicely.


Just popped 3 Sugar Punch (thank you Sannie for the extra bean!!! You the shit! +rep)







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Heyy guys, I know its been awhile but unfortunately I've been having a super shitty past couple days. I won't get into the things into my personal life cause their dumb and no one wants to hear that shit. But I'll let you know what made my days REALLY shitty.


I had some germination last time (I'm convinced it was cause it was too cold or the seeds just weren't great. When I put Sannies seeds in the shotglass and saw them easily sink within 24 hours I was super excited and had a super good feeling. That kind of feeling you get when you feel you just popped the best most awesome beans ever. Needless to say because of last issues I tried to improve germination issues so like a dumbass I switched to paper plates!


Big mistake....In an ironic turn of events the towels dried out. I dont think it was very long and beans hadn't sprouted yet so I did my best to rewet and recover.


1 Shackzilla popped the next day, the 2 of 3 sugar punched popped at same fast (prolly the faster germination I've ever seen).


Today to my amazement 1 more Shackzilla popped.


Unfortunately none of the killing fields have made it yet, which makes me super bummed cause I was super stoked for this strain.


But its only day 2 (maybe 3?) so I'm still hoping JUST 1 pops.



On a brighter note my green crack all of the sudden started budded over night. A few days later I got this. Just lovely imo.

Glad to now I didn't hit some freak 20 week strain and it will flower shortly after the Andro.


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Much props to you MouseE! Being a "newbie", I'm quite impressed. Starting out with hydroponics is NOT the easiest way to start growing. I'm a dirt farmer(sphagnum peet/coco coir, about 75/25, along with 15% added worm castings, then about 25% perlite, pumice, gro-stone(aggregate), with some dolomitic limestone, with an organic grow mix blended in, and left to cook for 6wks at least. I'm one broke grower, and have had to use what I can. Need at least a 600watt HPS. Your lighting setup looks sweet. I've been wanting to try Sugar Punch for awhile. I do have some Herijuana fems, and Mad Kush fems(I only popped 1 from each, so if you have even 1 Sugar Punch Fem seed, I'd trade with you. If so send me a PM. Welcome to Opengrow! This site has some of the friendliest, informative growers I've found. I'm doing everything from a smartphone, and haven't been able to make an avatar, let alone post pics. If you use Instagram, I have some pics there under budkarma. Keep up the pics and progress of your grows, and soon, many will notice, and offer great advice on whatever you need to know. Much Good karma to you MouseE! Peace-B.K

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That Sugar Punch is still definitely on my short list for when I make my first attempt at photos. Not sure how easy it would be to grow with my setup (think it might grow tall), but I can always train them. I'm going to look into it.


Interesting stuff MouseE. Good luck.

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thanks guys!! I love weed too much not to give it my all!


it's actually soil grows that I feel would give me nightmares lol. I looked at organic soil guides and no way lmao, they're like at least 10 pages and to get a really good soil it can take months if not years to get dat "super soil." cant even imagine trying to get that ecosystem right plus chance of getting bugs/mites/rot in soil would drive me nutz.


I'm one of these new generation kids, I like to focus on putting shit in shit, turning knobs and pressing buttons and having shit grow. then I can focus all my energy on training my plants (accompanied by singing/beat boxing of course).


I also have limited handyman skills. I was looking at dwc buckets with all that time on and helll no. the shit I'm doing right now is too easy really.


I really wish I saved a sugar punch after reading this (but unfortunately I'm a,seed junkie lmao) and I really appreciate that offer (woulda taken you up 100%). I've been eyeing that mad kush for awhile. I'll prolly pu5 in another order at some point though (gotta grow that kf) and let you know. perhaps when (if) they restock 5hat holy princess (seriously, who the fuck doesn't want a girl called holy princess in the garden??)


I had the same problem with an avatar, after a few days though an uploaded picture on gravitas came through when I registered opengrow to my grab agar and linked emails. make sure your pics are checked under "G rated" (even if they aren't lmao).


checked out your shots on instagram, some pro shit you got going on.


fabulous photos my man


well done, well done.


more updates coming tonight! (unless I pass out again)


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welcome to the forum mousE, like your style, get right in it.


I have run both hydro and organics, finding organics to be quite fun right now, but still churn the hydro. I ran aeroponics before, it was ok, but I use a "superponic" now, which is basically a combo of a drip system with aero stones in the res for added air and such, roots fill res, similar philosophy.


for those thinking hydro is hard, if you can mix kool aid, i find it to be pretty easy. Just gotta be careful not to overdo it, i have found that less is more. Its not hard to catch up in hydro but easy to go overboard.


Welcome to OG and ill be checking in on this one. thanks for sharing bro.


relax and dream

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Thanks hazy!


Superponics? Sounds cool, can it be used for scrogs? Once med laws change over here (unless I can make it down to Oakland) I'll prolly be switching to that. I know definitely don't wanna use NFT for it though.



Anyways back to the grow.


A whole lot of nothing has been going on really.


Let me rephrase that, a whole lot of things that practically did nothing, has been going on.

My fence posts finally came so I set up the other half the flower chamber and put some plants in there. But then I decided I didn't like the way the canopies were (lots of unfilled space), so their back in the training center.


I go to cost co tomorrow, so I'm gonna grab some new strong boxes and put 2 under the T5s to give me more space to work with. Hopefully I can procure some chains as well cause the light could be lowered a bit to be more effective imo.


Res 1 had a leak, which resulted in the water running below the pump (it would happen on the day they suppose to get changed lmao) but I caught it pretty ealier (plus believe me when I tell you these 2 plants are some drought resistant hardcore vets...I'm sure these desert monsters are almost practically immune by now). They looked a little droopy yesterday but they back to normal now.


I also am unsatisfied with temps (and undecided on humidity) so I changed the lighting schedule to give me more time to light fires for them as well as run during the coldest parts of the nights (it was getting in the low 20s last week here). I'm hoping to change the 55-70 range to 65-75, then my life will be very happy.


The pics are kinda low quality but this will hopefully be solved tonight (I found the LED flashlight I wanted to use for pics but it was out of batteries -.- Hopefully it will work better than my camera flash pics ahah and the ones under HPS.....). The green crack is shooting out some nice pistons now and the plant under the LED is growing super quick (no pics of it yet though).

The Andro is definitely getting some beatiful looking buds as it fattens up.






What a beautiful little fatty.


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Changed all the rezes and cleaned 1, adjusted ph to 5.5 in all.

Flower PPM 2k

Veg PPM 1.7k I switched brands from Biothrive organic biogrow to botanicare kind grow just to see if anything different happens, I followed the label, which gave me a PPM I thought kinda high. We'll see how things go out though.


Clones are starting to sprout roots (most of them). The Alien Blues start to disappoint again :( they have some brown spots on them now, hopefully a nute change will clear this. I'm starting to wonder bout this batch I got from La Plata though. Every other seedling looks great.


Shackzillas are going slowly but looking good and I'm basically calling RIP on the Killing Fields. The Sugar Punches continue to burst with life.


So close, yet so far away....


Nothing like a bunch of photos to kill the time.


The cave dwellah



Get phat



Holy light of hope in the catacombs


where the spiders dwell...


New buddies



Close up



Someons been smoking.....


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Mouse, seeing your cat brings to mind an incident a few years ago.

I also have a cat and he is long haired

he has a bed he likes to sleep I . never giving it a thought I brought some gri weed to finish trimming and just throwed it on the bed.

later when I ground some up ,I got an unpleasant surprise. it was loaded with cat hair..lol

the weed being stickey caught the hair like one of those roller brushes.

I have never done that again. take care and keep it green

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Yeaa she's just too cute to get mad at lmao.


she sleeps on my bed with her sister.


EVERYTHING is in jars at my house, she doesn't she'd much, which is nicce, but I'll still get hairs on my fingers which will stick to vape screen. must be careful.


I do lose alost all finger hash I would produce when I trim -.-


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Lets get some more fresh budshots up in this biyoutch


Lets start it off with the phatty



Cause everyone loves sugar



This one is also developing some nice crystals.


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Lets keep it alive with some fresh bud shots. Only one way to improve these photography skills -.-















Not within 15 degrees but I think its close enough?


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Hey guys its been a long time!


To be honest I've been avoiding this cause something awful happened! BUttt imma just pretend it didn't and ignore it.


But every disaster is a chance for growth.


Fuck it though lets keep this shit on topic.


As a seed junkie I popped some inferno haze, some chocolate cheese, panama, zamaldelica, Kali china, and Kali china haze.


Lots of hazes so I'm in it for the long haul this time.


The crazy desert monsters are looking something like this. Judging from this I'm guessing 2.5 weeks til their done?


First the Andromia











and then the Green Crack














(mighta mixed in a couple andro in the green crack photo part who knows).


Next will take a closer look at the progress of the veg room.

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So I almost killed my plants....again (considering how many times I've killed plants though, "almost" is a much accepted improvement.


This time it was something a little unexpected and silly. Either A) I'm a hopeless stoner who forgot to check ph during last res changes or B) (and i think this is more likely) this shit happened.


The sticker things on the bottom of the bucket finally came off and I had alot of particles. The Ph was not only unusually high, but it wouldnt go down much despite using alot of Ph down (what i'd use for the whole res didnt even get below 7 on a quater of the res).


I noticed yellowing on a couple seedlings almost ready to hit veg, thought it might just be genes but started happening to others so I investigated til shit solved. I took some pictures but havn't fully uploaded them and want to take more first, so get back at ya later.

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I think everything is gonna work out for the better. In res 2 now I can really get the flowering times of different plants dialed in and really work on getting a super nice even canopy. I switched my vegy ways after doing some reading here on OG. I'm doing 2 tops, than FIMMing. Althought I will probably switching up methods to encourage some to grow faster. I believe less stress training=faster growing plants? We'll find out......


The andro is starting to get very stinky. They describe incense with hints of undertone berry....Yup sounds like what I have. I'm pretty bad at distinguishing smells but the Green Crack is a little more bland, don't know how to describe. it's definitely been frosting up alot a few days after I added a bloom enhancer.


Dank is how I would describe the smell :ph34r:








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I lied I forgot to take pictures of veg (truthfully Im still bleaching some old veg buckets preparing them fro another veg unit since I want more space to work with....Wasn't playing on having to veg 16 plants at the same time tbh).


But the budding hasnt made any real visual difference. The Green Crack sure is racking up in the smell department. I don't know how to describe green crack. It's different....lel


But to keep this thread alive (I can only update with noob popping new seeds like a junkie (7 years of IV heron/coke willl do strange things to you.....don't recommend) thought I'd share some art. Cause everyone loves art right?

Well if you don't I sure live to create. I also like girls, they're really pretty and awesome, so I draw a lot of girls.....and anime, animes badass.

This particular one was gonna have a regular hand til I fucked up, so now she has a crazy wild hand.



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Its time for round 2. A little incomplete this time but hopefully some girls will play catchup or i can use the extra space for male observatory.


A Zamdelicia (both alot, just one more than the other) and the Chocolate Cheese are showing the most stress/recover from the high PH from comtaminants. Hopefully they will both recover. For you experts reading this, if I'm correct stressed plants just show slow recovery but doesnt effect potency right? What about clones from those plants?


I tossed a couple plants, think Imma put another chocolate cheese and maybe a couple inferno haze (feel like I'mma need to be doing alot of hunting in this batch so the more the sooner the better. Lets me stay on focused on topic as well.......


Who whut where?


moved C1 (the most vigorous veg growth of last batch), an Opium thats just ridiculous how fast, and big it grows (the base stem is HUGE), a Big Buddha Blue Cheese (I've been waiting to flower one of these forever, also got pretty big, no where in comparison to the Opium though), An alien Blues (SHould prollly waited to pop this one since supposedly it flowers shorter than the others and was smaller, I wasn't thinking though....oh well)....


What else...I think a girl scout cookies and an ace mix.


Now I need more trellis netting......



The Andromia and Green Crack sure are getting DENSE, but other than that havn't changed much. I'm guessing they need 2-4 weeks so I'm cutting off boombastic and cutting res PPM in half.


Next week we flush.


Topped a bunch of Inferno Hazes, since they were the fastest to recover, but maybe too early? Only time will telll.........


Time to get some photos up in this bitch























The Bay Dream is the plant I was least excited for but I can't deny she is the most elegant and beautiful one I've ran yet.


So pretty.....gallery_15894_5399_6244.jpg


The new canopy




What it was pre flip



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MousE - You are working it well. In terms of my system, it works well for what I am doing. Link in my sig to my active thread. It scrogs well, not sure i could do a perpetual tho as they all share the same res i my humble setup. Best thing for me is the low res and limited amount of changes I do.


Nice thing with this approach, i have found it to be a lazy hydro system to manage, I used to measure levels and all that, now I load with Nutes, then top off twice, let get low, then fill up with fresh nutes and repeat. Plants seem to get enough sometime too much but it works.


Keep it up man

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nice I'm still trying to find out how to drain more efficiency, using a hose as a siphon didn't really work.


I usually change the res every week (been lazy updating here tho lol) mostly cause I run a different ppm every week and want to keep water temps done, plus get fresh blood up in there. the veg and cloner I let run longer. it works almost perfectly cause it by the time I'm ready to change it, it's so low I can lift it and change pretty easy.

at the same time too low and plants die.



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Think the Alien blues is a male, I kinda had a feeling since veg. It just always seemed to grow and look a little different than the others, can't really explain, a little droopy not as clean looking. Still kinda early to tell though maybe you experts know.


Also changed Resses, flower 2 is at 1000PPM, I'll probably bump it up halfway through this week but I got some new plants in there and wanna make sure they don't over react to anything. Res 1 is at 500ish, I'll probably bump this one up too at the same time, I think Imma run them one more week before I start to flush. I through my LED at a 45 degree angle at some side buds on the finishing andro so I can some nice side buds that catch up. Figure the new plants won't complain about a little light for the first week or so.


Threw out a couple plants that didn't look too great, popped 4 more Inferno Hazes. Think I will toss one IH out soon as it I think I overstressed it, we'll see if it makes a miraculous recovery. So far I'm very impressed with the abuse these guys take. Let the hunt continue.








Seems like they are developing balls instead of pistons but I'm not 100% sure yet. Can't decide if I should throw them out or wait a little just in case.

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