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My 2nd soil grow

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am watching man. little greenies tomorrow :dribble:



yup, betting i see about 1/2 of the litle buggers up in the am. Hoping for a good germ rate

on my cross. only the 2nd cross i have attempted. Cool to see something come from it..... i hope.



i know the Shop stuff will be fine, has always been. I also hope for a decent rate on The Dude 2

beans. I know the work that went into those, would be nice to have a good selection to hunt from.



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I myself almost never reused soil, but you can do it.

I dump all the old soil out on a tarp and spread it thin in the sun for a day or two and then mix it 50/50 with fresh.


Old soil builds up salts, you'll see a whitish tint to it around the outside edges.

Ain't good, you need to dilute it and that is also the reason to fully dry it out on the tarp and let it oxidize that shit off.


Dechlorinate the water ?

Why ?

It's safe for you to drink...the plants are less picky.

I just use a pitcher straight from the tap and pour it straight on the plants.

Never seen a single issue from it.

Quit worrying about those minor details.

Just let the plants do their thing.

Soil will self regulate better than you think it will.

You just have to be sure that the stuff gets dry enough between waterings...that is how it regulates best, dry to wet, dry to wet.


BTW, your HP is going to make it just fine, I can tell by the pics.

Be patient and wait her out.

Don't pick at her, just leave her alone and let her do her thing.

No, don't pick off those flowers....leave her alone.


BTW, you should see earthworms in the soil when you dump it out.

It's a good thing, they work the soil so you don't have to.

It's a side benefit of the worm castings....always have had them, always liked seeing them.

Dunno if it's from microscopic worms or eggs or whatever.

They do the soil better than anything else on earth.

When you do dump the old soil out, be sure to care for those worms and drop them right back into the new soil.


Betcha didn't see that one coming :)

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Here's another little tidbit for you.


My nutes of choice is, and always has been, EarthJuice Bloom.


Yea, the stuff that measures like a 2.5PH when you mix it.

Everyone says you have to bubble it and all that sorta shit ?


I mix it double strength and pour it right on the plants for the one time I do give them nutes during bloom.


Never seen a single issue from that either.

You just have to understand how plants grow and how soil works.


The PH of the soil will change a bit as the plant nears finish time.

The EJ bloom knocks it right back into line and the plants will seriously jump.


Now that is a PH adjustment that I do use.

Heh...kinda, I guess, sorta maybe ?

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You just have no idea how relieved i am with your mix. Instead of going to sleep just dreading the nightmare i was going to wake up to........i now look forward to seeing continued recovery and nice new growth.


Would i want to get worms to introduce into my soil... ? Or will they just appear from the fairy dust n chanting done near them over the Holy Princess?


I wish you would take a look at my container size.....look at set 1, the SJ, MB, Cross.

Can i completely flower in those or will i need another up pot to get good yields?


I got the water down, and understand what you mean about wet to dry. I will learn when that occurs

with this first batch. I assume i do not want Wilt dry, but a good dry correct?



I will not remove any more bud from the HP. I also see that the one pictured will throw veg growth,

i will sleep better knowing another HP run is in the future. I will not rush it, nor the other one, which was the marginally better pheno.


BTW....N2, i know i said no shit in this thread and no fighting ....but you dont have to be so friggin nice......MUST be against your grain.....and i sort of liked you as an asshole......lol



Night Gunny....... i owe your ass big time , and thanks for your service for our Country brother!!!

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When time comes for a feeding i will do as you say Gunny.


Stay over my shoulder i will need you for a while.


Hempy...glad to have your help too, you were correct about what you guessed at. I also like the way you handle yourself here, i could learn from you yah as you say....




Man, been months since all was right in my grow world....i hope it stays this way for a while.


Glad i found this place.


Peace, and smoke some for me ,



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I looked at what I assume is set 1.

Those are three gallon correct ?

You can bud out a indica in those, but sats need a solid 5 gallon due to the longer flower time.


You never want to see a plant wilt, but if one does, don't panic, just water it.

The best way to gauge water content in the container is to lift the sucker.

Do it right after watering to get a idea of that weight, then again just before the next watering.

You'll get a feel for it after a few times.


No need to get worms.

They just mysteriously appear in the soil from the worm castings you used in the mix.

No, I have no idea why, but the little fuckers are in there and they will grow.

It's a good thing, just roll with it.


BTW, fuck off and blow me :)

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There ya go! lol



I do not know their size, but 3 gallons or less i think, ill check in the morning.


I will not let them wilt, have a good eye for that. In the smaller pots, before the up pot, it

was every 2 days, pots got light, no wilt, but in these pots it appears to be longer. They have been 2.5 days now, still "weight" to the pots. I know i cannot go by days, as their water requirements will change as they grow, ill figure it out.



Hate the thought of up potting them again, not an issue by myself when they are little like now,

but if i let them get 3 feet and big, its not gona be easy by myself. But i will cross that bridge when i come to it. Maybe slice the pot down the side, and "open" them like an airpot. Just wonder how i would put them back togehter after for another run in them . Maybe use the killer thin silver real duct tape i have, that shit flat holds anything. Now that i think of it, that just might work.

Or just soaking the soil well, and attempt to pull it all out in one piece.......that could work too.




Someone here will have an idea, this place is full of them

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Good stuff guys.


Worms appear because their eggs are in the soil. if you buy castings and DON'T see worms appear, then I'd be skeptical about how 'alive' those castings are...

pH down won't kill microbes. In most bioprocesses the pH is regulated to ensure that the pH is in the range preferred by the microbes. Doesn't matter if you use strong or weak acid/base, unless you start adding too much of elements like sodium into the soil.


@just.blaze, in organic growing, the point is that the microbes should be doing the work. Proper organic growing is facilitated by a consortium of microbes that live in symbiosis with the plants and their environment, so they should be self-regulating. So like n2ishun is saying, the teeny details don't matter. Mix good soil, let it sit for a bit and check whether there's some worms in there. It could be a bit hot, or too weak, but then adjust for next time. However, if you are just using a straight soil mix and bottled nutes, you may have to be a bit more careful with things like pH, cos your community may be lacking. The strength of mixed microbial communities comes from having a large diversity, which comes from having good compost (and letting those microbes spread to the more inert soil components).

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I think it might be worth saying that some people have different definations of organic and bio-organic. Potentially this aspect can cause some confusion.


Organic is often understood where you are not so concerned about the microbes but more earth friendly materials and generally works to feed the plant similar to mineral/chem nutrients.


While Bio-organics is along those lines but work towards the microherd.


So depending on your definition, this can be confusing to some.

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N2, i never said that chlorine wasn't safe for the plant, I'm talking about the chlorine killing microbes in your organic soil.


the same things that regulate the nutrients in your soil and potentially make your life a lot easier.


theres no harm in leaving your water out for a day to let the chlorine escape (you see the bubbles after a few hours, thats chlorine) your plant might not suffer like your plant wouldnt suffer from not giving it the $40 organic booster thats on the shelf at your hydro store.


the truth is, to the organic grower, microbes are more important than any nutrient so why kill them?

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Looks like you have new things going down.


Is the Dude 1 from original pack of BK x BBSD? These had a low germ rate but I almost never got a plant that wasnt killer.


Dude 2 (BK BBSD x Nuke BBSD) is starting to prove itself in a few gardens. I would expect more vigorous plants in that mix, with some likely keeper potential in one pack.


Well you know me, soil guy for sure. You are basically running Sub Cools super soil (more or less). This was the first thing I ran probably 6-7 years ago when I got off the bottle :) Its a good mix that works. There are some nuances that you will learn. Depending on how hot you mixed it, how long you veg, how big your pots are, if you recycle soil /re-amend, etc. this mix does sometimes ask for a little more juice in the heat of flower. Since you are going with N2 system, I am curious if he does any teas or organic feeds in flower??? I could throw in plenty of ideas here.


I could care less about pH.....it doesnt matter much at all, certainly not in organic soil. Mine comes out of the tap around 8.2. Alkalinity is the thing to watch, thing thing that can affect your grow. More so over time if you recycle soil.....I am running 20 gallon no tills now so it is a concern. I agree with the pH down sentiment. Your two basic forms of pH down that usually get bottled up are phosphoric and nitric acid. Now the concentration may be so low once mixed that the effect on a strong microbe rich soil would be insignificant...but I just always thought it sounded like a bad idea to pour in synthetic acid. All that said, I do now use very small amounts of citric acid to titrate the high alkalinity out of my shitty hard water. This seems to work well and I dont have to worry about my (soil) pH drifting up over time or having Ca lockout Mg (not uncommon in organic). Would be curious on N2s thoughts on this one. I dont know of anyone else doing it, but it sure seems to work fine. And at this point my soil is a freaking ecosystem lol.


Comments on Chlorine and Chloramine: Chlorine is easy to remove, bubble your water or wait a day. That said the chlorine in your drinking water will not kill microbes IMO and a little chlorine is actually good for some things...cloning for example. Chloramine is one that doesnt filter out well or bubble off and many water systems are using this now. Again, organic to the rescue....about a quater cup of worm castings (or any good organic material, even molasses) will break down the chloramine if you bubble in water for a few hours to a day.


My biggest complaint about subcools soil is it is more of an NPK focus, albeit organic. The one thing I can say about this soil or any organic approach.....DO NOT skimp on compost / castings. Buy (or make) the absolute best you can find. 20lb bags of wiggle worm just aint gonna cut it. If you can find a local worm farmer, you will be well on your way.


Good compost is the key component of any organic grow, never underestimate this.


Go ahead and run those SP. The plants may not yield 100% if they were weak clones (weak starter roots), but you will get a nice harvest.


Oh and btw - that holy princess will be kicking out new growth. That one is saved.



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Dude 1 original pack. 10 seeds only gave me 3 that germed. Lost 2 to the nuclear soil, one lone

survivor is now coming back strong due to N2's soil.


Dude 2....10 went down 3 days ago, hope to get a good rate on them.


Believe you told me getting 3 from Dude 1 was GOOD.....lol

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Thanks Dude. I will listen to anything you or a few others have to say, but GOING to run EVERYTHING by N2. He saved my ass here, and more i lsten to him the more i think he knows of what he speaks.

Now that i have him back to being 1/2 an asshole im liking him more, lol.


I KNOW if you were involved in Dude 1 and Dude 2 they ARE WORTH running, and running well.


i called them Dude 1 and Dude 2 in your honor ....plus the bbsdx1-4.61 is just too much for me,




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If you want to get a lot of organic growing information including a good explanation of the exact soil you are running, spend a few hours and read my first post thread start to finish. It's the cliffs notes of what I have learned over most of a decade and I am a pretty devout reader/ do'er of organics.


I have taken over the no till thread in the organics section and put a lot of info there too.



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I DID JUST THAT last night.........................EVERY word!!!


JUST FUCKING WOW...............you KNOW what he Hell your doing BRO!!!!!



Im still absorbing it, lot for my feeble mind...............................


YOU may keep my ass in line too!!! Figured you could read between the lines and figure that one out. N2 is my final filter on all things with this run

Im sure you and him share MOST ideas .


Thanks for the lil ones Dude, thanks for the interst, I hope NOT to fuck this set up!!!!!





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Just to make it clear.

There is no N2 system.


The soil is a rather generic mix that I have been using for at least 20 years.

Back in the day (late 90's) all of us more experienced growers at CannabisWorld kinda mish-mashed it together.


Sub, being the leech he is, calls it his.

It's not his by any means, he is a (being straight up here) a scum sucking leech that will do ANYTHING for $5.

He's probably trying to make money off of it in some way or another ( notoriety ?).


I just learned to read the plant and know what it needed.

Get enough grows under your belt and anyone can do it.


I've always said that the plant will tell you what it needs, you just have to know how to listen to the plant.

It's the stone cold truth.

Just about everyone on this site sees that as the rantings of a lunatic or whatever.


That is their loss.

It's my fault for not knowing a better way to put the same thing into words they can understand and relate to.


Meh, I'll leave that train of thought alone for now.

Not that I was on the same train anyway....company kinda ruined my groove....know what I mean ?

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I DO understand that N2......................just giving credit where credit is due.................................

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Topped all the round 1 ladies today, no hurry to have the smoke since Im on break, so might as well let them bush a bit before I flip them.

Wacked the tops off the Sugar Punch ones too, same reason. Didnt cut The Dude 1, it is looking real good, gonna let it go a week and pull cuts of of it, for a full cab run with it..............ASSUMING it goes female. Would just suck to have 10 male cuttings of it, lol. If so, I will breed it to something here. My feeling is it will be a female, if male,

it will be a nice one from the looks of it now, and knowing the work that went into it, wouldnt be the worst thing that could happen, a male I mean,






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Well, the new seed germ rate was NOT up to my usual standards, actually pretty far from it. Looked back at what I had done, and nothing was wrong or an issue.

Since being straight for a while now, I screwed up NOTHING...........how nice...........lol.



Threw down 52 beans total. 36 up, 16 not. That is 70 %, 25 BELOW my usual rates. Upon closer inspection today, during their first real watering( misting 1st few days)

while not really doing a true head/strain germ count, I did notice something that makes me feel better. 10 of the non responders were freebie seeds. In fact 3 sets of freebies had ZERO germ rate. Pulling those 9 out of the equation, the rate changes to 85 %, still not my usual, but can live with that.


Good news is that even though I did not check who was what other than noticeing the zero freebie rate, it means the ones I really wanted did ok. So I must have

a good selection of MY Old Girl cross, The Dude 2, Chuck's Bride, King Tut, and the CCK's. So, all is still good in my new bright soil world.



The Old Girl cuts have started to throw "bumps" on their stems, and the Blue Dreams that I took cuts from and then trashed, have all straightend up and

un twisted their leaves, thinking they have been in 3 days or so. So, as I knew, The Old Girl will have a full Cab of their own in 3 weeks or so, and it appears

that I should also get a DECENT chance of having some fresh Blue Dream to run also. Took maybe 10 cuts off the Dream, so I would hope, even as poor as they were,

that I will have 4 - 6, maybe more, of them to finally make a clean run with. Friend in Florida called last night, told me more of the Blue Dream. She has finished 12 of them, saw only 2 Pheno's, says both are absolute keepers, and she KNOWS MY taste in smoke. Tells me to do all I can to get a run of these, and our seeds came from the exact same source, so I have my fingers crossed I do get enough to do a run on with, rather than having to grow them out and take cuts off these cuts...........lol.


The topped 1st set of SJ, MB, and my outside unknown StarDawg cross continue to look about perfect, seeing no issues in this new soil mix. Hopefully in a week or so when they start to develope new growth, I will have a good idea when to flip them. Gonna error to the large side rather than small on these Ladies. Have them in a large Cab with plenty of room , even enough to throw in a second light if need be. It is becoming rather obvious that the Sannie's Jack and My StarDawg cross are GOING TO out run the MadBerry VERY soon. The MB is probably gonna have to me moved, or turned much shorter than the 2 other strains. They are certainly VERY healthy,

but squatty plants compared to the Jack and StarDawgs. I do however look forward to that day, being in soil pots it is SO DAMN EASY to move them, compared to the Hydro setups I am use to growing in.



Nothing much will be going on here for a while, and I look forward to having to do nothing but sit back and have a weeks break from the lil bitches..............



BTW, Dude...................Dude 1 IS gonna be just fine!!! It is getting with the program BIG TIME, starting to display dominance over the Sugar Punch it is hanging out with. While it is coming back to NICE health, the FINICKY damn SP's are doing their wanky dance again, and just about sick of jacking with them. I love the strain,

but have had issues with the cuts since day 1. They came off poor health plants, and although I thought they were gonna be just fine, Im not 100 percent certain anymore. I topped them a few days ago, and if they do not respond WELL to this, I am going to trash their ass's and move on to HEALTHY plants. SP will ALWAYS have a home here, and 2 of the 11 cuts ARE FINE, so either way I will have SOME Sugar Punch to run. Sugar Punch # 7, The NON affected one from the last failed run, gotta be like 7 or 8 weeks in, is bulking up, smelling good, and WILL produce a nice"stash" jar for my future personal use.


The lone Dude 1, like I said is looking good, will come back to 100 percent, might be there now. I have NOT looked at it close yet, to determine sex, I dont really want to know yet..............lol...............too afraid to look. What a pussy, lol.!!!! I have decided if it is a male, I will pollinate MY Old Girl with it. Does it breed well and pass on its traits????? Even though still little, I CAN TELL this little GEM is something special. Starting to take on a "normal" growth pattern, it is obvious this plant has very different patterns, and looks different to ANYTHING else I have going. I look forward to seeing what it has to offer!!!!!



Dude 1 in recovery:








1 of the SP recovery victims doing ok:





The Northern Lights gonna be healthy, 90 % back:





Holy Princezz RE VEG #1 is gonna be just fine, The Dude n N2 were correct, just a waiting game now. Bet normal growth in 10 days or so:








Even HP RE VEG # 2, the TINY bit better Pheno of her I had, is gonna be ok too it appears...............CAN YOU SAY SWEET!!!!





Damn sure took some time, but in the grand scheme of things, and with my LOVE of anything Holly Princess, WELL worth the time, effort, and chanting, lol.






Come on # 2....................pretty please, you know you want a GOOD run this time in GOOD soil, unlike your last run in SHIT mix, where you still produced

killer smoke. Can only imagine what she is capable of with a good grow, I will find out!!!






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Looking good Jet!


I see new growth on that lil HP (I think), looks like things are all coming together in there.


This "Outdoor stardawg cross" of which you speak... Outdoor unknown ass kicker with beans correct? :whistle: I think I am very curious to see how that cross works out.


F a bunch of freebies hahaa , I Love the fact that Sannie sends freebies of quality, even Mr C every time I order (sannie and shop gear) I get Esco freebies so samey same there, something to look forward to. But I think in about 10+ years of growing and ordering beans I have never received freebies worth a shit from any other seed bank. I have got more auto shit as freebies than anything else, which I toss in the bin. Don't get me wrong I love free stuff as much as the next guy. but ,I have never grown out a single Non Sannie freebie and even considered ordering that strain. Bad luck I guess. I think TGA 3rd dimension was the best freebie I have run, but ....mehh.


Also glad to hear the review on those Blue Dream, I have been dying to see how they turn out.

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Yes. M, the friend grower in Florida is a WELL TRUSTED source. She has possession of my "pink" Sugar Punch, MY old GIrl, Trainwreck, and my 1st

made cross Cloud Watcher. Cloud Watcher is most likely the most potent weed I have ever sampled, and she agrees after growing it over a year now, and is a stable in

her line up. She was covered in a High Times articule last year( NO, I DO NOT read the trash mag, but will gab one off the stand and look at the pics, lol) as a full on organic grower, doing this for 10 years, ALL ORGANIC. WAY BEYOND me, Im a noob in the soil. She makes her own "tea's", only hand waters, and grows STUNNING plants that have a "waxy glow" to them, if you know what I mean. She is probably in The Dude's league with organics, but I doubt past him. Close to equal I would guess, after reading EVERY SINLE WORD The Dude has written here. HE AMAZES ME!!!!! I want to be like The Dude ONE DAY...........MANY years form now, lol.



Point was, she tells me the Blue Dream is better than SP, and the equal in terms to overall power with the Cloud Watcher, BUT with a VERY VERY heavy HIGH,

not very clear, but POTENT...............MY kind of smoke. Maybe I wil find out if the cuts root, then behave in veg. Time will tell.


The 'freebies" were mostly NOT from sannie, EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING, I have gotten from Sannie has been viable, and EXACTLY like he describes it.

Said it before, say it again, SANNIE is a class act, he TESTS his shit more than the others do, and I TRUST ANYTHING he would send me. The beans were rat packed over the years, from God knows where mostly, and some were pretty old. I could honestly care less about them, and will be glad to have their space back as I have pulled the trigger on BOUDICA, and they are next to germ. Do not know why................well yes I do, from Santeros take on them, but I think Boudica will be to my liking.

I am DONE buying seeds, have enough genetics right now to run for near a year. I KNOW I have some gems in the making, and NOT chasing anymore "holy grails". I have MY holy grail in the HP, and with the 2 RE VEG bitches showing me that HP is just a hearbeat away, I am completely HAPPY with my selections NOW!!!! Throw in The Dude 1 and 2, and I am a HAPPY CAMPER!!! :icecream: P.S. NEVER bought or revieved an Auto seed, HAVE NO USE for one either. JMHO Not dissing them, just not my style.




Have run 3 runs of her. SUPERB smoke, just SUPERB. In Cloud Watcher, Sugar Punch, Holy Princezz league FOR SURE!!!!! Grows BIG, with huge main colas,

no popcorn nor garbage lower growth. She goes tall, wants to be 5 foot or better, EVEN when turned little. MUCH Sativa in her. I KNEW I was gonna lose her, when I

switched to soil a few months back, you know, the shit NUCLEAR FF soil mix, but WAS smart enough to pull a cut and plant it outside, LATE this past summer.

She was turned at 10 inches, grew into a 5 or 6 foot BEAST, yielding over 3 Z's even so late in the season. She endured NASTY RAIN, 35 degree weather for a straight week, yet finished frosted, NO ISSSUES, not even any bad leaves on her. Faded out just beautiful................YOU saw pics of her. Her smoke was even better than the good runs in my Dro setup WHEN i had it running spot on. The big M.H. in the sky DOES WONDERS, even in just my shit back yard soil.


I THINK I had a Holly Princess male out back, but not sure. Might have had a CCK and Caramel Cough male out there too, but back in the 20 percent THC

body influence days, Im NOT sure. What a damn stoner............NOT going back to that "influenced all the time" state. Gonna be a Saturday night smoker when I go back to puffing on the Ladies. I have kicked the every day, all day habit, and actually feel MUCH better. I know Im gonna get just BLAZZED when I hit the first pull of SP, SJ, BD, and the others in 3 months time.


I had 5 or 6 other plants out with her, but they were put out a month earlier. NONE of them had seeds. NOT A SINGLE ONE. In 3 full Cab runs of SD, i saw NO nanners, no pollination, NOTHING out of the ordinary, she was VERY STABLE. All from ONE clone plant. When I cured the SD, and smoked her( I kept IT ALL MYSELF) I found 3 seeds in 3 ounces of primo bud. Well developed, LARGE and spotted/stripped..........had both! She might have selfed herself, but after curing in jars for a month, i could detect NO funkyness................SO who the Hell knows.....................it will be a nice surprise I think, assuming 1 of the 2 are Ladies. If not, I will not

use it to breed with, as I do not really know what they are. Hope some of this makes sense to you.



Here are the two today, topped 2 days ago, in with the SJ and MB...........CERTAINLY WAY different to the others, and IN NO WAY resembling her when run in the 3 previous runs, which leads me to believe she was hit my a true male.....................















Stomping MadBerry's ass at the present time..........................MB behind it.







They ARE NOT stomping the Sannie's Jack however!!!! DAMN, I THINK I gotthe "BEAST" back I found on the last SJ run!!! The SJ's ARE DIGGIN N2's recommended soil mix.......................BIG TIME!!!! They are all SMILING wide faced. The SJ's ARE ON BRO!!!!!!!!!










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Very nice,

right on, gotcha on the SD, different animal all together.


Oh the pink lady , you are talking uber frosty dense bud fast finisher ? if so that was my absolute favorite of all the plants I have grown. I think that is the plant that has me obsessed with the SP, and keeps me buying more and more beans.


Very cool. Yes I have studied the Dudes organic threads extensively and all I can say Im with you, holy shit!! there is MUCH to learn, but at the same time once you learn the way of the jedi growing becomes very simple...or so it seems, I sure don't have that business down beyond the soil mix and adding water lol.


Definitely with you on Sannie, THE BEST dude selling seeds bar none. My only complaint is the CC option, because that bit coin business is not clicking for me. I feel dumber every time I read about it and am no closer to making that work.

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Yes, that is her. I sent her cuts a year ago. She has made several runs of her. BUT NOW, just as me, having issues with mutant cuts not responding.

In her words, "Jet, it is not very stable" ..................I know M, I KNOW..........................lol..............


I sent cash in letter agin..................hate it but TOO STUPID to even figure out BitCoin .................. :rtfm: :thumbsdown: :innocent: :whatthahell: :shutup:

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Jet, do me a favor and take a tape measure, measure across the top of your planters and the height top to bottom.

Post the measurements please.


I think I might have mis-guessed when I said they look like 3 gallon and that they are in fact 1 gallon.

1 gallon is too small to flower anything in and get a decent yield.


I use something like these...


Very cheap, very durable, and work perfect (after drilling a few drain holes along the bottom edges).

It's super nice for the shape, they pack in close together nicely and don't waste any floor space.


To me..

The ideal planter is not needing to be so large side to side, but the depth is needed for taproot length.

Hell, I've used PVC 8 and 12 inch plumbing pipe with a cap glued to the bottom and it worked great.


Another thing to remember...

Shorter plants to the center, directly under the light.

Tall plants to outside edges.

Try to keep all plant tops the same distance from the center of the light bulb.

Should ideally look like a bowl shape to the grow area.


Those guys that do the huge grows where all plants are exactly the same height are not running optimally.

Those plants on the outer edges of the grows get much less light energy.

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