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Hi OG growers and readers.


I thought i would share our ongoing grows, i read so much in this forum so i have to give some back. Karma you know. :wave:

We grow in Coco substrate since a few years with great success, this time we try something new, correls E/F in pots :dribble:,

but just on 1 of 4 Wilmas.

Nutrients are Canna all over. (Canna-Coco,-Aqua,-Zym,-Rizotonic and a little bit Boost or CaneSugar.)

Our water from the line is EC 0,65 PH 6,7-7,1, we do not use osmosis filtering. (waste of water)


The setups and strains are as follows, i hope you enjoy our grow and ask what is to ask.



1x1m Homebox with 400W HPS AAW, 9x10L+2x6L pots with coco substrate, hand watering.

Grow from seed,Strains: 3x Chocolate Cheese female, 4x Lady Cane female 1x male, 2x Chocolate Rain female 1x male

They are flowering for maybe 10 days now i have to look for that, startet the seeds in the end of December last year.

They were vegging in 0,2L pots with soil under a 250w hps till they showed sex.


EC 1,8/PH 6,0




Chocolate rain male smells sweet coffee cocoa



Lady Cane male smells hazey fruity incense





2,4x1,2m Homebox with 2x 600W, 4xWilma E/F+circulation pump, 24x11L pots (18xCoco and 6xHydroCorrels) + 8x6L pots (6xCoco and 2xHydroCorrels)

Plants all from Cuttings, left side is mainly Chocolate Rain on the right is:

Sour Lemon Haze, in between them the are 1xJack Herer&1x Brambleberry Kush on the Left side and 1xChemdog, 1x Pineapple Gold & 1x Maple Leaf Indica.

In the front row thre are:

1x Sour Lemon Haze, 3x Super Lemon Haze, 2x Maple Leaf, 1 Iced Apple x OrtegaMLI#7, 1x Sour Lemon Haze#6


The plants in Coco are waterd by hand till they root nicely, i think i will fill up the wilmas end of the week.

I flushed the coco last grow a little to much so the Plants had to less nutrients after transplanting and ther was a slight P defiency and then we sprayed against spyder mites (got a ED Superbud cut which was infected, so better before then after its to late) so it was getting worse. Now the new growing tips look healthy so i have put the net in ,put the clips down and switched to flowering.


Coco EC 1,8/PH 5,9

Aqua EC 1,8/PH 5,7








Have a nice day OG

I go to bed, i hate night shift.

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That is a nice and clean looking setup and plants (of course)- thanks for sharing



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Thanks guys. :wave:


The ladys and boys in the small box look very nice, specifically the LadyCanes are so beautiful ladys.

But see your self.





LadyCane male



ChocolateRain male



Box overview & male bagged




stay high OG

greetings S&J

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Today i have filled up the 3 other wilmas in the big box. Canna Coco, Rizotoni,Cannazym, EC:1.9, PH:5,8 (forgot to put in Canna AkTRIvator, will do that tomorrow)

As far it looks good, hope they grow on a little to fill the space but iam confident. The ones in Correls are a bit behind the nutrient solution was to strong at EC:2,0, i dilutetd it wis water to EC 1,8.Now they look better and begin to grow.


My brother germinated some white seeds of our Iced Apple/Bella Ortega cross to test if they will germinate,because we have a lot of them and its tricky to get good seeds from the IcedApple.

They all germinated and so we thought we test how they grow and they grow well so they will flower now. :blink: Funny how things come some times. :rolleyes:

They will get bigger pots also with coco this week. The lighting is 2x70w cdm-td.













Good night OG




p.s.: thanks @Barrie84 :wave:

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S&J - All is looking so tight up in your space. Great work, nice and clean. Happy growing!

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Hello OGers :wave:


Thanks @Starinhazy


Its update time.


Plants are doing well so far.

Big box:

Week 3 12/12 begins.

Today i filled up the 3 coco wilmas the water was low so 30 liters in every reservoir, and 10 liters for the correls reservoir. EC 1,8/PH 5,8

The plants in coco are doing well, its the first time i use a net and i have webbed them in there as good as possible to get an even plant level.

I hope this way it will be a sea of buds. :dribble:


The 1m²:

Week 4 of flowering. EC1,7/PH 6,0 (Handwatering)

The buds are forming now and they start to put out some resin.

The smell of the ChocoCheese is definitive not my thing. Cheesy, roasty, stinky in some way.

All the Lady Cane´s give a nice sativa smell but there is no haze to smell till now. :unsure:

Chocolate Rain#1 smells like earth, coffee and a little bitter.

Chocolate Rain#2 has a super sweet fruity bubblegum smell. :jump:

The Chocolate Rain male is producing a huge amount of pollen, the paper bag is filled up. Very nice smell to sweet and resinous. :yummy:



EC 1,5/PH 6,0 handwatering

I was not thinking that the plants would grow that well under just 2x70w. They are nicely green and stinky. 3 males we sorted out. 1 of them has the spot on Iced Apple smell and has huge elongated pollen sacks. Think its the one for a Bx. :wub:



In there with the Iced Apple x Bella Ortega are 2 ChocoChunks (Which are autoflowering. All the ChocoChunks did this when about a year old!) + 1 Cheese +1 MLI/BO.



Big Box Sour Lemon side



ChocolateRain side






1m² Overview

















Small Box






grow on


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Hello Opengrow! :wave:


I have got some pictures for you.

I know the buds are not fat enough for you guys to respond, but its coming i promise. :likken:



Big box:

Week 4 12/12

Coco: EC:2,0 / PH:5,9

Aqua: EC:1,8 / PH:5,7

I topped up the reservoirs (wilmas) with 20 liter each and put in for each 10 liters of fresh water: 30/30-A/B (Coco or Aqua), Rizotonic 5ml, PK13/14 5ml and ph down 3.5ml. Thats it for the beginning 4th week of 12/12.


The buds are forming and filling up now the stretch is mostly over. Its looking good but i have to say that i like it more to work with bamboo sticks instead of a net. The the layer of leaf at the net is blocking the light and thats buds which mature not really so :thumbsdown: .

Some leafs have a little wind burn and there is a Calcium deficiency building at some chocolate rains because of to wet coco...the new coco holds lots of water and did not dry up properly. Next time we will add a layer of correls/hydroton as we did it before that.































IcedApplexBellaOrtega#7 -CandyAppleHashplant




Small box, 2x70w:


Its starting to flower. Its the second week of 12/12 for the Iced Apple x Bella Ortega. They are bigger and more stretchy than thought.







So thats it for now.

The LadyCane and Chocolate rain box i will update maybe later or tomorrow...my wife wants me to spend some time with her at the couch and being lazy but i have to pollinate the Chocolate Rain#2.2 , SourLemon(Diesel)Haze and Super Lemon Haze we will see which females/female will win.


Have a nice evening OGers.

Greetings Silas(&Jamal is sleeping , a dogs life can be so nice)

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Thank you for such good documentation. I love what your doing! Gonna vape something special in your honor! I cannot believe its been so long since I was last in this thread. I wont make that mistake again.

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Hello S&J

Great looking setup nice and clean and green

Your thumb is definitely Green my friend

I can't wait to see the finish

Safe grow more pics please


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Hey guys,

Thanks for the kind words. :hug:


Sorry i have no time at the moment. I have taken pics of the 1m² box today and sunday when we pollinated the Chocorains and LadyCanes lower buds. I will upload them tomorrow.


Have a nice smoke all. :wave:

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Hello OG!


So much to do at the moment, its really annoying. But my little girl and my wife come first and there are also friendships to keep going. So less time for so much things. :huh:


Today just some about the 1m² box.

We have pollinated the to Chocolate Rains lower buds with the selected Chocolate Rain male. (One smells super fruity red berry bubblegum, the other one smells chocolaty dark and a little bit like orange peel. The male smells wonderful sweet cocoa like and is very sticky at the stems.)


My chosen Lady Cane the #1 was pollinated too, but with Lady Cane pollen of course. (The girl smells strong perfume like musk little bit lemon and cleaner. The male smells woody church like.)


All over the girls flower nicely but my brother has a little overdone the PK but its okay little bit burned tips and yellowing but i think this will not be harmful at all, he will learn thereof i hope.


The Chocolate Cheese are really smelly plants and are covered in resin. Looks good for my bro, he is a cheese guy. :rolleyes2:


Lady Canes i have to say im a bit split. The bigger ones are really beautyful and resinous and smelly but the to lower ones are not smelling at all and one is not having any resin on it. We have to wait how they turn out. Im just a bit unsure because i chose a small male plant to pollinate the LC#1.


And about the Chocolate Rain i just can say i love this weed, its a so nice plant to grow every one i grew till now was a beauty in some way.




Chocolaterain pollination


Bubblegumy CR


Chocolaty CR











LC#1 pollinated lower buds







bye OG

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bye OG


Nice Porno! She love you long time! :hug: or did she says that tickles :wub:


I am vaping in something great in honor of your future kids. I hope your saving! college is an expensive bitch maybe just consider putting them in the ground sooner than later and no one will think much of it.


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Hempy, they would too. vn 68/69..70/71..


guys u all have it together for sure. love your thread..i could look at beautiful grows like yours all day..lol :wave:


keep it coming..that lady cane is my favorite thus far.. :dribble:

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Good evening OG.


Thank you @Snookster @Hempyfan @bigun i hope i will not disappoint you guys and all goes on so well.


Just a little update on the big box and the small with the IAxMLI.


Its the beginning of week 5 the ladys in the big box are doing well so far but some are yellowing a little bit but i think the light was to near to the top of the plants.

I could also be that the ph down i use at the moment which is not from canna does not suit to the nutrients or some shit like that. :wtf2:

I filled up the nutrient tanks with 30 liters tap water each and added 25ml a+b, 20ml Cannzym, 5ml Rizotonic, 15ml PK 13/14, and 15ml Boost for each 10 liters.


This will be used for a week to 10 days the i will maybe empty the nutrient tanks and fill them with a lighter nutrient mix at about EC:1,7

Maybe they will get some H&G Top shooter to get the fox tailing we will see.


Pictures are not the best this time, i f**ked up the white balance. Sorry. :blush:

mostly ChocolateRain side



mostly SourLemonHaze side













The small box is at week 3 now, but the 140w cdm seem to be not enough for proper budding, and the smell of the ladys is just like Bella Ortega which is disappointing :wacko: in some way. The males will be killed except my brother wants to hold on them, i dont like the plants this round.











So thats it for this week.

I am thinking of popping some beans for the next one in the 1m² box, but i can not decide.

We want to pop 20-30 seeds there are at choice:


DampkringClassics G13xAmnesia 5 seeds

DampkringClassics Mexican Haze 5 seeds

NoMercySeeds No Mercy Spezial 10 seeds

CannabellaSeedClub Diamond Haze 10 seeds

Mr.NiceSeeds Mango Haze 8 seeds

Mr.NiceSeeds Black Widow 9 seeds

CannabellaSeedClub Princess Snow White V1 ~500 seeds test seeds (JackHerer x Bella Ortega male IceT)

CannabellaSeedsClub Sweet Lemon Haze ~500 seeds test seeds (Super Lemon Haze x Bella Ortega male pine)

CannabellaSeedClub Haleys Comet x Verry Berry Haze 20 seeds test seeds



See you later

bye OG

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:grinning_respect: for growin different styles at the same time, know how much work that is... and you're doin great!



The Mango Haze is a sister of SSH, and like the MNS-site says if you smoke it after eatin a tree-ripened mango, you're in for a treat!! :wub:





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Hi OG!



Thanks for the likes! :wave:


@mowgli i know that its a sister of ssh i have grown 9 of the seeds and found nothing to keep but i will give the rest a try some time.


I think i germinate the following seeds: 5 G13xAmnesia, 5 Mexican Haze, 10 Diamond Haze,10 Princess Snow White and maybe a few Kumaoni or Haley Comet x Very Berry Haze.


First of a look in the big box.

EC 1,9/PH 5,9

Start week 6 12/12






Chocolate Rain side



Chocolate Rain side with flash



Sour Lemon Haze side



Sour Lemon Haze with flash



Chocolate Rain, White Choco Berry cut






Jack Herer



Maple Leaf Ortega



Super Lemon Haze, CBSC cut



Super Lemon Haze, seeded x Pineapple Gold= Sour Lemon Haze



Sour Lemon Haze#6, Amnesiastyle cut





Small Box

EC 1,6/PH 6,0

Week 7 12/12


My bro has overdone the PK instead of it the should have gotten a milder nutrient mix. :whistle:





Chocolate Rain#2 Raspberry Bubblegum pheno






Chocolate Cheese#1, sweet cheese smell



Chocolate Cheese#3, rotten cheese smell



Lady Cane#1, my chosen keeper



Lady Cane#3, soft sweet lemon haze smell



Lady Cane#3



Lady Cane#4



Chocolate Rain#3, seeded bud



Have a nice week OG




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Wow S&J! Love the variety of strains you've got... That Lady Cane #1 keeper looks like it's a good yielder - it's a nice fat bud reminds me of the sought after sannie's jack pheno. Is that size why you're keeping it, or have you smoked it and found it to be a premium high?

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Just wanted to say thank you guys @bigun @Damar

We do the best we can do to keep the ladys happy, in every part of life.

@Damar i have chosen the LC#1 because of her look and smell. With 10 years growing weed you know what you want to smoke. The other fat LC is also very nice (but i have got my Sour Lemon Haze which i love the high and taste from) and i will give it to a friend who grows for yield he will keep it around.


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Been a while since I grew a few MH, all I recall is they tasted sweet, and with a well ripened mango all sweet weeds taste better :icecream:



Keep up the good work!

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Just a quick update. I have a flu since friday and im really down. The lung hurts so bad i cant vaporize so everything gets worse.


My bro cuted chocolate cheese#3 at 7,5 weeks. A friend of us said it smelled like ape-shit with and bark mulch you know what i mean? the composted bark which smells over some kilometers. Ugly really heavy smell. But very frosty and nice looking bud i like the big calyx.

The rest is still going. Chocolate Rain will be cut next they are ready (the seeded parts will stay on the plant in the box to mature).


















In the big box all is well so far. Last week i filled up every res with 20 liters and 50ml Ripen.

Yesterday i filled up all reservoirs with 30 liters and 60/60-A/B and cannazym. Its start of week 7 today.


Pics i will ad the following days.


The IcedApplexOrtega got sorted out, 4 of them are with in the 1m² box now that theres some space. The rest of them is gone :wave: ....they where not good enough the smell was not very impressive so we decided to give the space to the 1 week old seeds.


Bye Bye OGers.

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