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Ben Tokin

Ben Tokins staggered harvest pics

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Hello all,

Today is the day...finally. this run was to look for mothers/keepers. Was started back in october or september. Started about 40 seeds mostly regs and a couple fems. Took clones of all my cuts sexed them and then revegged the cuts once sexed. Not the most efficient way to go about things. Took way longer than i thought and the seed plants ended up vegging way longer than needed while i was sexing the cuts. I believe i originally had 18 females from the seeds. Mid run i had a buddy who had an scare with the local cable provider (long story). I ended up taking all his plants about a week or two into flower. Basically doubled my plant count. Its been a huuge pain in the ass taking care of that many plants since i hand water. Really tough to get to the ones in the back. Obviously with that many things dont go perfect. Its my first full organic run and i definately toasted a couple plants. The best part is i have cuts so i will get another chance to see what they can do. Lineup is below





3x pinepple diesel

2x salmon river og

3x bodhi super snow lotus

1x ms universe

3x cheeseberry haze

1x mt hood huck f3

1x dna kosher kush

1x dna sour secret

4x bog sour strawberry

1x mad shack

1x sugar punch (slightly purple looks like a monster

Next ones are the ones i got from my friend. They are all labeled but i havent gotten in to see how many of each plant i know whats there for the most part

Chocolate rain

Chocolate cheese


Mad kush

killing fields

mad berry




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Ill throw up a smoke reoort or two when the time comes. Im not the best at describing tastes and smells though. Probably save the reports for the keepers although going in i thought id only be keeping 3 maybe 4. Seeing them all now its gonna be tough. The two salmon rivers for instance both look amazing. One bubba dom that faded purple and smells amazing. The other a lighter green magoo dom that was the frostiest of all the plants in the room. Gonna be tough picking keepers out.

Jet, the beast in the middle is the sugar punch. It was the only plant that wasnt topped and wanted to stretch like hell when flipped. Some of the side colas on this thing are bigger than the tops of other plants. Even the cut i took of it is getting outta hand now. Keeps growing into my t5 and burning itself. Would be an amazing plant for a scrog. Smells fruity sweet like skittles candy.


Anyway first up is a bog sour strawberry. Terrible yield but that what i get when u dont top a pure indica and flower it in a 6 in pot. Absolutely covered in trichs tho





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Some more porn. First up...salmon river og bubba dom pheno. Smells typical bubba...grape earthy kush funk. Strong scent




Next up...salmon river magoo dom pheno. Smells of rubber tires and lemon. To me at least. I have a bad sense of smell. Super sticky and white with trichs





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@Ben I like your style. Nice full room, maximizing space, taking in a buddy (risky, but kind), hope he runs a clean op.


Plants look stellar, looks like you will be covered in it soon.


Great work and tanks for sharing

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Very nice looking room Ben,that salmon river looks great, I've been wanting to run that for a while.Thanks for the view.

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Gregster if u can id suggest u get a pack of the salmon river. Smoked a tester of the bubba dom pheno. It tasted great. Looks even better. Rock hard nugs. Went 8 weeks but prob could have been cut at 50 days. It faded purple around 40 days. started in the fans and moved to the sugar leaves about a week later.


Starin, thanks bud. Hes a good friend who ive done outdoor grows with in the past. Hes kinda clueless when it comes to growing so ive been showing him the basics. Think hes done with indoor now tho. Ive been in ur thread and also love the bho in the porn thread. I recently came back from a trip to colorado. The shatter and wax was a favorite there. Wish i could make some but am afraid of the process so i stick to the bubble hash. I do have a friend of a friend who makes wax. Last run i gave him my trim and he takes a cut. Anyway the current run looks nice. Im hoping for the best for u. Im sure with all of indicans wares youve got it will be flame


Some more harvest pics. A couple more bog sour strawberries. Unfortunately the first 2 i cut hermed out and most of the lowers were seeded. I think the head nugs are fine tho. Looks like it almost went from the bottom up cuz the seeds at the bottom looks the most mature. Im not worried tho. Worse come to worst itll be hash. Im just hoping it didnt polinate anything else. Plants next to it looked okay but well see. Tomorrow hopefully ill be taking down the mt hood huck, a pinepple diesel or two, maybe the ms universe or dna sour secret. Well see tomorrow. Need to start moving some of the clones i have into the flower room also. Theyre getting a bit crowded and some are most are at least knee high. Gonna need some serious training.








Clone closet pic...its a jungle in there


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thaks 4 sharing,Ben ! all looks great...room,plants & buds :tu especialy the nicely colored SalRivOG-BubbaPheno :icecream:

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More pics...

Mt hood huck f3. Did an f2 last run. Similar smell, maybe a bit more spicy scent than the last time but got that berry scent im used to with the huck. Hardly any stretch after flip. Another strong smelling lady




Pineapple deisel #1. Got 2 more of these coming down soon. This one appears to be a larger yielding ms uni dom pheno. Its nug appearance and smell are similar to the ms uni i cut after this. Mostly sweet pineapple scent.





Ms universe. Very small plant which is odd cuz it had very thin fingered fans. Not much stretch, small yielder. Desstar dominant i assume? Im hoping its devastatingly potent like the desstar description says. Similar pinepple scent to the pineapple diesel but not as sweet. Kinda spicy background thats familiar but cant quite put my finger on. Kinda smells like battery acid or a burnt electrical smell in the background. Very odd.



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One more. Cheeseberry haze #1. First off, this is one the the plants that i toasted, probably the worst one in the room as far as overfeeding. Thought it was a lost cause and was gonna make hash of it. After cutting it down though it is super sticky. Kept clogging my fiskars up with resin and although burnt it actually yielded much better than i thought. Some of the nugs actually had some weight(relatively speaking) and its smelled of the delicious cheeseberry i ran a couple years ago. Stretched like a mofo. This and the sugar punch are my tallest plants but this one was topped once and the sugar punch wasnt. I am glad i have a cut of this. I think it would be a huge yielder if grown halfway decent. Didnt get a full plant pic cuz it was so stretched out and if i try to move it it would flop everywhere and to be honest she was just too scraggly and beat looking to show her face. I wrote it off early and put it in the corner leaning on the wall with no support for the most part. Im eager to see what she looks like on the next run

Heres a box full o buds before trimming


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Some more pics from this weekend.


Dna Kosher kush





Dna sour secret. Reminds me of a reeeally good cataract kush i grew out years ago. Im guessing this is an LA dom pheno? Smaller plant and yield slow vegger took like 3 weeks to root a cut. Seems there gear has gotten worse over the years. I used to find great keepers in their packs. Now its mostly herms and generic shit. Althought i do find quality plants once in a long while.




Pineapple diesel #2. Pretty much same as the first. Just a little smaller nugs




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I also cut a madberry and mad kush this weekend. Didnt get pics of either. They were both smaller plants. The mad kush seeded itself. Also i didnt mention it but the dna sour secret had a nanner or two also. Definitely saw a seed or two. Possibly my own fault. I mentioned that some of these plants were overfed. Within the past year tho ive kinda started to move away from fems more and more. Not trying to hate on them and in fact id still grow them or some of the fem breeders but it seems i find way more herms and mutations in them. Ive attached some photos of some mutations on some buds which ive seen before on some fems previously. Theyre really tight leafy clusters of hairs...looks like the bud has a mohawk of pistils. Gotten them in a sugar punch i did last year, a choc cheese and a mad kush this time around.






One more...dried mad kush nug


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More pics. First up bodhi super snow lotus #1. Fluffy structure. Shades of light green and purple. Fruity skunky smell. Weak braches that need support




Next another cheeseberry haze i toasted. Def overfed. Well try and do better next time




Last for now...one of the stars of the show. A giant stretchy purple sugar punch. Nice vigor on this one. The mother i have is growing like wild Thing had solid nugs top to bottom. Not rock solid but nice and heavy. Smells sweet like candy and super sticky when trimming. Well see how she is after cure. Look for her to make an appearance in the bud porn thread soon. Most definitely keeping this one around




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Nice Punch! I have never gotten one that color. Curious to hear smoke reports on these, Snow Lotus huh. Never grown any Bodhi nor smoked any. Want to hear about it.

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Thanks jet. Ive done the punch several times and never had a colored pheno. This is my first time doing bodhi gear. Ive heard alot about his stuff so once i was able to grab some i had to try it out. I chose the snow lotus cuz im a huge ecsd fan and i believe the mass super skunk is one of the parents of ecsd. Was hoping for tasty and potent like the sour d. The funny thing is i have a buddy who has a ecsd mother. Not sure why i just didnt grow that. Guess it always interesting to pheno hunt to find ur own keepers. I also have a pack of wish mountain or silver mountain. Dont remember which. Id have to check the stash. Once ive cleaned a little bit of my veg closet out im gonna have to give the boudica another try. Speaking of cleaning shit out. Small update. Took out all my mothers and cleaned up some of the lower growth. I was inspired by the DIY scrog net thread and went ahead and made one for the plants ill be throwing in flower. They are already over 3 ft with the pots so i needed something to control height. Threw the ms universe and koshher kush mothers in there as im not keeping them. Gonna take cuts of the cheeseberry haze and super snow lotus(since i overfed last batch) and throw the mothers in there. Have to give them another chance.


Heres a couple mothers pulled out of the veg closet



And one of the flower room finally starting to thin out. I moved all plants left to one side so i can start putting plants under the screen. Over 3 ft before flip...i dont wanna imagine how big they will be by the end. Im hoping for the best


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Last update for about a week. Headin outta town. Tried to get as much work done as i could. Took down another mad kush, another super snow lotus, the last pineapple diesel, and a madberry. Also, took clones of each of the pineapple diesels, the cheese haze, and the super snow lotus. Threw 3 snow lotus, 2 cheese haze, and a pineapple diesel into the flower room along with the kosher and ms u i threw in the other day. The mad kush i cut down was also herm like the last one. No worries tho. I didnt get pics of the snow lotus before i cut it but it was the stickiest plant ive ever cut in my life. Total pain in the ass to trim because of it. Gonna have to give it extra attention next run to make sure it comes out better than this time. It was really overfed. Heres some after trim pics




Next the last pineapple diesel. This one was more sativa buds than the other. Prob the smeliest of the 3 tho. Im thinking its pheno 2 and the other two were pheno 1 in prof p's pheno descriptions. Nugs were nice on this one top to bottom. No small leafy junk.




Last up mad berry. This one was taller than the last one i cut. Last one was reeaallly small. This one is a decent size



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Very nice man. Gonna have some nice smoke to sift through. I have MadBerry going in flower too. Let me know what you think of it when you know.

When these little ones i have all go into flower, Im gonna try some Bodhi. Have a line on Goji Og, and Apollo 11, will try those. Man, just too much stuff I want to run.

Nice seeing someone run a bunch of different Ladies. Enjoying your show!!!






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