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Ben Tokin

Ben Tokins staggered harvest pics

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Post it up jet. Id like to see urs. Ive been watching ur thread but the last photos werent labeled so i wasnt sure if ur salmon river was in there or which one it was.


Heres my two phenos i currently have



#1...more branchy. Small yield. First run i thought it was becaise it was shaded by other plants but it has plenty of room this run and still has small little nugs. Plenty frosty



#2....see last post above



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Chem desire #2. She should yield pretty good. She flopped over from weight as u can see. She also should have been picked a week ago. Im just so tired of trimming.






This will probably be my last post for this thread. Im ready for my summer break and everything i still have going has been shown here already. May try and make my first seeds over the summer but either way ill be back with more dynasty (finally will have a chance to pop my blue heron v3 pack), bodhi, and im gonna be trying some karma gear next year too. Might have to make a sannies order too. Its been a while but i think i have some points to use and im just about out of his stuff. See yas later in the year. Ill be lurking and occasionally posting in the bud porn thread im sure.

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"I´m just so tired of trimming"

...the old hustle, we all know, poor bro..hope you´ve been tokin´ 1 or 2 to prevent cronic diseases.



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