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Bio Bill and the LED shed

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Dear all,


I started again and this time with the whole bio package. In the tent there are 2 Katzu Kush x Sannies jack(left) and 2 NY diesel (right).



The organic package from Polder grower and Sannie








The last photo is from today, they will get Bacto somewhere this week. And will also get the Bac Pvp treatment.


And then I still had an clone from the Candy Kush Express, which is doing well in the LED closet. It had some mites, but two times a treatment with Bac Pvp and as far as I know they are gone. 5L pot by the way.














Feel free to ask any questions or post remarks.




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How do you like the LED's? I just bought a 400 watt for veg to try. Do you use them for flower also?


I have heat issues in the summer I'm tired of fighting, so looking at high end LED's like Illumitex, or BML. I bought a PlatinumPlus to try, before spending the big bucks.


From all my homework online, it appears LED's build better, more potent bud, with generally less yield, but higher yield per watt. But, Illumitex and BML are claiming equality with HPS, with faster harvests. Seeing how's cannabis is killing the Colorado power grid, I expect technology to soon replace HPS, probably sooner than we think.

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hmmmmmmmmmmmmm asked them how many plants they grow and to show them on here i bet they will not come on and show and as for them being done quicker that should tell you all some thing leds will not out perfrom hps watt for watt also come winter you have to place a heater in with your girls so how is this working out cheeper to run ????????????




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Hey Bill


Good to see you found your way over here dude!


Lovely plants, keep m green



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I purchased a 700 watt Mars-Hydro LED light for my present grow. I'm LUVIN' this light. Small heat when she in in Veg. mode but absolutely NONE in Flower.

Electric bill went up about $25.00 but I'm also using a filter running all the time. Had a 400watt HPS b4. And this will be my 1st yield with LED but by the looks

of things I'm gonna be happy.Illumitex or whatever a way better light, but my pockets are not that deep

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@SPACECAKE....Brother, I don't know where you are getting your info from, but you are plumb wrong. LED's are not only exceeding most expectations but

almost daily newer LED's are being introduced into the market place. Plenty of Biz talk on LED's & COB, but I don't see any upgrades in the HPS arena.

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A light is merely a tool. Which tool for best for who and where and will vary due to many factors.


I do not think Space meant disrespect but just expressing his view on it for a question that was asked.


I also am not so sure I would say a direct to direct comparison is quite there but I have not seen the very top of the range model in the upper wattage. I have seen top models but I have not seen what I would say is a comparison to a 600HPS. What I do not know is vast I am sure but I eagerly want to see this but I have not other than video and reports which to me does not equate to proof.


The best LED I have seen is about 400w+ in comparison to HPS and they claim 600w comparison. However, since its a 300w light that can be taken into consideration but this aspect is misleading as it is not an equal result in the end, only with numbers crunched and reasoned with. Reality, end product varied is size favoring HPS, quality was both very high. This was also using cheap HPS light over 6 months old. I do not consider the LED light a failure as it does what it says and for 300w, wow, but not equal replacement if you can run 600HPS.


I would imagine the upper end are closer to a 600w + than a true 1k and for most this a non issue as the difference in reality is slight when it comes to final product, expert growers excluded as I mean in this aspect for typical home growers. I have had people tell me they switched out rooms to LED but their is more to it than a simple comparison.

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@dieseldog381 Yes I use them for flower, I only did one grow. But the plants are doing great, so no complaints.


@spacecake The room is already heated by the general heating, and the LED was bought as a test and because of little space a LED was preferred because of the less heat generated.


@PG Hope it all goes well


@ Snookster & Hempyfan I am agreeing with Hempy it is not just the light and all opinions are appreciated.




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Already a month has passed since my last post.


First off, the shed was upgraded with some new bolts so its fully air and light proof/tight, don't know the word haha. The pink stripe in the middle is gone too.



If you always wondered how the marshydro looked from the inside, opened it because I want to change the fan for a silent one.



Also made some Gumby ice hash





And got some presents from friends :)

Neem tonic, which is an biological pesticide



And seeds from the cross chucha made, thanks again!




The progress in the shed of the past weeks. This candy kush clone has been chopped yesterday, a bit earlier than I hoped.






















I skipped some pics, if you are interested check the album. Any questions remarks feel free to ask.




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Large update


I have neglected this thread and nobody likes open ended stories, so I will summaries the past few months in two parts. In March there were two Katsu Kush x Sannies jack and two NY Diesel in the tent. I won't post all the photos and data, but if interested feel free to ask!


Few pictures of the tent







In the end resulted in a lot of fluff on the lower branches, so only a few good buds. Resulting in 95 gr KKxSJ and 103 gr NY Diesel incl fluff and the largest buds as a whole.




In the "shed", I put some Ms Aztec's(personal cross of chucha, Ms Universe x Aztec Rain)



Filtered out the males, left with 2 ladies.







Only in the beginning of summer humidity rose and had bud rot...

Had to throw away the head bud of the left plant.



But the right one was a beauty, stripped the leaves before cutting to show the structure. Great cross by chucha and I will definetely grow it again!





Sorry for the tilted images, the flip button doesn't seem to work. Not during uploading nor in my album settings.

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After the summer I started again. Planted Madberry's from Sannie. Upgraded my soil with GK complete organics and will give them Guano Kalong grow and bloom and sometimes Bacto.




One of the led chips broke...



And I fixed it :showoff:







They are growing fast and no real problems so far. I will try to keep you guys updated if I have time, my apologies for neglecting this log. If you have any remarks or questions feel free to ask and you can also check me on WF.




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Ladies are doing well, due to some circumstances there are now also some small ones in the back of the closet. I did not want to throw them away, so we will see what they will bring me. Those 5 are btw Soma's NYCD x Ms Universe, cross made by Crimson Fart.


First some pictures of the past weeks















And these are from yesterday





The seedlings look a bit light, so they will be getting some nutes this week and the ladies started flowering. The two in the middle are really small, I don't know why, probably different phenotype. If you guys have any remarks or questions feel free to ask!


Btw I can't tilt my images in de review and publish window nor in the album itself. If someone can help me with that would be great and would save you guys a neck ache.




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Hi Bill

Great led grow

I too use mars leds I got the green ones which switch from veg to bloom

I believe there 300 watts each so they say

But very happy with the out come

Good luck with your tent grow

Chair pulled up joint rolled and along for the show




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Ooo, nice! I think you are due for an update indeed!

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