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Report suggests end of prohibition

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sigh, same old same old, I think it'll happen as more and more of the rich and powerful realize there's money to be made, but I'm not holding my breath.


Stay Safe



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They always promise it. They always deny it. Do not listen to it.


They will never ever legalise the herb. Not in our lifetime. Not in a way that will make a difference.


Just take your chance for life imprisonment. Maybe tone it down a bit and do a bit less. Be sure, they will imprison you for this.


They will never free the herb. Ever. Not in the UK anyway.


It's been too long, too nationwide.


Contraband, for you and i.


Tell me where you get it?



My vision so far is true.


The day they free the herb is the day that we should all be very worried.


They are keeping it for that day. To placate us. They think it will quiet us. It's coming.


They know who we are. Do you think I bother posting on a public forum (top page of google for many MJ searches) and think that anonymity is something I can still have? Well, yes, I do actually have anonymity, but I do not have privacy. Major difference.


No one has privacy, but some of us have anonymity.


The boys in the head shop in Dublin laughed at me in the Golden days when I told them, the UK will never legalise weed. And still they have not.


Decriminalised by the back door? Maybe.


I'm just another ranting mad man. I'll shut up now. Good night.

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@happyman , that's mad even without being stoned

My worst experience on motorbikes was when I got a dark tinted visior put on my helmet

At night I had to lift the visor too see lol and if it was raining it felt like someone stabbin your face with a screwdriver

Drivin a car well takes skill

Ridin a bike well is an art


Oh and pillions fallin asleep on long journeys and sliding off is another good one lol


On a motorbike you are very focused , but in a car there is a lot of distractions for stoners ( like heat haha ) the possibility of being wiped out fairly focuses the mind on two wheels

If every one had to do 2 years first on a motorbike before applying for a car liecence , there would be less on the roads and people would be more considerate of other drivers I think


Agree with everything.

The impairment of being tired, for example after a long day of work is much worse than any weed.



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There's a study which shows that smoking a little bit is safer for driving than not being on the herb. Government study.


Also: What you learn while high you can do as good as sober people.


The problem starts when people who are not used to be high and then drive/operate machinery after more a big amount of green.


Trust me, there is no need to give stoners the impaired guilt trip.

Long live the hippie bus!!

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i use to get super high before heavy sparing or grappling work outs. it helps relax the mind and body and to reach mushin. driving is a simple skill comparatively, it demands to stay focused. i don't let myself get high to the point i can't stay focused but prefer being high because i'm relaxed. it makes me much less aggressive and less likely to get agitated when i'm at the wheel.

fwiw, i can be way f'n high and still do a back flip, is that impaired?


and apparently theirs a chance cannabis will be removed from schedule 1 very soon. it's the government though.





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