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El Chupa's Indoor Grow Journal

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Hey folks,


Got tired of making new topics for each grow. I don't like the way there's no continuity, so from now on, for all indoor meanderings, this is going to be where it's at.


For those of you who don't know, I live in the tropics of India. Climate is around 24-27°C at it's coldest in late december/early jan and 35-40°C at it's hottest (end of april/mid may). Relative humidity is always on the high end, from 60% upwards - average of maybe 75%. Given these conditions, I use an Air Conditioner, and try to keep the room at a comfortable temperature (maybe 25-26) and humidity of about 50%.


I go with hydro - so far, I haven't ventured beyond a DWC with a jacuzzi of air bubbles in the buckets.


This grow, I will be running a horizontal setup (12 bucket DWC, 3 rows of 4). It measures about 1m x 1.6m, and is lit by 2 x 400w HPS in the local reflectors, running on philips magnetic ballasts. 1 will be having a 400w hortilux bulb that is one grow old, and 1 will be a new 400w Osram MH. This will be the first time I am trying an MH and HPS overlapping, side by side. Should be interesting.

Under this setup, I will be sowing a total of 24 seeds of Bluezilla. Nothing special to see here. The pipe running across the picture is not a part of this setup.




(Bluezilla is a cross of New Blue Diesel and Shackzilla. It has shown me 3 intriguing phenotypes so far out of the 3 beans I've popped - enough to convince me to pop a lot more. 2 of the 3 were vigorous producers, and the terpene profile across all of them was off the charts. I wish I hadn't made the mistake of taking cuttings late in flowering, or I'd have a lovely pair of moms now. Anyways, flowering seems to vary between 8 and 13 weeks so far.


some pics:












Next to the horizontal setup is where the real fun part is going to be for this grow.


I am constructing a vertical setup, identical to Heath Robinson's flooded tube setup. It works much like a colosseum - the plants are all surrounding and watching the light in the middle. Unlike Heath, I do not have 96 clones to work with. Instead, I will be working with about 60 clones of a really nice cut of Kolossus.


Here is Heath's 600w flooded tube surrounded with 4 rows of 96 clones of positronics Viking:




As for Kolossus:


(I grew about 12 females of Kolossus last grow and kept about 7 of them into flower. All of the phenos had a very similar set of terpenes - raw mango, and as the cure goes along, the rawness gives way to an almost 'rotten mango' kind of smell, very beautiful.

I kept cuttings of 2 of them - k#1 and k#8. k1 was the biggest producer of the lot, and gave me an oz with almost no veg. lovely taste and smell, nice and dense but not "god bud dense". finished in about 9-10 weeks of flo. k8 finished the fastest of the lot and was a reasonable yielder herself - 18 grams, and the reason I kept her was because she finished in an astounding 62 days, which I did not expect for Kolossus)



this photo really does NOT do justice to this cut








Here are the stages of construction for this vertical grow:


First the base (which was actually fitted the wrong way, but fixed it before the next picture):



Then the vertical supports:



Cross bars:



Roof with first tier roughly in place:



The cross bars were removed because I did not think about how i was going to mount the pipes when the cross bar comes right at the same level...


Instead of conventional clamps, I opted for these brackets:




They will allow me to set the height more easily when I have to level the entire thing, rather than having to redrill and reattach the clamps to the frame.


That's where I'm at right now, I hope to have everything functional and running within the next week. Will keep everyone posted, this one is going to be a good one!


Best vibes


El Chupa

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WOW! You certainly have some major plans! I applaud you for going to such lengths to get what you want! And living in the tropics? Sounds like a beautiful place indeed.

I also live in the tropics...In Florida USA. Will watch this thread. Best of luck!

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