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Barrie`s Organic Advanture`s

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So here i am with my first report on opengrow..... i`ll hope you enjoy





- Tent 160x60x170

- Light Dimlux epert series 315w full spectrum

- Filter Can light 500 kub i think






-Kinky cheese


-SSH x Boudica F1


-Green Poison x BlueShaze F1


-Boudica x Boudica F1


-SSH x BlueShaze F1


I popped a lot of seeds and keeped the best of them....


So week 1 18/6 light on 215 w


First the oldest seed this was my last one hoping for a nice lady......


Madonna (The One X Blue Kronic) made by Sannie long time ago.....





Second is the Kinky Cheese never growed it before, sounds interesting and with esko you never go wrong, got 2 plants of it looking similar






Boudica F1 crossed a indica leaning pheno very tasty orange pheno with a sativa leaning boudica male with the same smell as the orange pheno.....


Very tiny pot for a seedling but i got no space....yet





SSH x Boudica F1 got my eyes on this ^^ 2 plants one is surely looking as a winner..




#2 WOW






hoping number 2 is a female what a leaves and it grows like its on steroids


Green Poison x BlueShaze never had the chanche to grow it good also this run i cant give them the space they want, the`ll have to do it with a 4 liter pot.....shame on me





Week 2 18/6 running on 280w


Kinky Cheese #1













SSH x Boudica #1



Overall with SSH x Boudica #2 in the right, the big plant on the topright





Week 4 18/6 running on 315w they all get some bigger pots and fresh soil


Madonna is a Female,hope she is stable enough...




Kinky Cheese #1




SSH X BlueShaze F1 pheno #2 clone




Kinky Cheese #2




SSH x Boudica #2 needs some water




Green poison x BlueShaze F1




Boudica x Boudica F1




next update will be post tonight hope you enjoy guys!!!

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nice. the kinky cheese looks hungry. a little yellowing on the lower leaves is her saying she wants nitrogen.

wouldn't boudica x boudica make it an f2?

i remember seeing a bunch of sexy bud porn of madona girls on here. you commented about hoping your girl is stable, was there reports of hermi issues with the strain? i only remember the pics of a bunch of huge flowers and beautiful trees.

that ssh x boudica looks like she's gonna be a space hog. pinch and twist and bend and tie. and/or cut her top off and stick in water.

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a good start,as it looks like Barrie :tu nice variety ....GreenPoison x BlueShaze sounds interesting :dribble:

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I`ll have give them some fresh soil bigger pots and some extra so they will be allright believe me ^^


Madonna yhe there are some pheno`s that shows some nanners, ill hope this pheno dont trow any banana`s we will see.......


Saxo: tnx m8 I also believe that the GP x BSH can show some killer pheno`s we will see, ill got plenty of them so they will be see in future for sure , only have to find a stable couple ^^


I`ll switch them to flower a couple days ago.... Overall




Kinky cheese #1 for D.O.G




Madonna what a beauty!!



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that's so kind of you, but i wouldn't feel right taking the whole thing. just a few grams when she's finished would keep me smiling.

i'll keep my fingers crossed your madona stays all girl.

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I still have a pack of Madonna and have been waiting for the right time to pop'em.


I grew them when they first came out. Love Madonna!

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@ Santero special chair for you


@ D.O.G we gonna work on that for sure!


@Snookster yhe she is a very tastefull lady!!


Tnx guys for the nice comments!


Update is next Sunday i will keep it updated every Sunday from now on....


Have a nice day guys!

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Nice green field you have there !


The madonna F1 is a very strong and wanted strain, not that many issues to find in the F1 version, the f2 version was not good enough and because of this I decided to stop to go further with the madonna. Because of this I have developed the Sugar Punch that has a lot of the same characteristics !


greetz sannie

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Here is a picture of the Green poison i polinated she is a very frosted(potent) hardnugget and good yielding lady who`s got a very plessant citrus taste, after a cure for 3/4 weeks....


Here she is at day 48 flower need one more week.....good weed for sure....believe me





The male that i got for Christmas!! From NAW seeds :grinning_respect: guys love you for sure beautifull work and i still run with your supply`s GK Complete and the GK bat shit :punk:


Here is the Male: BSH nice male no smell but nice structure:



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So its a rainy Sunday, i dont mind at all, love rainy sundays.....



Update time!


Not so special in this phase of the cycle but i like to snap some pictures now and then, i have to buy a good camera this year!! All these pictures taking with a samsung s4 lol ill do my best dear friends....


We have pulled some males, the Kinky Cheese #2 was a male, Boudica X Boudica was a male, and one of the GP X BSH was a male.... i have keeped the KC Male he had some nice flavours and i like his structure....


Also pulled on of the SSH X BSH Clones number one, it keeped reveging leaves so bye bye....


The light is on 350w i can set the dimlux on overdrive(380w) but the temps are allready above the 30 degrees so well have to do it with 350w .....maybe less in future, the temps will climb up in near future....summer is comming


Week 1 flower:


Madonna :




Nice lady, begins to smell some, not much but we are early in phase


Here is the top of her:




Kinky Cheese # 1




Not many smell, also not that many flowering.....


SSH x BlueShaze F1 #2 clone


Looking great, nice build up i like sativa leaning hybrids so very exiting..... were still in test phase so




Begins to flower pretty early.......





Green Poison X BlueShaze:


This still stands in an 4 liter pot got another one standing in a 11liter:




Here is the other pheno, looking like an autoflower lol i have give her some bigger pot this week, i dont think it will help with this pheno.... lol i dont give a f....





My Beauty SSH X Boudica #2 :wub: F1, i had to bend her down this morning she is a big girl!! Diesel flavours on my 2 fingers when i snapped her, dont saying anything in these phase of the cycle but still special lady:




Look at those leaves!!:




A litlle bending:




Her sister #1:




Also give here some bigger pot....






Have a great Sunday!!

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Sundaymorning :innocent: love it....kids lying on the couch...watching tv.....barrie is in a good mood!!


Update time!!


Madonna is going to be a real monster, the stem of her is just as thick as the SSH x Boudica#2, i had to snap her she Climbing up the last week, real nice smell on my fingers!!


Her she is;




Top of her:




Kinky Cheese is going well, she developing very good, i readed that she is not a big yielder mmm we will see nice headbud building up on my pheno :)




Top of her:




SSH X BSH F1 #2 Clone nothing wrong can be said she doing well, nice structure,nice litlle buds for this stage...also had to snap her:




SSH X Boudica #1 stays very short, also developing not as good as i want......little dwarf;





Green Poison X BSH she developing, but not going to be a monster, i have something strange with this cross, also have seen this on some of my SPxBSH pheno`s there showing somekind of male flower BUT there not, there comming thick white hairs out of it?? Ive placed her in the front so i can keep an eye on her!!


Can someone tell me more about it??


Here she is:




Here is the SSH X Boudica #2 she will give some nice buds.....









Have a nice day !! :j

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Thanks Skunk!


Also very exciting about that pheno!! made it it my last run.... have taken some clones as usual so the journey go`s on......

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Beautyful Sunday! Temps Climbing up! Temps around 25 degrees in Holland :wave:


So its time for an update, little bummer but we keep it for last :thumbsdown:


Week 3 flower day 1, light on 350w i have to hang the dimlux something higher, i have some space about 10/15 cm so have to do that tonight.... also gonna spray them with some vitamin.....


Madonna is doing well, she showing some magic powder and the buds looking prominsing, the smell is :innocent: we gonna work with her in future.....




Top of her:




The Kinky Cheese #1 She has some rare budstructure...very thin hairs but nice resin! :dribble: Lost the cut of her so i`ll have taken another one today, reveg her mmmm litlle bummer.... her she is:




Some magic powder on her:





SSH X Boudica #1 is a tiny girl, structure is right, budstructure is right only to tiny..... here she is:




SSH X BSH #2 Clone mmmmm this going to be a good smoke.......here she comes:




And my lady, the SSH X Boudica #2 she drinks like a horse and needs some extra one of these days....here she is:




Now you ask: where are those Green Poison X BSH???


Here they are:




Fucking Banana on her...... another shot:




So there go`s my Green Poison X BSH cross.....bye bye trow every bean away they have got there chance several times.....


So the pheno stood next to my SSH X Boudica #2 pheno.... it was just 1 banana so hope for the best.....








Thanx for watching and have a really good day !!

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Very nice Barrie! I love seeing them in these early stages just as much as when they're heavy with flower.


What kind of soil do you have? Nutrients? You mentioned using NAW line with the GK stuff, but could you elaborate please?


Veel Dank! :D

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I use DCM soil with GK Complete and there guano i use it to the minimal..... beacause i always take fresh soil.....


I have some vitamine spray, bacteria`s and some other nutrients but i use that once in two weeks after week 3/4 flower....

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Sundaymorning Update:


Temp Climbing up above the 33 degrees....also i was away for 2 days....the madonna dont liked that, ultradry leaves hanging......


Today i`ll give them some nutrients, all to the minimall......Week 4 day 1 flower


Madonna going well she standing way to dry for 2 days, my fault here she is:








Kinky Cheese #1 going very well nice headbud and a strong girl, dont need much attention, still got the KC male mmmmm lots of funn next run....




Litlle sidebud:





SSH X BSH #2 clone




SSH X Boudica #1 going well , still a dwarf but nice ressin:





Even on her bigger leaves:




#1 her bigger sister she needs some attention next weeks:




Standing in a 11liter but doing well, sidebud:








Overall hope you enjoy my friends:



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Week 5 flower day 1


All the plants are showing some yellow leaves, i have given them some nutrients last week.....


Madonna looking so nice, enough Sugar on her and she smells so delicious :dribble:




Another shot:








Kinky Cheese showing some overfeeding problems she on water and bacto`s the rest of the cycle:




SSH X Boudica F1 #1 showing some nice ressin:




Another shot:




SSH X Boudica #2 Damm nice lady, lots of Sugar and a very nice smell!! :innocent:














So thats all for today!! See you next week my friends

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Today i was looking for some mites etc, i sprayed them in week 3/4 veg...... i saw some trips..... but also i saw this on the SSH X Boudica #1:




Bad picture but i was focusing on the stem....this is on her bigger leaves in week 5 day 2 flower :showoff: nice ressin buildling up even the stem of the leaves showing ressin... Dont have a cut of her....wil be a reveg cut


Thinking about some fem seeds of this 2 pheno`s (also some f2 regular seeds for sure)....never made them but enough info can be found

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