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Well, hello old friends, and new friends I haven't even met yet. I can't believe it's almost been a year since I've been bumming around here.


Life threw me a bizarre slow curve, and it was sink or swim time. I decided to fuckin' swim. Thought I was going to have to move up north and sell my house for awhile, but managed to keep my old shack. I was able to get back about every 10 days or so, and had reliable folk looking after my old buddy (cat).


Life has been a real trial for a long time, and I was working so damn hard, and travelling so much, and I was more or less off the grid all of this time.


The piper has been paid, and I am done travelling; even managed to get my old job back, and it seems like a cake walk now.


Enough bullshit.


I managed to keep that Kali Mist going. Nothing but a bit of cloning here and there, and the flower room had cobwebs in it (literally)when I finally opened her up again.


When I saw the end of my nightmare coming, I took some last cuts, and am growing out my Kali Mist final; for the first time untopped. It will be my best round ever.


Here it is at 5 weeks. 7 to go.





Felt like a time for a fresh start, so I got some new lights, and regular seeds, and I am going to do some pollen chucking. Lights from Amazon ($100 bucks a pop) and seeds from GTA Seed Bank.


Bigger lights? Nope. The only concrete thing that made me choose these was the 120 degree lens angle, as opposed to 90 degrees. I figured I could get closer in with the wider spread. I was expecting purple, but they actually produce a fairly natural light



A new way for me; all Indica. I am chasing speed, (I am not getting any younger) aroma, flavour and power. Super Skunk from Sensi Seeds, and from Jordan of the Islands, God's White Lightning, Chemo, and Deep Purple.

I plan on crossing SS with the other three and itself, and crossing GWL with Chemo, and DP, and itself. Enough genetics to last me for life. If I want to try Sativa again some day, I will take no half measures, and get some Dr. Grinspoon.

Kind of rooting for Super Skunk X Chemo to be some wickedly tasty and powerful smoke. Had some pure Chemo once, and that shit will rock your world. I know it's old news, but so am I. I guess I'm a bit of a troglodyte.

Germination seems OK. Looks like 1 Chemo, and 1 Deep Purple will not make it. 38 out of 40 ain't bad, I figure.



I have a lot of catching up to do, but I feel so relaxed now, and I have all the time in the world. Or maybe I'll snuff it tomorrow, who knows? Anyway, it is damn good to be back, and I look forward to re-inserting my meandering bullshit on here, if you'll have me. It feels just so nice to be back home full time. Nothing like some tribulation to make one appreciate a quiet life. Can hardly wait for this 165 lbs of screamin' steel to turn into 200 lbs of mute manblubber. Mmmm.

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I feel ya man. Life is full of bullsh!t. I'm glad you decided to "swim". Subbed--- Just so u know, Chemo from JOTI needs a couple months veg. to give a decent yield. Fat leaves and not much if any stretch. Haven't grown or smoked Sensi's S.S. for years, but it was memorable and classic. Luck with the grow. Hope u fill a bunch of jars.



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Thanks for your words of encouragement, Passion. This first "all in" round will be no cloning, but I should end up with a modest selection of 4 Indicas.

Any crosses I ever make will be the product of 1 male, and 1 female, and one fine day, I want to start my first "from seed" SOG. I want to shoot for uniformity... no searching for a keeper, because they are basically all the same.


Your long veg for the Chemo has gone into my memory palace.

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Yeah Wrecks! Nice to see you back, I came back recently too ... After some time away

Nice to see some JOTI in the garden

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Wrecks! Welcome back, sir. Looking forward to seeing the new you + the new grow. Should be good times ahead. Please let me know if the super skunk is super stinky indeed... i'm drooling over it already.

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Nice to see some familiars. Thanks all for the greets. Kind of looking @ SS as being my foundation. I hope it stinks so good also. Hope you guys will witness some rank amateur pollen chucking. Probably end up seeding all of my smoking and first taster buds too, but there will be no better time to get some crosses made all at once than right away. won't be a super way of selection, but I will choose the 2 males and the females to make seeds at the last minute after flowering shows sex, and first signs of quality.

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Nice to see the fat little leaves on these Indicas. I was mostly used to longer flowering, leggy stuff, so this will be a bit of a departure and another learning curve for me.


I like to think of my plans for my first regular seeds as ambitious, but focused.


I will keep one Chemo male and one Super Skunk male in separate rooms, and one female of each strain to make some seeds, and I should end up with some seedless bud of each type.


Selection is my weakness. It will be based mainly on size and strength, with only last minute consideration for smell/taste/potency potentials. Anyway, no open pollination here, any seed I produce will be the product of 1 female, and 1 male.


One more DP came up, maxing out my room with 13 pots / table.


Here are 10 PD,and 3 Chemos in the front. Inconsistent growth of DPs. Chemos kicking ass.



Here are 10 GWL and 3 Chemos in the front. One GWL is just a broken wreck,rest inconsistent, Chemos kicking ass.



Here are 10 SS and 3 Chemos in the front. SS looking good; 3 smallish ones. Chemos kicking ass.



I want to veg for 2 or 3 more weeks, so things will get ugly, and I am going to have to do some culling and pruning to make things manageable.


So far, the Chemo is the most consistent, and they just look tough and ready. I think Chemo X Super Skunk will be a good match.


No matter what, when I flip the switch, it will be nice knowing I have around 2 months to wait, not 3.


(all I need now are some reasonable male/female ratio's)

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So much for 2 or 3 more weeks of veg. I fed them all for the first time 3 or 4 days ago, and they responded to that by growing completely beyond my control, so this morning I did some re-arranging, and everything now is under a 12/12 light cycle.


I put the 10 Super Skunks, 3 Deep Purple, and 3 God's White Lightning in my veg room. Looks like I'll be needing some booster seats for the non- skunks.



I am really taken with the Chemo's. Lush growth, and they look more like clones. Never saw anything yet from seed that is so uniform. 9 Chemo's and 2 Deep Purples.



Last, and certainly least, these are GWL's and DP's.



Super Skunk and Chemo have exceeded my expectations. Deep Purple is looking OK. God's White Lightning is a little disappointing, and could use some vigour by crossing with the SS and Chemo, I think.


The Deep Purple could be a hidden treasure. It is a cross of Blueberry and Purple Kush. I am not making any pure DP seeds, but if it turns out super whacky and tasty, I'll blow $50 for a pack down the road.

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looking good wrecks..look like they are off to a good start.

got my chair ready and ready to watch your show.


keep it green and b safe

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I fucked up. Should have topped the Super Skunks; maybe twice. Had no idea that they would be so bloody tall. Guess I wanted to see what they all did naturally.

The plan proceeds as intended, regardless.


Here is the male Super Skunk with females: Super Skunk, God's White Lightning, Deep Purple, and Chemo



Here is the male Chemo with females: Chemo, God's White Lightning, and Deep Purple



Here we have female DP's, and GWL's. (and ONE Chemo...whew)



3 SS females. Ugly scene



I spoiled myself growing nothing but clones, and was a little taken aback by all of this variation. Can hardly wait to do each justice, and grow them in flying formation down the road.

That's all I got.

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