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Mephisto genetics mystery pack 300w led..

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This is my let me see ahh 5th grow, i mannage to fck up everysingle grow till now..I harvest them all but girls had always issues..


Seeds: Mephisto Mystery pack

Medium : Soil , Air pot 15l, Terra magma with 40% aded perlite

Tent :Secret jardin 100x100cm

Lights :LED; Photon 6, Tgl 60


Girls are old 23 days,I only know that they are autoflower. i have real poor germ ratio with mephisto, dont know why coz i use paper towel method, except germination ,some got sprouting problems (i think is due to soil) , so i have 3 healthy girls, one slow started, and one stunned seedling, and one 2 weeks wont germinate bean..



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Hi bro good luck with your grow

Nice clean set up

For the seedlings I use old reused soil nothing to hot this my help

Safe grow


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I didnt figure it out how to direct send pic on this forum..sorry guys for that..


They were all put in the same old left over non used soil from bag, but some of this girls has problems with it.. But I must say my mephisto beans obvious don't like me or my conditons..


@malarKey I always use 20/4 from seed to harvest.. Let them have little rest, as my led lights need rest too..



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