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hawaian weed

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Instead of wondering about Puamanaohana, zip them boys off an email and I'll bet money, you will get your answer in less than 20 minutes.

Every single question I asked them, BAM, it came back almost instantly!!Hell they will give you a phone number to talk with local growers, to *Story Talk* how they do it!!


I honestly, think they would be a great fit here at Sannies World.

I'm cracking beans as we converse!!


Man I want to go over there and roll around in their red dirt, pick some fruit from the trees, sleep under the stars and get to know this Hawaii for while too.


[speaking of 44; once we sourced the original ooey gooey GG#4 cut from the super heroic Herban Tribe's Mothership dispensary Amazon Organics home of some of the most extra-terrestrial quality Cannabis you will find on Earth, we had to breed her with our massive Killa Kine King Kamehameha Kailua-Kona Gold Kane (Male) -- the results are nothing short]

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If you want real a real Hawaiian IBL from BOEL (Brothers of Eternal Love) listen to Stringy Pete. Swami seeds has the real deal from Mr. Greengenes. Cherry Bombs. $80.00 for 12 seeds. They are in stock. Picked some up a couple of months back. I'm making a cross with it now Cherrybomb x 88G-13 H/P. Plus another round of IBL's.


Mr. Greengenes is not dead after all. He just surfaced in the last couple of weeks and had a good chuckle on rumors of his demise. He is alive and well. There was also a rumor that ndnguy had passed. Not so. Alive and well also. He made the 88G-13 H/P ibl


Hope this helps


Have a great day


Whip :)

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