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Argos office a work in progress

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Hello i have been boring you with tent stuff. In my flowering closet now i have two crosses that I am testing. A I cookies x Star Fighter and a C99 x star fighter. I also have some Island sweet skunk. I had recently put in a lavender x Lambs breath into the flower closet. I also started a bunch of old seeds today hoping for some come up. Here are a few pics i got to play some more so I quit posting large ass photos I promise i will work on it.



2x6x8 closet with three 2x2 trays with hand water lit by two 315LEC



Ok now i am catching on to this photo crap


ICOOKIES x Starfighter by PJ productions

another awesome cross frosty and stacks dense.



C99 holygrailcut x starfighter by PJ productions.

She stacks nice.








Some Y2K crosses and a recent one sneaking into the line up.



#2 air pots with clay balls/chunky coco in 2/3rds and a layer of fine coco on top for the seeds to start. I have never tried it this way . I must stay vigilant to keep em wet. I am trying seed to flower in the same pot from 12/12. That is the whole purpose of the tent to do durban poison from seed 12/12 in drip hugos.I think i saw another member from here that was doing this. That's how this place popped up on the old radar and caught my interest hence the whole tent thing.




Lavender x lambs bread




That is it for now gotta run. Thanks for stopping by.

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welcome Argo.


pretty plants and awesome buds :dribble: . keep it up..this sure is a fine way to enter the forum..


take care and looking forward to more....Bigun :wave:

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Looking sweet in there argo. Some of those crosses sound delish :)

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Welcome to og

Looking nice and dank in there


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Hello I have been busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. I try to post every day lets see if i can hold the course. A bit more about me I am a 50ish male. My earlier years out of college enabled me to stash quite a bit of money at the time. I also bought some modest property while i was starting school. with some luck i was able to buy two more properties. While i am not rich i will always have a roof over my head. I am currently self employed doing two vastly different disciplines. I run a remodeling business. There are not many things that I am scared to take on as far as houses are concerned. On the other hand i am a BSEE and have been working in the aviation field 30 years. My last contract was building a suite of test equipment to drive and test the guts of the new 777 767 and 787 Boeing aircraft avionics suite. So my work is interesting at least but some times i wind up with too many irons in the fire. To make a short story long one of my goals is to get away from hand watering and ease back into hydro so some automation is available if I am not. It is also an opportunity to ease the reader into the possibility of the occasional unrelated cannabis conversation or photo a result of limited human interaction as i work alone 95% of the time and love to share what I am up to but i try to stay on topic.


I am a fairly open minded fellow with thick skin. All i ask for is feed back as you know this is already a time consuming hobby before you even start the journal. Sharing is caring and i love the open idea exchange this environment provides I am excited to be here. What I have seen so far is encouraging. I am still learning the ropes as this will be my third photo download and between a couple of stickies i am heading down the right path. Thanks for the visit now on to the show-n-tell portion of my post.



A couple panorama's of the current multi use area "the office" I know i'm a slob but I am working on it.







My former flower cab now used for seed starting and veg under.5 meters plant height.




veg 2 taller plants and mothers. T5 with power veg, std blue and red.





Mixed use tray normally used for outdoor veg garden starts and herb garden also transitional isolation space and mj overflow now used for container storage. all the veg spaces can quickly convert between soil and hydro as all the trays all have flood and drain fittings and pumps (this is also handy for pumping drainage away with out spillage.




The tent is now empty so the work on setting up the rest of the hydro system including fabricating the table, selecting the environmental control and rigging of the support structure can continue as i want water pumping by Monday.




I harvested 90% of the plants in flower this evening all that remain are the ones that have been seeded and will stay in flower a few more weeks to allow a greater number of viable seeds





C99 x starfighter two small trays of lowers left to trim.




Island sweet skunk





I cookies x Star Fighter



Photo notes of the moms that went into flower this week




This is my rig for guests (who mainly dab) I hardly hit it like i used to and seldom dab unless my niece tells me it's "flav" then i might have a go but generally i smoke about two doobs a day ( I know I'm a dinosaur and I am showing my patina)




And now as promised (non canna related stuff) a shot of the equipment rack i designed and built for the project i have been working on for a little over a year and a deck i just finished building last week. My schedule has been crazy since early spring and i am lined out with work thru feb so things are good but I could use a little more high paying projects coming in but things are holding steady.


777 suite automated test station rack.




Power supply box being wired up





Two shots of the deck one in process and one at almost finished.


first coat of paint and ss cable rail installed.





Finished two tone trex decking with all Stainless hardware and fasteners this job was a bitch due to the inclined back yard (no space on a hill side) the round deck and the owners insistence of using used building materials and generally being a rich cheap ass this one almost killed me with time over runs. The other problem is 1/3 of the deck sits on the roof so i had to figure out all kinds of unnecessary bs to get it done right. I sure learned a boatload on this job That's code for i almost lost my ass on it but it turned out great.


So that is it for now i appreciate the visit. Peace and be safe out there.



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Man! I skimmed your last post looking at the pictures and was like: “Damn! That's some seeeeriouuus growing equipment!!” only to realize those are airplane testing devices after reading it. :D


Your plants look amazing. I am happy for you :)

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Sorry been busy.


So my top drip hugos are on hold for now. I had some PM creep up and put all the plants in the tent. In my office i started a tray of durbans for the hugos and are trying a multi strain in coco/clay ball mix in #2 air pots hand water drain to waste. I just started tearing out the carpet to tile the flower closet floor so cleaning becomes easier. I will try to be better about keeping updated more frequently.





89 cents a square foot the flower closet gets a spill proof floor and get rid of the hiding place for PM.





And in In-Tent-isve care the PM gang




Some of the last crop in the form of consumables.











Some durbans up





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I planted a tray of seeds for the hydro 12/12 seed run ghost train haze rare dankness,some blue dream x barberry brute The green solution,

some Durban poison x Durban poison a second cross of some old hemcy seeds, Flo x Chem sour D, and some Blurberry fuel from the sour seed co.





I am supposed to be tiling the flower closet floor so i better get that done soon so i can get some flowers going. The plan in the flower closet seeds planted in groups of three and four in #2 air pots with a mixture of clay ball and chunky coco in 2/3rds and fine cut coco on top. i am ready to pull the trigger on that soon better get that floor in.






My hand watering spraying and inspection station for now.




Lavender lambs breath pollinated by somthing?... hermie maybe?




The tent this A.M.




Have a good day.

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Knock Knock, Whos there? just me documenting my grow.


things all sorted for my coco hand water 12/12 from seed all i need to do is get the tile in. Seeds started for the hugo tent run hopefully the timing works out with the flowers currently in there.


xplanting the durbans into coco beds with mykos added.








All transplanted and labeled awaiting tile floor.






Have a good day come say hello .

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Really interested to see the Ghost Train Haze on here.

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Seeds,sprouts, and seedlings.


That sums up the garden details following...



Night queen x dream time mix, Oaxacan Sativa , Power plant x Hollands hope , Durban Poison , beast x wifi , (Bubblegum x Durban Poison) x Mr. Nice, Lavender x Lambs Breath, Honey Boo Boo



durban poison, redlight x skunk #1




red light x skunk #1



From L to R


2GTHaze #1 , 11 barberry brute x blue dream, 12 durban, 1 Flo x Chem Sour D, 2 Blueberry Fuel





That what's cookin' at Argo's

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Did some work for a guy repairing a trashed rental house. Picked up these laying around on a big pile of stuff left behind and the guy said i could take them so I plugged in the new wheel "spinners". How high of the plants for these 120W panels?




all the leds seem to fire.




hung one over the seedling tray and one in the tent.







Lavender x Lambs Bread.





Come say hi i can here the crickets chirp in here.

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Thanks for the visit Barrie 84. It was a collaboration with another grower we would send seeds back and forth re working the genetics and back crossing each time we forwarded them. It's been 10 years since we quit messing with them. Just working all the old seed stock to freshen up the vault. Bayer buying out 65 % of the hydro industry has me a hair worried about GMO franken pollen and the potential for GMO weed It's a thing I am sure if food is not safe then ......

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Hi there Argo

Room looks nice and clean

And the plants look great

The lavender x lambs breath got my attention

Smoke report please

and is this your own cross

Keep it green


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The redlight originates from a pak of breeder Steves Spice of life mixed seeds the male was a squat prodigious pollen producer crossed with a PNW WW cut known as Red and Gold i had crossed the two and started working with it with another guy. He had crossed it with a skunk #1 and sent me some I kind of lost interest in the project it was around 2000-2006 so the beans could use some freshening up. and keep the seed stock rotated.

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Some shots of hash tonight and the terrible mom run in progress.


Uglyness not my best work.





Dry sift pucks pressed and heated





Some bud squishing for solvent free rosin









Not bad for my first try.








TGIF Have a good weekend and be kind.

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I am turning in after i try to smoke this cone of c99





I got a nail for my Glass Piece today works great.



Have a safe and productive day. Come say High!

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Pressin like a pro. You're trying to sleep after a whole cone of C99? Brave man. That Cindy wires me up good, sleeping is the last thing on my mind. Uh oh the misses has needs...time to smoke more C99. :)

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