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Hi my friends! :wave:


We started a new grow from seed to select some new keeper ladys and maybe some smelly gents.

This time we want fruity and sweet Candy Buds!

We started some strains we had in our stash and some of our own of course.



the surviving from seed:

9x Bubblegum_Serious Seeds

10xMangoHaze_Mr.Nice Seeds





8xG13SuperSilverHaze (LadycaneF4)_CannabellaSeedClub

1xTitansHaze_Flying Dutchmen

6xPanama_Ace Seeds



Blueberry#7 (first testgrow with her)

Bella Ortega




Germination: Shot glas with fresh water, wet paper towels

Growth first stage: 0,2 liter pots with propagation soil, 250w hps lucilux digital, osram

Growth second stage: 3,5 liter pots with Plagron coco, 2x 600w hps lumatek digital dimmable, osram nav-t

Flowering: 6,5 liter pots or 11 liter pots with Plagron coco, 2x 600 hps lumatek digital dimmable, osram nav-t


Nutrients: Canna Coco A/B, Cannazym, Rizotonic, Ph-, Pk13/14, +maybe: GH Ripen, H&G Top Shooter, Canna Boost




First day in coco under 2x400w 18/6




Six days later




The first girls show







They needed to adjust to the coco but they are growing now.

We will let them grow some time till all show there gender, i hope half of them are girls, then they will went in 11 liter pots, if more are girls they will flower in 6,5 liter.

I handwater this time with a hose and mix the nutrients every watering fresh together.

The girls will be topped and then put in flower, the style i like to grow and i think the hazes will grow to big if untopped. :showoff:

I hope you guys and ladys enjoy the show, take place and dont forget some snacks lol :smoke this grow could take some time.



All the best

share your love and fruits

fuck weed prohibition

fuck cancer

life is short, too short

keep it green ma buddies


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Best of luck, got quite a nice lineup, Im in!


Safe and happy growing to you.

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Hi Silas,


What a marvelous selection of plants in a nice tidy space. Beautiful start. I'm in for the ride. :)



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Hi there S&J

Great line up

All look healthy and green

I am along for the show thanks for sharing

Can't wait to see those haze blends hope you do a smoke report

Hope you make menu crosses

Safe grow




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out of likes but "i like"..lol


I am in also..got me chair and ready to complete this show..


Good luck

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y'a du beau monde la dedans !!!!!!!


Beautiful strains in here, i'm jealous too, best luck for your keeper hunting


i put my chair too !!


à plus



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Whenever I see a nice pic of a pre-flower, I say to myself, "I'll copy a link to this so when a newbie asks what a female pre-flower looks like, we'll be able to shoe 'em!" Then, I never copy the link.


When will I stop lying to myself?

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simply amazing and handwatering the whole crop :grinning_respect:


hope you find some real winners :D

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A very clean setup. Hope u dont mind me passing thru every now and then :)

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Good luck buddy for this session !

Weird I'm flowering Panama and have order Sour lemon haze too... (:

Looks like you get some rare Haley's comet x Very berry haze from the CSC, the Green hornet Very berry haze always interested me it's a shame they're gone now. Really pleased to see your progress and as well as how they turn !

Thanks for sharing. :specool

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Hi OG! Hi my friends! :wave:


Thank you all for watching. I appreciate it very much. :blush: Thanks for the Karma! I love you boys and girls :hug:



Just a quick update.

We are setting up our own legal company and im all day working in the workshop and my bro is doing all the organization, chatting with chinese wholesalers is anoying, they understand only half of what you tell them and do just half of that lol, can somebody recomend a good chinese or other cheap mass producing glass part manufacturer? :D


The plants got not much attention the last week they dryed out fully two times :wtf: but they are alive and all is good,

i have selected the males out, 20 so far only two panama not sexed yet.

Some nice males i put by side to take cuttings and test them. (VBH 2x, SCP 1x, G13SSH 2x, BG 2x, MH 1x, DH 1x, IP 1x)


The girls re still in 3,5l, dont know for real if we will repot them. Im thinking of putting them on the wilmas but then some room height is lost...i think i will let them flower in the 3,5l and water with the hose...maybe if i find the time i repot. :rolleyes2:

But i will definitely cut the tops to make cuttings, the sativas i will cut lower so we hopefully see a even field lol.


Girls are: Bubblegum 6x, Mangohaze 8x, Diamondhaze 2x, HaleysComet#4xVeryBerryHaze 3x, Strawberry Cream Pie 4x, Lemon Cream Pie Haze 5x, Titans Haze 1x, Panama ~4x, G13SSH 4x, Iced Pineapple 5x + the cuts. At the moment we have 48 plants in the box.


Overview girls







Titanshaze#1 just one germinated its a girl, was hoping for a male :whatthahell:



Strawberry Cream Pie & Lemon Cream Pie Haze



Panama & G13SSH (Ladycane f4)



Bubblegum & Mangohaze



Mangohaze#1 my favorite girl



Iced Pineapple



Iced Pineapple male



G13 Super Silver Haze male



Bubblegum male



All 20 males




See you when flowering starts. :wave: :icecream: :showoff:

bye OG

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Clean and green grow, Silas&jamal.


I like the small red names on the pics a lot.


God luck with your growing adventures and keep on posting!



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I hope you will be luckier than me with your bubblegum, I have grown 2 pack buy from them has Spannabis 2013 Barcelona , I had 9 females and 4 hermies, really nothing special and even less bubblegum apart the name


I read several times, and heard that Simon had lost all genetic, and it's not the Serious of a few years ago.

I hope fair to say this to you, and that you will be satisfied with the result


anyway good luck with your grow, must be quite a job when you watered it all


à plus



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hey smilestyle thanks a lot


raste i know the storys about them losing all plants, but i wanted to see by myself, for me bubblegum was ever just a fruity skunk with a hint of bubblegum never sampled any good bubblegum that was from the bubblegum strain lol

but its the same with blueberry its a strain people like because of the name but everyone who has grown it knows its garbage grows slow and mutated boring high and definitely NO blueberry smell or taste and way to pricey for that....


watering them is just a half hour all 2-3 days


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