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Whatcha smoking,smoked or are about to smoke?

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2 hours ago, weedlov3r said:

I'd like to smoke death star . Hope the reviews about it don't lie. Have anyone tried it? 

It's been a while but I have. It was very good and very potent. I remember it was tasty but forget the flavors.

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I am smoking some home made ice hash in the queen without a screen. Boy this gets me wasted, i ain't been this high in a long time, i'm literally shaking.

I need to make some more! :D

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I've been smoking Dynasty's Birds of Paradise since yesterday (my birthday) and I must say the name fits! Blueberry muffins fill the room and  your lungs, taste so good I can't stay away from it, the high is really tingly throughout the body with trippy but euphoric up and is very long lasting, the ride down is slow into a deep comfortable cruise mode and sleep. Great day or night time smoke. Had some PM problems and bud rot outside, but the pheno I lucked into is too good not to keep and fight again next summer. Plus I'm going to let my buddy run it indoors as backup.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

GO Cats!


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3 hours ago, gardenartus said:

I wanted the Durban to make me feel like that lol. I want a trippy weed ;)

Weed never makes me feel quite as high like hash. Especially not Durban, i didn't feel a thing. Come smoke with me ma'am! :)

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Seed vendor: Pau Mana Ohana 

Strain: Carmel Kona Coffee Cookies 

I have been running their genetics for a while now, however I did not grow these buds out myself. I always gift cuttings, well this time I rooted them before I gave them away. 

The plants I cut them from had to go into stall mode for while, giving them just enough food and light to keep them healthy but not growing. They are now a few weeks into a my flower tent, along with some 98 Aloha White Widows feminized. The other grower has some of this cut also, budded and cured, and waiting for me, when our schedules allow us to meet.

This also a seed vendor, that has been beat on by a few folks, with claims of not sending the beans, to not being real from Hawaii and other claims, that I honestly just did not pay attention to.

Their seed prices are priced higher with other genitics like Gage Green, and others. I will say this, once I purchased and received my package, I received some notices of some offerings in the 50% range, and some pre order items, I will be taking advantage of soon. I just love their work so far.

We are in total love with their Maui Wowie!!

NOW we are also totally in love with CKCC's as well. The buds are tight full and cut a bit like hash chunks. The smoke is intense, very powerful, delicious, and bit overpowering for some we shared with. Some took a few hits and politely passed after that. I've not made any edibils as I was gifted these buds. The way the end of the joint tars up, it has got be giving fine amounts of oil for the extractor crowd. 

Every single person we shared her with wanted some, or wanted to know about her.

CKCC's will be with Maui Wowie in my garden for a long long time. Next up, 98 Aloha W W when I get it, or once mine are finished.


Carmel Kona Coffee Cookies 001 10 13 2018.JPG

Carmel Kona Coffee Cookies 003 10 13 2018.JPG

Carmel Kona Coffee Cookies 005 10 13 2018.JPG

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