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Yo yo yo yo yo yo.


Been forever and a day, and some.


Shit so much has happened, excuse me if i start rambling, I'm hella sick, can't smoke the herb (cause my lungs feel like shit, been sick for almost a week now), and high on nyquil (hopefully I won't pass out at the keyboard).


My last grow journal ended with spidermites, I remember when I found out I was up all night, spending close to 20 hours straight making home remedys, cloth vacuuming....jesus what a fucking mess. On the bright side I finally got rid of them and got like an oz of smokable herb and some medibles. The andromonia was very....stony, the green crack was good but I don't remember much of what it was like lol, Goodbye smoke report.


The spidermites were just the start tho. AFter that I flipped 8 beautiful flowers, including the closest thing to an "elite" clone I've ever got (a very special sugar punch). But I fucked up, got a leak and lost everything the week before flushing...........then when i went to flip the next 8 I realized I had root aphids. Culled just about everything except for a few young clones I treated. cleaned the shit out of everything, set up some anti bug shit on the perimeter of the house, and got super religious with cleaniness. after the disaster tho I found myself finding less time in the grow room and giving them less attention. Next flip I got a harvest, but it wasn't as big as it could have been I ended up with a chocolate cheese and sugar punch. got like 1.5oz from the Choco cheese and like half a zip from the sugar punch. The sugar punch came out better but I think thats partly cause I ran nutes too high for teh CC to be happy.


But fuck it, everything else in life started going good, I finished my yoga teacher training, started teaching, got a badass girlfriend, was doing super good in school, started spending more and more time making beats and then.....it all collapsed. I fucked up one morning and had the worst break up ever, got super depressed, stopped teaching, failed 3 classes in a row, and got fired at one of my jobs for being a depressed mess. Things are a little better now but the bad experience still haunts me all the fucking time, I actually quit smoking completely when I was with her, now I smoke more than fucking ever, which isnt that bad of a thing (better than the first week where I just drank myself stupid, got hella sick, then did a bunch of drugs). I'm really trying to reconnect to my grow though and share it in hopes of making things better, or at least keeping my mind of all the depresing shit that happened lately. RIght now I'm sttruggling, I make just 800 a month with my new job, and 575 goes to rent and utilities. I also have a mad weed habit so I NEED this to be successful to survive right now.


Back to the plant, they have so much to teach and offer. Everytime I go in the room I immediately gain a sense of serenity and calmness, I love my ladies, they are so understanding, non judgemental, forgiving, and beautiful. I've been spending alot more time there lately, maybe an escape from all my crazy thoughts, maybe to make them thrive to the best they can be, probably a bit of both. But fuck it, without further ado lets see some pics.


Chocolate cheese (thx E$co) right before flush



Choco Cheese Early flower



Sugar Punch (straight fire, wish I trained better for bigger yield though)



This is the closest shit I've ever seen to an elite clone, the pic doesnt do this justice, the crystal coverage was fucking insane, I see more crystals on the fucking fan leaves than I see most buds, straight ridic. Unfortuantely root aphids got the best of the clones I was saving (yeah I had to let the go /cry)



Chocolate cheese after harvest, My tastes are for shit but I can definitely taste the chocolate on the exhale, just the way you always wished those "choclate kush" blunt wraps would taste like (I think they were made by kingpin). Really love the high, slight in the body, but energizes the mind, made me feel real calm but also focused. When I mixed in the sugar punch in a blunt tho halfway though and I'd fine myself stilll there 5-10min later just thinking bout shit.



Chocho cheese in late flower



annd thats it for now. Stay tuned hopefully I'll find some time tomorrow to post pics of what I just harvested and what I got going on now (7 heallthy plants and 1 hole in my set up that seems to be a bottomless trap (i'm guessing one of the sprayers got clogged) cause I just lost 2 plants in there, one an irreplaceable gas mask (my own stupidity for forgetting to clone it before flipping it :( )

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Hey bud... keep your chin up. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Perhaps you'd like to do some light reading to take on a new perspective of things?




Start with the section on relationships.

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