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A new African strain, the Senegalese, is part of the African project


In order to offer you this strain they have collected thousands of seeds in Senegal then they have selected the best individuals to achieve a new generation with good diversity in order to offer you fresh seeds.


This strain is rather fast for a landrace sativa, 2 expression are most represented the first is fast, about 12 weeks, the stretch is important but largely controllable with rather compact heads, its flavors are hashy / peppery / spicy, flavors typically African countries


The second is longer, about 14 weeks, a larger stretch and more airy heads, its flavors are more fruity


The high is hovering, very nice










best vibes

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Sounds good. I already ordered a pack. I guess 'hovering' means the same as floating eh? A good sativa should make you feel almost weightless, like being on the moon. hehe

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Ooo next order these will be in the vault if they are still around.

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