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umm anyone using off the shelf leds?

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I am about to take the plunge. Looking at 800 watt lights(true 800's) and not sure to go high end or lower end. HUGE price differences.

I will probably start with a 400 buck "cheapie" and run it side by side with my Gavita..............see if it can actually grow nice Bud or not. I KNOW

what the Gavita will do, will be a good standard to measure against.

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the CREE "100W", 5000K 18W i use with a cheap 8.W phillips to keep some clones alive. i use




actual 140W, 128W light, 12W fan

(i think the 3W are more efficient and longer lasting than the 5W )

this one is bigger than mine, with 3 fans instead of 2, and a dimmable function, universal plugs and hain linking plugs, for ten dillars more than mine


this one has one fan and non dimmable and is about 30dollars less than mine


BUT it looks like it is missing 380nm and far red 730nm (

  • Spectrum: 430~440nm, 450~475nm,
  • 620~630nm, 650~670nm, white






3200lm Reflector 216W LED Grow Light Lamp Panel Indoor UFO Full Spectrums


actual 68W


also there are lots of screw in bulbs



they use specific wavelengths. general spectrum whites (xxxxKs) use phosphors, the energy conversion probably means poor efficiency comparatively)


LED growroom goggles are recommended. apollo horticulture makes some inexpensive, like $20

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I dont know how i missed putting my ghetto strips up. 90W version 2.0 with flood type version 3 with bulb type 110W 3 feet. 3000K price point about a buck a watt at the 10 w bulb price point. cleat bases were 1.50.










using them to supplement the 315.





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basically i use a ~140W (now 121w±5% /110V; 121w±5% /220V)

and a ~68W


www.ebay.com/itm/Full-Spectrum-Dimmable-300W-LED-Grow-Light-3W-Leds-Hydro-Medical-Plant-Growing-/171429198195 www.ebay.com/itm/3200lm-Reflector-216W-LED-Grow-Light-Lamp-Panel-Indoor-UFO-Full-Spectrums-US-TR-/142051114103


the confusion is present but direct message the vendors for the specifications, like how much wattage is actually used, and how much of that runs the fans.


the wavelengths can be confusing too, but you will see, that all the major important wavelengths (not only red and blue) are included in those two lights, like far red 730nm and 380nm near UV.





actually, this rebrand is the exact ,model i have but it used to be 10 dollars cheaper and was sold by the other vendor as popular grow



"1. High power 3w Branded Epileds to ensure the Par Value. Energy saving, environmental friendly and high brightness

2. Professional light proportion with best ratio of red ray and blue ray, providing better light environment for plants growth and improving the growth speed and output of plants.

3. Including IR(infrared) with the function of increasing the yield. ( not so brighter than other leds, but it's normal and not quality problem)

4. UL approved Fans, high quality IC, well designed fan blades, anti-noise, powerful cooling performance ensured, lifespan extended

5. 9 band: 430~440nm, 450~460nm, 610~615nm, 620~630nm, 650~660nm, white, IR(730nm) , UV 380~400nm, 470nm

7.Zener, works as capacitor, protect the light keep working if there’s one LED out of work.

8. Six years’ experience in designing and manufacturing lights. Agents in USA, Australia, UK and so on


Product Info:

Size: 12.1*8.2*2.4inch

LED chips: Epileds Chips

Lighting Coverage: 1.6-13 square meters

Recommended Coverage: 1 light per 6 square meters

View Angle of LEDs: 90°and 120°mixed

Actual power: 135w±5%

Worldwide Voltage: AC85~265V

Frequency: 50/60 HZ

Certificates: CE, ROHS, FCC



i think those and maybe a couple 5000K lights or the odor scrubber CFL lights (UV light activates the titanium dioxide coating to catalyze odor molecule degradation)


there are screw in nanometer specific composition bulbs but i recommend checking the nanometers and filling any possible gaps with a minisule ratio of K type :) bulb


for example, http://www.ebay.com/itm/28w-Hydroponic-LED-Grow-Light-Plant-Grow-Lights-E27-Growing-Lamp-Garden-TR-/142170831086

lists 15Red+7Blue+4White+1IR+1UV so that means probably one type of red nm one type of blue and a UV, possibly 380nm and a 780nm IR (far red) probably, but the 18 only has 12 Red:660nm and 6 Blue:445nm, while the supposed 60W has 40 pcs 650nm Red + 20 pcs 450nm Blue


adding those to the white LED arrays above could help, because all the missing gaps would be filled and some heavy absorbtion areas would be in higher ratios.



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Full Spectrum: 22 Red+12 Blue+2 White+2 IR+2 UV

Wavelength : blue light (430~440nm, 450~460nm)/ red light (610~615nm, 620~630nm, 650~660nm)/ white light/ UV (380~400nm)/ IR (730nm)

Product Specifications:

Item: Full Spectrum led grow light

LED Chips: SMD 5730

LED Quantity: 40pcs


Base Type: E27

Full Spectrum: 22 Red+12 Blue+2 White+2 IR+2 UV

Wavelength : blue light (430~440nm, 450~460nm)/ red light (610~615nm, 620~630nm, 650~660nm)/ white light/ UV (380~400nm)/ IR (730nm)

Input Voltage: AC85-265V

Lumens: 800-1200LM

Lifespan: 50000hours

Size: 72*58mm

Illumination angle: 120 degrees

Body temperature: less than 60°C

LED working temperature: less than 65°C

Voltage: AC 85~265V

Warranty: 2 Year

Certification: CCC,CE,FCC, RoHS

Red 650~660nm, 620-630nm---- the best spectrum for plant flowering and fruiting;

Blue 430-440nm, 450-460nm ---- It is maximum peak points for vegetative growth and absorption;

White LEDs ---- Full-spectrum / wide-Kelvin provide fill for all missing spectrums and add Lux.

UV 380 - 400 nm ---- Process of chlorophyll absorption begins. UV (ultraviolet) has the unique function of sterilization and kills phytopathogenic bacteria.

IR---- There is little absorption by Chlorophyll here, but Phytochrome uses a nice portion. Flowering and germination is influenced.

i'll ask about actual watts, it might actually be 30W in this case

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I bought them at lowes one store 2.50 one store 2.00 one store 1.67 wallmarts stocks em at larger stores don't sweat it it will last for awhile and you can always reuse em..\

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or take them apart and run the dc wires longer so you dont have to buy sockets

too much work for me I just bought what i could at a brick and morter it is the kind of thing you don't want to buy inferior parts safety thing some wall marts list em at 1.67

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Today in the tent. Well the girls are not rejecting the light or frying so i lowered the ghetto strips again. I diluted the 70 gal res by 20 gal as i felt the solution might be a bit hot as the tips are pretty crispy. I need to get a PPM meter the one i have wont calibrate i will try new batteries first.




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getto-riffic. wasn't sure from earlier pics if that's what you started with. skimmed through the thread and missed if you said you removed the lenses from bulbs. to bad you don't have a light spectrum analyzer, i'd really like to know what exact nm range they throw.

your plants look nice and healthy but jeez you got a lot of empty space in there. you could have three or four times the number of plants in there and get a much better yield. or top each one a couple times before flowering so you're filling up the space.

i would push the plants into the center more and turn the led's 90 degrees and hang at plants mid point to get more light on their lowers.

here is what is in the first two strips just 3000k and 4500K 10W bright white and warm white.



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Yea it's bare in there but as a pre note this run is an experiment with 12/12 from seed and was a 2nd try with some open pollinated od Northern lights so why not throw a few more photons in here to aid the 315 in the center. and remove 300W of 2nd or first gen burple lights. I have had the space filled pretty full on the last run. which was a 12/12 durban poison scrog.


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Just finished my proof of concept vertically adjustable 3 base lamp holder /two gang power center. The idea is hang one every square foot over your canopy and adjust to the optimum distance. and each one can plug into the next so no powerstrip mess.

Whadda Ya think?


Test Fire





Hung in tent with the rest of the chaos





This feature will clean up tent wiring and facilitate daisy chaining and Y connections






box 1.25

cover plate .99

cord clamp .60

computer cord .25 surplus store

14 awg teflon aircraft wire surplus .50

3 cleat socket 9.00

3 10 watt bulbs 3.75

2 eye hooks 2.00

two outlets 2.50



21 bucks for 30 watts



The chaos that is my tent




Comments please...

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Dude.... Just.... Dude!.... Lmfao. That's awesome man. I need a dozen. And a few dozen credit hours in electrical engineering.


My lack of expertise has had me thinking of using a $50 set of string lighting from BLowes with twelve 9w bulbs, set into an old 'turtle shell' aluminum hid reflector I've had laying around.

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@Argo, so what did you think of this experiment. Are you still using the off the shelf LED?

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Old I know

One Chinese 65 actual watt LED

It made me so hot for led

I bought 2 more nicer ones

But this is just what one no name will do lol

In 2 weeks, nothing I used

Compares to LED as far as I'm





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