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PPM/EC question

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I'm trying to learn a little more about hydro than just "following the directions" on the fert bottle. I've been just hackin' it out for a couple of years and doing pretty well, but I still have a lot to learn.


The tap water in my area is 450+ ppm (Hanna), i.e. nasty. Most of my baby seedlings could handle that stuff fine at first with no additional nutes. Now I got my RO machine working, so I can do better.


If I water my seedlings with RO water and fertilizer with total ppm's of say 275 or .5-ish EC, will they be happy (not burned) if they were happy with the 450 tap water? I'm assuming that if you lower the ppm's the plant won't burn.


I'm a little confused about EC/PPM's when it comes to the content of the water. Every sample of water has a total EC/PPM, but the content of the water could be all nutes targeted to cannabis, or it could be calcium and other crud in my tap water, which is not targeted for anything other than barely skirting EPA regulations.


Is it sort of like food where you have "empty calories" from, say, beer; or you have the same number of calories from a bunch of veggies and it's a lot better for you nutrient wise, but you still got those calories?

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Yes bro its a totall of ec it could be anything, but remember rain water is 0.0 ec that is the best to use or ro filter water because then you choose what will be in there, and ill give you a list with ec chart lets go fuck the bottle chart they lie



Small plants dont need food 2 to 4 internodes on your ladies 0.2-0.4 ec

5 internodes 0.3-0.6 depending the strain you will se when the leaves go uppwards like a shark then She is maxed on the food over that you burn from over feeding the most common problem man so 5 - 8 internodes 0.5-0.8

8-11 internodes 0.7-1 ec So we enter flowering now say that She hade 12 internodes so i would do 1 ec with rain water then u can go up to 1 with only flowering food then you reed her as you go ill shoot up to 2 ec in week 5 of flowering Then go down as a go along and now the trick if you flood the ladies you can mesure the outcome in and outs so uf you give her in 1 ec flood for 10 minutes and you mesure the water left down there And you se its 0.8 then you know ur ladies can eat more if you had 1.2 you will need to go down 0.2 points to 0.8 next watering Hope this helps si you can understand bro if anything is unclear shoot bro blessed love man

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