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Harvey's House o' Horrors

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Fruit pickin, Fishin.

Toppin at the third node...


Rid of the little apples.

Keepin Kay and Cindy forever.

Four DLAF and three nextgens veggin,

Six still unsexed.


Soil's still too wet,

Needs coco coir...




Gotta wait till the next harvest to amend.


Thanks for stopping by...









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I'd like to take a moment to emphasize the need to properly mix large batches of soil. When everything looks thoroughly mixed, stir it some more. There's literally no such thing as too homogenous, and hot spots and dead spots throw wrenches in a game of Dodgeball. Wish I could say this is the first time I've made this mistake. Lol


Three buckets -- two are perfect, one is really stalling and the plants are clearly calcium deficient. It figures it would be the last of the DLAF struggling, but some compost tea with a little extra bone meal has been working to pick up the pace.

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Great thread and thanks for sharing. Looking great up in here and keep us posted!


Relax and dream....

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Thats an awesome link, thanks much hempyfan. Nice to see ya starinhazy.





Took 6 clones and tossed another 6 in the compost and you can't even tell. One more round of clones and she should be fit to flower.



Underside of same pot






These are the two DLAF in the hotspot / deadzone. I should have gotten a good picture of all of them, but the other two have none of the trouble that's befallen these.






And the next generation.

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