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Chocolate Rain Fem - 400W HPS - Soil - Bio

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Hello everyone o/

I am new here and I thought the best introduction I can do is to post about my latest grows.


This is a Grow report for Chocolate Rain under 400W HPS in Soil using only the BioBizz fertilizer series without any additional Stimulants on 10 sq ft ( 1m² ) of space .I am currently doing a Jack Hammer x Blue Hammer Freebies run, so this one is already finished.


I hope you enjoy my writeup and the pictures and feel free to have a look at my latest grow that is currently running which I'll link once I am done with it in about 14 days.


I am always interested in Feedback and answering questions as often as I can so feel to ask if you have something on your mind.

English is not my mother tongue, so please excuse any mistakes I make in the process of doing this writeup.




This project started when a friend I regularly compete against growing the same strains told me that because of the inferior quality of most feminized seeds you can't select and keep a mother of the same quality as regular seeds.


Reading the opengrow forums for some time I knew that Eskobar made a comment once where he said that because of the way he feminizes seeds there is no difference in the quality of a mother plant grown from his feminized seeds compared to other breeders regular seeds.


Respecting Eskobar as someone who knows what he's doing I told my friend I'll start growing a hand selected CR mother out of only 10 Seeds and have the cuttings compete against anything he wants to throw at it.


This beautiful little girl ended up being my mom so I'll start with her.



We will fast forward a bit to the time I took cuttings from here.



In the top left you can see that beautiful little girl all grown up. Almost no training besides some low stress bending.

The cuttings rooted within 7 days in the Aero cloner without any problems looking very vital overall.


After that they were transplanted into 2 Gallon Pots (6.5L) filled with BioBizz All-Mix soil as you can see in the picture below. ( Top Left)

A week later they went into 3 Gallon Pots ( 11L ) filled with BioBizz All-Mix soil under 400W MH. ( Top Right )

The bottom is 9 days into Flowering still under the 400W MH when i switched to a 400W HPS system.





By flowering Day 15 they were already full into flowering mode.

I thinned out the bottom third that would not get much light but tied to keep as much of the bigger leafs as I could in order to give them a little extra food to work with. At this point they started bitching a little, i knew from the selection grow that the mom was extremely picky about nutriens, i just used the All-Mix soil instead of the Light-Mix in the hopes I wouldn't have to give them extra nutes at all over the course of 60 days. A little claw here and there in the beginning was something i expected and the girls didn't dissapoint me.




At Flowering day 20 they started to show nice flower development.

They only got clear water with slight PH regulation for the past three weeks now. Nice colors, nice flowers, everything was looking good and my friend already quite pissed about the quality of cuttings I got from my fem mother. He was in for more surprises i can tell you that.




We are now at Flowering Day 28.

Resin production kicking in and flowers are filling up nicely. Still not a single extra nute, just clear water.

Also this was the day I started to fall in love with the strain.




A close up from Day 30 because the Day 28 picture is not the sharpest.

You can see the kind of resin production I personally look for in a keeper.




Flowering Day 37.

Time for a group shot. Smile and wave girls. Smile and wave.



The picture that made my buddy really mad is from Flowerig Day 44.

I told him they are majestically towering over his shitty regular mom genetics.

Also the lower branches, right over the area where I started thinning them out started to grow flowers in the shape of big juicy strawberries.

At this point they smelled a lot like fuel. I was expecting some chocolate but got more of a diesel flavour going on with a tiny bit of fruityness. Very strange smell but not unpleasant.




Flowering Day 50.

Still only clear water but full onset of Autumn going on.



I'll add a macro shot of the same plant I was showing you Day 20 and 30.



Flowering Day 53.

Some of the nicest colors I have seen in a pant.



And of course another Groupshot from a different angle.

I had to tie them up a bit so they wouldn't fall over. They were still gaining weight rapidly while using the nutes from the leafs and soil only.




And because the picture with the colors was a bit unsharp another one that shows the amount of Trichs better.




We are almost done here. Flowering Day 57. I put them into darkness for 48h afterwards and then harvested.

The picture speaks for itself.




After about 6 days of drying with the paper bag method I put them into jars to cure with Bovedas and some plastic bags for personal consumption until the cure was a feww months in.






I didn't only get about 80 grams dry more than my friend got with his reg mother, but I am also glad I made this experiment because this Chocolate Rain mother went into my mother tent immediately after the selection grow.


The nugs have a great look and feel, if you expect chocolate smell, my phenos smell has nothing to do with chocolate, but instead I got fruity diesel, while you can definitely smell the fuel on them while vaporizing you get more of the fruity and sweet taste from it. The quality of this smoke and it's taste is incredible if you look at how much these seeds cost you. I have the greatest respect for Eskobar and his work and that he gives other people the chance to grow his gear.


I am not saying you will probably find a keeper like this in every pack of seeds, but if you are starting out or starting getting a mother selection going you could easily find 2-3 phenos that do not only smell and look great but really put some weight on the scale. At least from what I can tell with the 10 seeds I had. The lack of nutes I needed to grow this is another plus, I don't mind putting some BioBizz Nutes into the soil but the less nutes you need the better in my opinion, especially if you try to grow Bio like I do.


After three months of cure in the jars the fuel smell is almost gone, but the fruityness and a very distant sour cream comes into the foreground. They taste different than the ones I consumed in the past three months that didn't cure and I am kinda sad I filled two 1 Gallon ziplocks for immediate consumption instead putting one of them into another few jars.


But the good thing is I can always grow new Chocolate Rain if I feel like it.

Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoyed the little report.


Your GrowBro.

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They look sublime ! Like a roasted bud chocolat & caramel covered !

I'm waiting for the regular one on the shop.... and you make me more impatient !


THX for sharing !

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Welcome to the boards GB - this was a nice read this morning, thanks for sharing man :tu

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Hello and welcome to opengrow! I popped 2 off them about to be cut . Both of mine are identical in structure , smell you describe.really sweet funk. Amazing breeding work. Thanks for showing.

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excellent grow dude! i love the way CR buds climb up the stem and fill out into nice frosty fat colas finishing off with those nice hard knuckles poking off the buds

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